The 7 Types of Love and Why They’re All Important

The 7 Types of Love and Why They’re All Important

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“Love” is a four-letter word that can mean a lot of different things to different people. For some, love is romantic relationships with their partners – a connection they share with their husbands and wives, boyfriends and girlfriends, and everything in between. For others, love is the emotional link they have with their close friends and family, the people that help keep them grounded when life gets hard.

With so many different kinds of love out there, it can be challenging at times to pinpoint what version of love you’re feeling for different people. In life, there are 7 types of love that people experience, and they are all important for different reasons. Here is a list of each version of love and why they all matter in their own way.

Platonic/Philia Love

The first of the 7 types of love is platonic love, also known in Greek as “philia” or “affectionate love.” This form of love is found in deep friendships where there is a strong base of trust and respect. Platonic love is a form of affection that does not include romantic attraction, and is commonly referred to as “brotherly/sisterly love.”

Platonic love can be found in close friendships or with family members you feel very close to. These are usually people you consider to be your closest and best friends, and they share many of the same values and beliefs you do. There’s no need to hide in these relationships because you trust the other person to love you even with all of your imperfections and flaws.

Relationships built on platonic and affectionate love are usually very open and honest, full of unconditional support and deep conversations. These friends always seem to be on the same wavelength as you, and your love for them only grows stronger the longer you’re together.

Pragma/Enduring Love

The 7 Types of Love and Why They’re All ImportantThe second of the 7 types of love is enduring love, or “pragma.” This form of love is a mature connection that develops over time, usually reserved for couples and partners who have been together for many years. It’s an everlasting kind of love full of commitment and stability, and both people are dedicated to putting in the effort needed to maintain the relationship.

Enduring love is saved for partners you know will stay by your side as long as the universe is willing, and the relationship continues to grow stronger as the years go by. No relationship is easy and they all require work, and relationships that reach pragma are proof that you are willing to put in the effort necessary to maintain the relationship indefinitely.

Familial Love/Storge

The next of the 7 types of love is familial love (also known as “storge”). This is the kind of love found between family members, such as parents and children or childhood friends that have grown up almost like siblings. It is naturally occurring and rooted in history, built on deep emotional bonds and an acceptance of each person’s flaws and imperfections. Similar to platonic love, familial love is a personal connection with someone who has seen you grow and evolve throughout your life.

The relationships built on familial love are incredibly strong because they’ve weathered all of life’s obstacles, with personal sacrifices made by both parties to ensure that the relationship can last the test of time. These are the kinds of people you can spend months or years away from, but as soon as you’re back together it’s like a day never passed. Familial love is built on memories and a deeply rooted trust that only continues to bloom over time.

Whether it’s with an actual blood relative or with a best friend that may as well have been your sibling, familial love is the safety net many of us need during difficult moments.

Romantic Love/Eros

One of the most commonly known types of love, romantic love, or “eros,” is a relationship built on personal infatuation and attraction. Romantic love is saved for your crushes, partners, boyfriend/girlfriend, or anyone you feel emotionally and physically attracted to. Most commonly, it’s a passionate love that shows itself in the form of physical affection (such as kissing, hugging, and holding hands) and romantic desire.

Romantic love is the kind you read about in stories and watch in Disney movies, full of pining and soulmates and “true love’s kiss.” Eros is fun and exciting, but it’s also okay if you’re someone who never experiences romantic love or physical attraction. No love is more important or essential than any other, and filling your life with as many types of love as possible can help you feel satisfied and content.

Playful Love/Ludus

Like Eros, playful love (or “ludus”) is one of the main forms of love tied to romantic attraction and is commonly considered the beginning stages of an intimate relationship. This form of love is full of flirting and playful connections in order to see if there’s a possibility for a deeper bond.

Ludus is the kind of love that’s full of butterflies in your stomach and shy looks, cheeks tinted pink with blushing, and happy giggles as you share all your favorite moments about your crush/partner with your friends. Sometimes referred to as the “honeymoon stage,” this form of love has a lot of teasing and playful conversations that spark laughter and joy between yourself and your partner.

Playful love is fun and unique as it is full of childlike behavior and excitement. While commonly associated with young couples, partners of all ages will find that this kind of playfulness is incredibly rewarding to their relationship.

Self Love/Philautia

One of the most underrated types of love, self-love is just as important as any other kind of relationship because it’s important for everyone to have self-compassion. Everyone has to learn to turn inwards on themselves and show respect and appreciation for all the beautiful parts of themselves just as they would with a romantic or platonic partner.

Philautia is about recognizing and appreciating your self-worth, and acknowledging your personal needs as just as important and necessary as anyone else’s. It can be incredibly challenging and difficult to take care of yourself and your needs and foster this kind of love, but love within yourself is just as fulfilling as love from a friend or romantic partner.

Make sure to take care of yourself and spend time with people who support you, nurturing your heart and soul by loving yourself and taking care of your physical and mental needs.

Selfless Love/Agape

The final of the 7 types of love is agape, or selfless love. This is commonly viewed as an empathetic, all-encompassing love that extends to everyone around you. This love is given freely, without any expectations that you’ll receive anything in return. You can show agape through small acts of kindness and dedicating your life to improving the lives of the people around you.

While there’s no one form of love that’s more important or more essential than another, agape is the highest form of love as it is shared freely in any circumstance, and gives your heart and soul a purpose larger than yourself.

Which of the 7 types of love do you feel is the most important? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. I love this article. I found this blog through a book author I follow, and I’m so glad I did. I’m a play therapist in training so I’m always looking for books, info, toys, to inform my work. Interestingly and perhaps cosmically, one of my sessions last night touched on this topic when I asked an 11 yr old boy if he loves his friend. We started the conversation about different types of love . This is going to be a great tool for me to bring to another session!

  2. I do believe in different types of love but they are all important to have in your life. The hardest love is self-love.

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