Why Good Skincare Should Begin in Childhood

Why Good Skincare Should Begin in Childhood

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For some reason, skincare continues to be presented in the media as an exclusive concern of adult women. In fact, skin is the largest organ of the body and it plays a vital role in regulating the body temperature and protecting us from microbes and harsh elements. The truth is that after a hard day at work or a busy school day, many of us can feel too lazy to take care of our skin; this is why establishing a routine from the time we are children, is vital. We all brush our teeth, have a bath or shower, and comb our hair everyday. Skincare should be seen as just another important task that forms part of our daily routine.

Early Skincare can Prevent Problems Later in Life

Studies have shown that suffering one or more blistering sunburns when we are young, more than doubles our chances of developing melanoma later in life, as it can affect the skin’s ability to repair, and could even damage a tumor-repressing gene. However, skin cancer is easy to keep at bay, if we start wearing sunscreen daily from an early age. Children need to learn the importance of covering all exposed areas of their skin (including the back of ears and the neck), especially during the summer months. They should also avoid being out in peak hours of sunlight, and take extra precautions when they are on the beach (including the use of beach parasols, protective clothing, etc.).

The Importance of Habit

When you are not used to cleansing, toning and moisturizing skin, it can seem like a real-time waster. However, as soon as children enter adolescence, their risk for skin problems such as acne rises. So if they already have their skin routine down pat, adding products such as mattifying toners or moisturizers will be a breeze. Children who value skincare are much more likely to take the big steps required to keep acne at bay. These include having a low sugar diet (to reduce inflammation and breakouts), taking any prescribed medications for acne regularly, and avoiding stress, – which can cause breakouts as well as lead to overeating and poor food choices.

Neglect Exacerbates Skin Conditions

If children have eczema or other conditions made worse by dryness, following a daily skincare routine is vital. There are many specific steps for dealing with eczema, including the double-cleanse method (in which a very gentle cleanser is used to clean skin twice), dermatologist-approved exfoliation, and daily hydration with fragrance-free moisturizers and emollient-rich balms. Eczema can be very itchy and uncomfortable, so tackling it on a daily basis is key.

Of course, eczema is only one condition linked to dryness. Additional problems that can be caused by dryness include folliculitis (in which follicles are infected and red bumps appear on skin), cellulitis (a serious bacterial infection) and rashes (caused by dry skin itching). These are just a few of a large list of problems that arise from failing to keep skin adequately hydrated.

There are many things we would probably rather be doing than spending time on a daily skincare routine. And no doubt children will likely feel the same. But the earlier they start, the more they will see that a skincare routine is just a natural part of the day – like brushing their teeth.

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7 Comments on “Why Good Skincare Should Begin in Childhood”

  1. Such a great post , wish I had taken better care of my skin when I was younger . Those were the days when it was the norm to lay out in the sun covered with baby oil . Not knowing the damage we were doing.

  2. Yes learning early is great especially with Acne when they get a little older. Starting to clean your face early in life can possibly help them get pimples or not to get them really bad.

  3. I agree 100%! So many teens spend so much time in the sun and in tanning beds and later can develop melanoma as a result. If they practice good skin care at an early age then a deadly disease can be prevented.

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