Inspiration in Our Daughter’s Relationship with Her Autistic Sister

Autism Month - Inspiration in Our Daughter's Relationship with Her Autistic Sister

April is Autism Awareness Month. Here on the Mom’s Choice Awards® blog, we’ll be publishing a series of Autism-related posts throughout the month. The following post, by Mom’s Choice Award-winning author Lori DeMonia is the first in that series. Lori describes the relationship between her two daughters (one of whom is autistic) that became the inspiration for her award-winning children’s books. Read More

To the Little Boy at Chic-fil-A

We were out of our normal routine and in a location we’d never visited before. This Chic-fil-A was bustling and the play area was full of kids – most of them bigger than mine. We ordered food, chose a table right up against the glass of the play area so we could watch the kids, and settled in. Mareto seemed to be enjoying the loud play of the other children while the rest of us ate and talked and made sure to check on him every few moments. Read More

The Struggles My Autistic Sister Faced from Bullying

Growing up as the oldest of three children, I assumed the responsibility of the supporter and role model. My siblings and I were all very close in age, so my brother and sister were able to learn from my mistakes and capitalize on fun activities they watched me do. I loved my mentorship role and still find myself holding on to it each day. However… Read More