Father-Focused Instagram Account Highlights the Importance of Dads

Fatherhood Without Fear

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In many ways, the internet has made mothering so much more difficult. It’s a conversation I have had with many mom friends of mine: the pressure to have a Pinterest-worthy nursery, to bounce back like a fitness model, or make gourmet baby food is real. When people only offer tiny glimpses into their lives, it’s easy for everything to look effortlessly polished. It can be hard to live up to these standards.

At the same time, I find myself incredibly grateful for the resources we have at our fingertips. Amidst all of the whitewashed perfection, there is also opportunity to find community and encouragement. Things like photo projects showing the reality of a mother’s post-baby body and community forums help us to feel less alone; there is a camaraderie there. Moms are able to bond with other moms over how hard it can be.

But what about Dads?

Well, there is an Instagram account for that! Branching off of the amazing page Birth Without Fear comes Fatherhood Without Fear. The tagline reads: I Don’t Babysit. I Parent. And we are here for it!

Just one click onto this account and I’m sure your breath will be taken away. With 186k followers and growing, the page has surely resonated with parents everywhere. Shown are photos of fearless dads who are wearing their babies, napping with sweet ones snuggled to their chest, or just plain smiling at the joy of being a parent… all things we traditionally are shown moms doing.

Let’s be real for a second here. As mothers, we learn quickly the best way to soothe a fussy baby, whip up a nourishing meal with one hand or how to get the kids on a strict sleep schedule. All too often, we become so engrossed in how we do things that we forget we have an amazing, instinctual partner by our sides who also love our kids and want to be equally involved!

This page is special because it reminds us to not forget Dads, in all of their tender strength and capabilities. My own husband succeeds in so many things that I don’t. It is a treat for me to watch his relationship with our kids grow and change (and I do have a good number of photos similar to many of these!).

The takeaway? Dads need to have space in our worlds to be the nurturing, loving, involved parents that they can be. Lets encourage and celebrate them. They, and our kids, will thank us.




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  1. Great post , absolutely loved the pictures and have started following some of the accounts on Instagram .

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