Simple Solutions to Keep Your Parents Safe at Home

Simple Solutions to Keep Your Parents Safe at Home

It’s hard to be apart from your loved ones during the best of times, but in uncertain times that distance leads to worry, concern, guilt – and stress! Now is the perfect time for seniors and their adult children to discuss the varying technologies that make aging in place safer than ever. Read More

Talk Up Healthy Habits: The Benefits of a Parent’s Influence

The Benefits of a Parent’s Influence

Parents are the most influential role models in a child’s life. Kids speak and act as their parents do. Their value systems come from their mothers and fathers. Consequently, children’s dietary and other lifestyle habits tend to reflect those of their parents. However, that can be a problem for youngsters whose role models don’t exhibit healthful behaviors. Here are a few tips for encouraging your children to follow beneficial personal habits. Read More

Prepare Your Family for Emergencies

Making a child feel safe is one of the most important factors in a child’s development and as parents it is our job to provide that environment. So, when it comes to disasters and emergencies, we’ve compiled a few of our award-winning books to help teach your children about emergency preparedness and natural disasters in a way that they understand. Read More