Slaying My Productivity Monster: Why I Don’t Want to be Busy


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“Beware the barrenness of a busy life” -Socrates

It took me years into adulthood to realize this about myself, but I am an introvert. Don’t get me wrong; I love people. Forming bonds and relationships is one of the best things about life. I don’t avoid crowds and festivities. I’ll strike up a conversation standing in line at the grocery store. But the way I recharge my batteries, the way I fill my cup, is by being alone. By being still. Taking quiet time to myself and reading a book, or shopping alone, or sitting at a coffee shop, is what rejuvenates me, body and spirit. I revel in those rare moments when I am able to breathe and just be, without talking, bustling around, or worrying about the day’s tasks.

In this day and age, when someone asks you how you’re doing, it’s almost a compliment you pay yourself to respond with, “busy!” I think it makes us feel proud, or important, to have so much going on. Sometimes it slips out of my mouth, too, before I can stop myself. But, I’ll say this from the get-go: It has never been my default to glorify or enjoy busyness in my own life. My whole being seems to respond in a visceral way. My cup is empty. I’m short. Exhausted. Touchy. Burnt out. I remember hearing someone say once that busy should be a season– not your daily life. That resonates with me.

Lately what has gotten under my skin is how little time I do actually spend clearing my head and heart anymore. During those few precious moments when I find myself alone, instead of sitting in the sun on my deck, journaling, watching something that makes me laugh, or picking up a book, I find myself jotting down to-do lists, trying to tackle the never ending mountain of chores, or logging hours at work. Scrambling to keep all of my plates spinning. Motherhood has turned me into a productivity monster. There are parts of me that gauge the success of my week based upon whether I have done enough. Who sets that standard, anyway?

I say “no” to mom guilt. I have never given it a foothold in my parenting and won’t start now, with this. Busyness will not steal my joy, and I won’t stand for it robbing me of precious time with my family. And, most of all, I won’t let my actions teach my children that busyness is a status symbol or a value to hold dear.

So with that, I’m starting to undo some of my self-imposed busyness. Some weeks, I deny myself the notion that I’m doing something wrong if I have nothing fun or exciting planned for the kids. I don’t need to cart them to back-to-back playdates in order to care for them or have a good week! Instead, it may give us health to eat and get dressed at a slower pace. Go outside to play on the porch in the sandbox. Draw with chalk. Go for a walk. Give space for the kids to make their own fun. Playing board games and molding play-doh between loads of laundry and dinner prep.

Because my oldest is in preschool a few mornings a week and my infant graciously naps in the morning, I have beautifully carved out time to nourish my spirit by honoring my need for rest, if only for a half an hour. It brings contentment and joy to my week when I do this, and I know that it’s possible to do for myself as well as do the things on my list. If I can continue to develop my ability to balance my roles and tasks in a healthy way while still taking time to feed myself, I know it will bring harmony to myself and my family in the long run.

Would you consider yourself a busy person? What are some ways you can attempt to slay your ‘productivity monster’?



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