Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Dr. Payam Hakimi

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Welcome to another interview with a Mom’s Choice Awards honoree! Today we’ll be hearing from Dr. Payam Hakimi, D.O., A.B.F.P., who lends his medical expertise to Boiron USA—a world leader in homeopathic medicines. The company recently received a Mom’s Choice Award for its revolutionary homeopathic sleep aid for children: SleepCalm® Kids Meltaway Pellets. Read More

An interview with Becca Duar, Ph.D. Scientist

Thanks for joining us again as we speak to honorees about their amazing award-winning products—many of which can be life-changing. In today’s interview, we’re speaking with Dr. Becca Duar, a scientist who’s been instrumental in developing a probiotic for babies called Evivo. This health-giving product is a daily probiotic that contains a natural bacterial strain—one that’s shown to work with human milk to help establish a healthy gut microbiome. Evivo pairs with breast milk to create a protective environment in your baby’s GI tract, helping to support overall immune health. Keep reading to find out more about Dr. Duar and the award-winning product, Evivo! Read More

The Health Benefits Of Growing Vegetables With Your Children

Health Benefits Growing Vegetables Children Featured

Children who help to grow vegetables are more likely to eat them, compared to children who don’t get involved in the growing process, according to research. This is so important as 93% of children don’t eat enough vegetables. Growing fresh produce with children is easily done and is a great way to have fun with your kids. So, what are the biggest health benefits associated with growing veg with your kids? Read More

Getting RE-Adjusted to a Post-Covid Life

Getting RE-Adjusted to a Post-Covid Life

An era is defined by a memorable event that is often a watershed moment which changes the way we think about something. The pandemic has taught us all that we are not in control and that old standards and markers of success need to be revisited or we may be exacerbating the current mental health crisis. Read More

The 7-Year Cycle of Women’s Hormones

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We often talk about women’s menstrual cycles and their fertility cycles, but we don’t talk about the cycle that governs it all: the hormone cycle. Over the course of a woman’s life, her hormones go through different phases—seven, to be exact. Plus, each stage lasts about seven years. Naturally, these changes shape women’s reproductive health, but they also have an impact on women’s health overall. Read More