Bed Rest During Pregnancy – How Does It Help?

Bed Rest During Pregnancy - How Does It Help

We all know, pregnancy is not an easy thing to deal with. The thoughts of the upcoming baby, taking care of your health and making preparations can be stressful and exhausting. During these times, doctors recommend bed rest. Many people think bed rest is something to be alarmed about. However, Bed rest is completely normal during pregnancy. Read More

Tips For Traveling With Toddlers

Tips For Traveling With Toddlers

A lot of parents are familiar with the challenges of traveling with infants. Even if you haven’t taken your baby with you on a trip, there is a good chance that you have sat on a flight and heard a baby crying a few seats away. The move from infancy to toddlerhood should mean it’s much easier to fly, right? Not exactly. Read More

It Turns out Sometimes Money CAN Buy Happiness (If It’s Used to Buy Time)

For the survey, over 6,000 people residing in the United States, Denmark, the Netherlands, and Canada were asked if they used money to buy themselves free time, and if so, how much they spent. The researchers then asked them about their stress levels and overall life satisfaction. Their findings concluded that those who reported buying time also had higher levels of life satisfaction and lower stress.  Read More

Expert Tips: Good Mental Health for Your Kids

Good Mental Health for Your Kids

Helping kids temper their emotions by showing them a way through and then out of their heavy feelings, is a crucial part of healthy development. Here are some expert tips from award-winning author, Jill Sylvester. Read More

Better Understand Your Children With These 5 Activities

Better Understand Your Children With These 5 Activities

I find people fascinating. We learn and grow. Our passions intensify or wane. I especially enjoy understanding what inspires and motivates children. As a teacher, I suppose that that’s a pretty handy interest. Here are five random activities that can help you better understand your children. Read More

Top Tips To Feed Your Family Healthy Meals On A Low Budget

Feeding your family healthy meals doesn’t have to be expensive. Yes, you can spend a fortune on organic ingredients and foods from upmarket health stores but it is also very possible to buy inexpensive ingredients from your supermarket or local shops to make healthy, hearty meals that will taste fantastic and feed ravenous families. Read More

Save Yourself from Stress

Stress can have a significant cognitive impact on the individual. Mild stress tends to improve cognitive performance, focusing your attention to the task on hand, and can provide the knee-jerk response of getting away from dangerous situations to keep us safe. Read More