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Consistency and clearly stated rules and expectations are the key to positive discipline. Pay attention and notice the positive behaviors and reward your child often. Children need consistent positive feedback to learn and practice appropriate behavior. The focus needs to be on specific behaviors you want them to demonstrate not on the behavior you want them to stop. Behavior charts are a fun and interactive way to encourage and motivate positive behavior. Kids really like earning stickers or points and you’ll find they are willing  to work for a special reward at the end of the week. Make the chart together and create the menu of things he/she can select to work for each week. Don’t expect quick results. If the target behavior is very challenging for the child start for the child start 50% compliance. If the child demonstrates the particular  targeted behavior start at 80% compliance. If he/she earns 80% of the stickers or check marks for the week he should earn his reward. When he consistently accomplishes that for two to three weeks move on to 85% compliance. You don’t need to refer what they earn as as a reward but as a “celebration” for their hard work.

Here are some Behavior Charts great for both teachers and parents! [Click on the links to download PDF versions]

Behavior Chart – Classroom

Behavior Chart – Activities

Behavior Chart – Chores

Behavior Chart – Safety

Homework Plan

Celebration Menu

Blank Behavior Chart

Check out more Behavior Charts on Dr. Gage’s website.


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Dr. Patricia Gage has a PhD in Child/School Psychology, and a master’s degree in school psychological services from New York University. She received her bachelor’s in Elementary Education and Psychology from Hunter College. She has been a practicing school psychologist for thirty years and is the cofounder of a second company, Hang In There, LLC, which writes and produces a series of mini books with parenting tips for new parents. She is a member of the National Association of School Psychologists and the American Psychological Association. She has been instrumental in developing a number of local programs for children with disabilities, including the Mainstream Instructional & Behavioral Consultation Program for the Martin County School District, Weebiscus for Hibiscus Children’s Center, and the Academic Center at The Pine School. She is also the founder of Women In Philanthropy, a women’s philanthropic circle that helps to start programs in the community that promote wellness for women and children. She was selected Rotarian of the Year 2002-2003 and 2009-2010, and was the Martin County Women of Distinction for 2003 for the business/Professional category chosen by Soroptimist International. Find her at

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6 Comments on “Printable Behavior Plans that Work!”

  1. These charts are very helpful. I love having easy to use tools and tools that clearly define the expectation for the children. It has changed in a positive way how we interact with our kids.

  2. OMG, I found these plans extremely helpful and very effective. You just have to be consistent in carrying it out.

  3. Every mom NEEDS these! What a great way to get kids motivated and “celebrate” their accomplishments! Forwarding these to my teacher friends also for use in their classrooms!

  4. These printable behavior plans are just what Mom’s need! Such a fun way to keep kids motivated about their responsibilities! Forwarding to my teacher friends as well!

  5. These printable behavior plans are just what Mom’s need! Such a fun way to keep kids motivated about their responsibilities! Forwarding to my teacher friends as well!

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