Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month with Your Favorite Women

Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month with Your Favorite Women

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March is International Women’s History Month, and what better way to celebrate the amazing, inspirational achievements of women everywhere than with your own girl squad? As Gloria Steinem once said, “Women understand. We may share experiences, make jokes, paint pictures, and describe humiliations that mean nothing to men, but women understand.”

Female friendships are some of the deepest, most comforting friendships you can have. The women in your life will lift you up, reminding you that you are important and worth so much more than you may believe. They will teach you that love doesn’t always have to be romantic to be meaningful, and that friendship can fill just as many empty spaces in your heart as romantic partners will.

So if you’re looking for fun ways to celebrate Women’s History Month with the most important women in your life, then look no further! Here are some of my all-time favorite girl’s night activities that will have you feeling happy, understood, and deeply loved.

Have a movie night about women, by women, and for women

Ways to Celebrate Women’s History Month with Your Favorite WomenOne of the easiest and best ways to celebrate Women’s History Month with all your favorite ladies is with a movie night! Make sure to stock up on snacks and drinks, wear your comfiest clothes, and tuck in for a fun night of laughing, crying, and talking about all your favorite movie moments.

While it’s not a requirement, consider only choosing movies that were made by and about women. Watch as other strong groups of women support each other through difficult times, or find a comedy about a band of unlucky girls just trying to get by. This will not only help you understand the deeper connection we women have with each other, but it will also help you enjoy an amazing night with all your favorite ladies.

Treat yourselves to a nice dinner together

Whether it’s home-cooked or purchased, another way to celebrate Women’s History Month with all your closest friends is by treating yourselves to a nice meal together. While going out to a fancy restaurant would be a fun way to relax, you can also make it a whole event by choosing challenging or interesting recipes you can try to make together at home!

Then, take the time to enjoy eating together and talking with one another – it doesn’t matter the topic. Simply being together and slowing down to enjoy each other’s company will remind you of just how important the women around you are to your life.

Enjoy a paint-and-sip night

For those crafty gals who want to have a little hands-on fun while celebrating Women’s History Month, a paint-and-sip night is a great way to enjoy getting creative with all your favorite people. There are a few ways to do this kind of event, so don’t feel like you have to stick by any guidelines.

You can either promote individual creativity by letting everyone have free reign over their creations, or you can choose a specific type of piece and follow the steps together to try and create similar (but still individually beautiful) masterpieces. And don’t forget the wine and snacks! These are essential to any great craft night.

Start an annual Creative Women Appreciation Night

Another great way to celebrate Women’s History Month if you and you’re friends are the artistic, creative types is to use the month of March to put together an annual Creative Women Appreciation Night event. It doesn’t have to be big – it can be just a few women gathered together in one person’s backyard, or you can go wild and make it a city-wide party by renting out a large space. However you decide to do it, make sure everyone is ready to celebrate, support, and encourage female creativity.

Allow your friends to share their personal creations, whether it’s performing a song they practiced, reading their own creative writing, or showing off their favorite art pieces that they’ve made themselves. It can be hard sometimes to show off your art, so by creating a safe space to share creativity with like-minded women, you are offering a safe space for all the women invited to be proud of themselves and their skills.

Get dressed up and have an impromptu photoshoot

It can be challenging to find the time and the self-confidence for a cute, fun, or bold photo shoot, but you deserve the chance to see yourself in your best light and have some pictures to prove how beautiful you are! So for Women’s History Month, gather together all your favorite women, get dressed up, and take the time to support each other’s internal and external beauty.

It may seem a bit silly – why use a whole history month just as an opportunity to take a few pictures? But sometimes, having a nice picture of yourself can really boost your self-confidence when the world or your own mind make you feel like you aren’t good enough. Not only that, but having your friends around you to hype you up and treat you like a queen can do wonders for your self-esteem.

Make your monthly book club choice female-centric

For those lovely women out there who like to enjoy a monthly book club discussion, consider making the choice for Women’s History Month something female-created and woman-centric. Then, meet with your amazing book club ladies and discuss your thoughts on the work. Did it empower you as a woman? Did the female characters feel strong, independent, and heroic?

You can try a classic novel, like a Jane Austen piece or a work by Zora Neale Hurston. Or, you can go with a more modern work – one that talks about the lives of contemporary women or retells an old story from a previously-ignored female perspective. Whatever you choose to read, concentrate a bit more on the representation of women in the story and how it makes you feel as a woman yourself. It will be interesting to see if all the ladies in your book club feel the same way!

Spoil each other with a “favorite products” gift swap

If you’re someone who likes to use gifts to show love and appreciation, then a great way to celebrate Women’s History Month with all your favorite ladies and tell them just how much they mean to you is with a “favorite products” gift swap. First, plan a little get-together with all your friends (extra points if you enjoy a potluck-style meal where everyone brings their favorite dish or snack).

Next, tell everyone to bring their favorite product to the party – this can be their favorite book, their most-used skin care product, the cutest stationery they’ve ever purchased, or just whatever kind of product they want to share with the group. They will then pitch the product to the group, telling everyone about why they like it so much and why the others should want to try it.

You can do the gift swap in a few different ways. One option is to do it “White Elephant” style where all of the products are wrapped and everyone chooses one at random, “stealing” the ones they like best from other people. Or, if you can, have everyone bring in enough products to share with each member of the group. That way each person gets the chance to try all of the products and see which ones they like best. You may discover personal favorites that you never considered trying before!

Do you have more ideas for fun ways to celebrate Women’s History Month with all your favorite women? Tell us in the comments!

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