Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Shanelle Johnson

Shanelle Johnson Featured

As part of our ongoing interview series, Mom’s Choice sat down with Shanelle Johnson, Co-Creator & Co-Owner of one of our newest award-winning products, Door Buddy! When you have a little one on the move, you have to babyproof every nook and cranny! But, who wants to have baby gates throughout their home? Introducing the easier way to keep your little one out of trouble, Door Buddy. Read More

10 Things to Consider When Buying A Stroller

10 Things to Consider When Buying A Stroller Featured

One of the items on every new parent’s checklist is a stroller for the child. Every parent and child benefits from a good stroller, and it’s an investment that will last for years.

Let’s go over some of the factors to consider when buying the best stroller for your child. Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner M. C. Abushar, Ed.D.

M. C. Abushar, Ed.D. MCA Interview Series Featured image

We were lucky enough to get some time with M. C. Abushar, Ed.D., author, and illustrator of the MCA award-winning “Tyler, the Rabbit” series! We want to sit down with M.C and see what she has been up to since we last spoke to her back in June 2021! Since last June, M. C. has released Tyler’s Cosmic Vision, the fourth book in the “Tyler, the Rabbit” series. Tyler’s Cosmic Vision is a children’s book that is entertaining while also educating children on safety tactics and healthy play habits. If you’re looking for the perfect children’s book to read to your little ones for the upcoming Easter holiday, Tyler’s Cosmic Vision is a perfect choice! Keep reading to find out more about M.C. and her award-winning book, Tyler’s Cosmic Vision! Read More

Driving Safely with Kids

Driving Safely with Kids Featured Image

Now that you’re responsible for another human life, it’s time to get serious about safety on the road. Driving with kids adds new distractions and safety concerns behind the wheel. Our tips suggested below will help you keep your family safe, not to mention help save you time, money, and worry. Read More

7 Child Safety Tips for Parents

7 Child Safety Tips for Parents Featured Image

Once a child begins to walk on their own, there are risks he/she is likely to encounter. This article provides tips on matters of child safety and baby-proofing to help parents protect their children from falls and injuries when they’re exploring their world. Find the key strategies that every parent needs to know; and the little things that you need to do to keep your child safe from events that may lead to disability or even death. Read More

Talk Up Healthy Habits: The Benefits of a Parent’s Influence

The Benefits of a Parent’s Influence

Parents are the most influential role models in a child’s life. Kids speak and act as their parents do. Their value systems come from their mothers and fathers. Consequently, children’s dietary and other lifestyle habits tend to reflect those of their parents. However, that can be a problem for youngsters whose role models don’t exhibit healthful behaviors. Here are a few tips for encouraging your children to follow beneficial personal habits. Read More