The Health Benefits Of Growing Vegetables With Your Children

Health Benefits Growing Vegetables Children Featured

Children who help to grow vegetables are more likely to eat them, compared to children who don’t get involved in the growing process, according to research. This is so important as 93% of children don’t eat enough vegetables. Growing fresh produce with children is easily done and is a great way to have fun with your kids. So, what are the biggest health benefits associated with growing veg with your kids? Read More

Teach Your Children to Enjoy Spending Time on the Ice With Complete Confidence

Teach Your Children to Enjoy Spending Time on the Ice With Complete Confidence

Most Olympic skaters get started at a very young age – between 5 and 8 years old. Of course, there’s no need to turn your child into an Olympic skating champion! But if your child can walk, they can learn to ice skate. During and after the Winter Olympics, many kids get interested in ice skating after seeing it for the first time. If your 3-year-old shows an interest in ice skating and you’re looking for a new fun activity, there’s no reason you have to wait until they are older. Read More

A Smooth Move To The City With School-Age Children

A Smooth Move To The City With School-Age Children Featured

Moving to a new city is one of the most stressful life events you can go through and when you’ve got school-age kids in tow, it can be even more of a strain. So, how do you ensure your kids quickly settle into their new home? Read More

Reducing Anxiety About Braces in Children

Reducing Anxiety About Braces in Children Featured Image

Children who are sensitive to touch or who have anxiety can dread visits to the orthodontist since the feeling of braces being placed in their mouth can trigger fear, worry, and in severe cases, panic attacks. If your child needs an apparatus and they are scared about their appointment, there are many ways that you can make the process easier and less stressful for them. Read More

Simple Workout Tips for Busy Moms

Simple Workout Featured Image

Most people know how important it is to engage in regular physical exercise as recommended by the WHO. Unfortunately, as a busy mom chances are you often feel like you simply don’t have the time or energy to participate in scheduled workouts. Whether you are a stay-at-home mom or have a full-time job, chances are you have very little time for yourself in between seeing to everything else you have on your plate. Read More

Pregnancy Old Wives’ Tales – Fact Or Fiction?

Pregnancy Old Wives’ Tales - Fact Or Fiction? Featured Image

90% of pregnancies show signs and symptoms within the first eight weeks. Most of these are extremely common and can include fatigue, nausea, and an increased need for urination. There are some signs and symptoms, however, that are considered to be old wives’ tales. There are also the more far-fetched tales that have passed through the generations. They include everything from gender predictions to the indications of twins. Which old wives’ tales are based in fact though, and what is complete fiction? Read More

Here’s What You Need to Know About Piercing Your Child’s Ears

kids ear piercing

There’s no doubt that your child will ask for their ears pierced at some point or another. However, does that mean you should let them? Whether you’re considering piercing your child’s ears or having a discussion with them, there are some things you should know in advance, such as the importance of proper hygienic care. Read More