Health Tips From Blue Zones That Should Be Adopted

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I wrote about Blue Zones in the revise of my first book.  I feel so strongly about this information; I decided to also include the information in my second book.

If you, your children and other people in your life are healthy, then why should you care about toxins and the quality of your food?

Blue Zones are the five areas in the world with the longest human longevity, where. It is common to remain healthy and vibrant until over 100 and to keep one’s cognizance until the end. Read More

50 Ways to Kick Your Mood Up a Notch

50 Ways to Kick Your Mood Up a Notch

I asked a group of moms what suggestions they had for raising the roof when they’re feeling down: Below are 50 ways to kick it up a notch when you can’t motivate yourself to get it done Read More

Vices You Must Give Up In Pregnancy and Why

Vices You Must Give Up In Pregnancy and Why

Most pregnant women know that drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes and taking drugs while pregnant is a big no-no. However, despite official warnings from health agencies, a recent study found that some women are partaking in these no-no’s during pregnancy. Read More

Five Ways My Miscarriages Changed Me

Those years of grief won’t be forgotten, and neither will those lives. I’m certain I’ll always remember their due dates, and the order of siblings that would have been, had we been allowed to have our children. I’m okay with reflecting on the dark times and feeling twinges of that familiar heartache. It gets easier, but it never goes away. It’s fitting to grieve what will never be. Read More

My Self-Care Secret Weapon: A Gym Membership

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I had to decide that taking a step towards my own wellness was worth the time, money, and effort. That it’s not selfish to prioritize myself, at times; that it’s a necessity. The culture of mommy-martyrdom needs to be put to death. Purposefully denying ourselves things that are good for us isn’t noble; it’s unwise. It doesn’t make us better mothers. It makes us unhealthy. Read More

Why We Plan Vacations Without Our Kids

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When you’re giving all of yourself to raising your children, day in and day out, I believe it is both deserved and necessary to carve out extended time away so that you can focus on one another. We moms like to discuss the importance of self-care; Marriage-care should be right up there on the priority list, as well. Read More