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Nourish Interactive


Maggie LaBarbera

Maggie LaBarbera

Maggie LaBarbera shares with us some tips for a healthy new year and talks about her award-winning website, Nourish Interactive, which is chock-full of information for parents and kids!

Nourish Interactive


Raising a healthy child starts with good nutrition and a daily routine of active play.  But how do you get kids interested in making healthy food choices when they are bombarded with marketing ads from fast food restaurants and high sugar and fat food manufacturers?  By making healthy foods fun! does just that.  Its goal has always been to keep nutrition fun and simple for children and parents to learn about.  This free bilingual website, offers parents tools and games for children to help them learn about the importance of a balanced meal.

Start your New Years with a healthy goal that includes the whole family. Here are some quick guidelines to help you get started:

  • talk together as a family about areas of your lifestyle you would like to improve
  • choose no more than 1 or 2 family health goals
  • make it something you can measure
  • be specific
  • write it down and post it in a visible place for the whole family to see
  • share and celebrate small steps towards the goal
  • always be positive and supportive

In the children’s section, called Solusville, children can play games, read stories and learn about healthy eating in a way that is fun for them. is proud of the strict “No Advertising” policy in the children’s section.  Parents can allow their children to play and learn without concern about advertisements.

Kids Nutrition World

A Safe Place for children to play and learn about healthy foods and the importance of being active every day!

Games that teach children about:


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Cooking With Kids Tips


Healthy Family Tips

Nourish Interactive

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Healthy Tasty Recipes

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Cooking With Kids Printables

Nourish Interactive

Parents’ Nutrition Tools 


The website was created by Maggie LaBarbera, a nurse and mother who wanted to make a positive difference in the health of children. She made the website free because she did not want there to be any barriers for families to access this information.  Parents will enjoy visiting the parenting section filled with tools and advice written by nurses and dietitians.

Understanding nutrition at a young age will give your children the knowledge and skills they need to make healthy choices throughout their lives.


Thanks Maggie for your great tips and links! Check out Nourish Interactive with your family.

This post was originally posted on the now-defunct Mom’s Choice Matters blog.


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  1. Wonderful post , it is definitely important as a family that we all eat balanced and healthy meals. Great guidelines that we all can follow .

  2. Great tips on how to follow through with New Year healthy goal. I love that in includes the whole family!

  3. What an excellent post, good nutrition and a daily routine of active play is so important for us all !

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