How to Find Love Again If You Are a Single Mother

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Getting on with your love life as a single mother requires a different approach as opposed to when you were not a parent. Various crucial aspects call for your close attention that we will discuss below if you want to get anywhere with your new catch. Read More

Secrets of Making Your Second Marriage a Success

Secrets of Making Your Second Marriage a Success

Love always deserves a second chance. People need to love and be loved. When a second marriage comes knocking to your door, you just go and grab it if you are sure that it will make you happy again. But what does it take for your second marriage to be a success? Read More

Breaking off a Relationship with a Narcissist

Breaking off a Relationship with a Narcissist

If narcissists are toxic, then why is it so hard to leave them? There may be several reasons for this. Perhaps you’re afraid of being alone, are unsure how your spouse will react to the breakup, are hoping for them to change, or are being controlled in some way by your toxic partner. There is never a good reason to stay in a damaging relationship. That’s why we’re looking at 6 tips for breaking out of a narcissist relationship for good. Read More

Positive Parenting After Divorce

Positive Parenting After Divorce

Remaining positive during your divorce is difficult on a good day. This is especially true if you have children with your ex since there is more of an obligation to remain strong and maintain a routine. When you are a parent you do not have the luxury to have a personal meltdown or to drag your exes name through the mud.Emotions are usually high during a divorce. There are court battles, hurt feelings, and a complete change in lifestyle that can make it difficult to stay positive. Not to mention, being friendly with your ex is probably the last thing you want to do. However, for the sake of your children and their emotional and mental wellbeing, you must learn how to parent through divorce. Read More

Top 5 New Year Parenting Goals for a Happy Life

Top 5 New Year Parenting Goals for a Happy Life

As singles make vows of getting fit and staying healthy this New Year, couples around the world are wondering what they can do to be better parents in 2019.
When it comes to parenthood, there is a whole world of options and plenty of New Year’s resolutions for becoming better moms and dads. Are you thinking about what goals you can make this year to be the best parents possible? Here are 5 pieces of parenting advice you can’t afford to miss. Read More

What I’m Learning About Finding My Village

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I want to boldly confess something important that I’m learning as I grow: that what is more important than how I feel is being an active part of a community. I will continue to extend invitations to fill our guest room and table with those in our growing village. Although I may still have to fight the deeply ingrained cultural mindset that says if I’m uncomfortable then I won’t do it, I will do so because of the long-term benefits, for both my family unit and those who are a part of our lives. Read More

Life in the Comments Section: Why Facebook Discussions Are Important

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The internet exposes us almost immediately to swaths of people who aren’t in our immediate circle of influence. There is a greater chance of diversity; racial, gender, economic, political, religious, and otherwise. I truly believe that it could be, that it is, a way that our world can further come together in understanding and mediation, if we let it. Read More

Women, Why Do We Cut Each Other Down?

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I would bet that there aren’t many of us who haven’t suffered at the hands of other women. Whether it be in the workplace, within your family unit, or in the preschool carpool line, I know that few are exempt from this behavior. I have vivid memories of bullying and intentional hurt that I still carry with me, even from nearly two decades ago. My guess is that this isn’t uncommon. Read More

Slaying My Productivity Monster: Why I Don’t Want to be Busy


I say “no” to mom guilt. I have never given it a foothold in my parenting and won’t start now, with this. Busyness will not steal my joy, and I won’t stand for it robbing me of precious time with my family. And, most of all, I won’t let my actions teach my children that busyness is a status symbol or a value to hold dear. Read More