10 Things to Consider When Buying A Stroller

10 Things to Consider When Buying A Stroller Featured

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10 Things to Consider When Buying A StrollerOne of the items on every new parent’s checklist is a stroller for the child. Every parent and child benefits from a good stroller, and it’s an investment that will last for years.

Let’s go over some of the factors to consider when buying the best stroller for your child.

Why are strollers important?

Strollers are essential when traveling with a baby. They allow you to set your child down when you’re stationary and let you transport them over long distances.
They protect your back from needing to carry your increasingly-heavy child and keep your baby comfortable and safe, allowing you to have peace of mind and body.
The choice of which stroller to use is essential, as finding the right stroller will allow you to care for your child and any children after them for years to come.

What to Consider When Buying a Stroller

Here are just a few things that you need to consider when buying your first stroller. Consider these when choosing the right one for you and your baby.

1. What Kind of Stroller Do You Need

Here are just a few types of strollers available on the market right now, as well as what they’re best for:

  • Full-Sized Strollers – Standard Strollers are the largest and most durable strollers. They offer the most comfort and accessories but are often pricey and hardest to handle.
  • Umbrella Strollers – Lightweight strollers are made to be portable and accessible but are designed for older kids. They do not have the same comfort level and stability.
  • Jogging Strollers – Made for active parents, they give a smooth ride for the baby and glide easily for the ones pushing. They can get heavy and unwieldy in tight quarters.
  • Travel System Strollers – Though larger and heavier, these strollers are a hybrid between strollers and car seats, allowing you to detach the baby pod in one go.
  • Double Strollers – Designed for twins or siblings around the same age, these strollers provide two seats while allowing one person to push.
  • Pram Strollers – The classic baby carriage design allows for full reclining, more of a bed than a chair. They are more well-designed but are way pricier.
    Whatever stroller suits your needs, it is always best to pick strollers made from safe materials, of quality build, and one that is easy to assemble, maintain, and transport.
2. What’s Your Budget

As much as we want the very best for our child, we have to work within our budget, as strollers can get quite expensive.
Strollers can go from $100 to $1,500 on the high end. They can get very pricey, but they are solid investments depending on the kind of strollers you choose.

3. How Easy Is It to Move and Fold

A good stroller is stable when unfurled but folds easily and intuitively. You shouldn’t have to fiddle with your stroller with your baby in your other arm.
Your stroller needs to be maneuverable on different terrains and easy enough to fold and unfold without struggling to work with it.

4. Transportation and Storage Space

Your baby may have a comfortable, durable stroller, but if you can’t fit it in your car or bring it from one place to the next, that defeats the purpose of a stroller.
Travel system strollers are two-in-one, being car seats and strollers, but are bulky to store. Umbrellas are the easiest, needing only a small amount of space.

5. What’s Your Family’s Lifestyle

Are you an active, jet-setting family? Do you only go on walks every once in a while? Do you prefer to carry your child rather than push them around? These will affect your stroller size.
A more active family needs a stroller to match. Jogging strollers are perfect for long walks and jogs but may not be the best for rough and rocky roads, which standard strollers excel at.

6. Your Baby’s Comfort

Your baby’s stroller should serve them well, being soft enough to help them fall asleep and allowing them to sit for long periods without creating discomfort.
A good stroller includes different features to increase your baby’s comfort and satisfaction, such as increased softness, a sunshade, slots for toys, etc.

7. Wheels and Brakes

Perhaps the most important stroller parts that should be inspected are the wheels and brake system. These components can make or break your chosen stroller.
Make sure to pick wheels made of quality materials. They should be durable and well-built, and your brakes and suspension system should be stable.

8. Your (And Your Baby’s) Safety

The stroller is primarily made for the safety and comfort of your child, but it must also be ergonomic for you to use, carry, and transport.
A good stroller is built to endure some bashing and tossing, rolling on gravel and rocks, and should be able to keep the baby inside safe from harm and exposed screws.

9. The Size of Your Potential Family

Is your little angel the only child your family is planning on having? Or would you want to have more children in the future? This will decide what size of stroller you’ll need.
Double strollers work best if you have two younglings at the same time or around the same age, while a single will let you continue using it after your first child grows out of it.

10. Where You Live

10 Things to Consider When Buying A StrollerYour location and the areas you frequent are vital in choosing what stroller works best for you.
Be sure to choose a stroller that works in tight spaces if you live in an apartment, one with good wheels for rough areas, and one that reduces heat on a sunny day.


It is important to choose the stroller that works best for you, the one pushing, carrying, transporting, and maintaining it, and your child, the end-user, and the client.

If you can find a stroller that can sustain heavy use, is accessible, safe, and provides your child with comfort, you’ll know you found the perfect stroller.

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10 Things to Consider When Buying A Stroller

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