Buzzfeed Names FunBites Among Best Products Featured on Shark Tank

Buzzfeed Names FunBites Among Best from Shark Tank (image)

Well, this is exciting! FunBites Founder Bobbie Rhoads wrote this morning to let us know that Buzzfeed listed FunBites as one of the BEST products to ever appear on ABC’s Shark Tank.

Funbites (image)And guess what? We couldn’t agree more! We’ve been big fans of FunBites for a long time. They won a Gold Mom’s Choice Award several years ago.

FunBites is a unique kitchen tool that allows kids to cut their food into fun shapes. It makes eating fun for even the pickiest little eaters! Each set comes with a curved blade cutter and matching popper top to pop out the bite sized pieces.

Here’s how one Amazon reviewer put it: “My kids love that all the pieces are little squares, not that I’m encouraging playing with their food, but it does make their eating a little more fun for them and a little less stressful for me.”Aprichard2011

You can visit the FunBites website to order yours now. Use the coupon code funbitesrocks to get 20% off! The code is valid through the new year!

Watch FunBites Founder Bobbie Rhoads pitch her idea on Shark Tank below!






3 Comments on “Buzzfeed Names FunBites Among Best Products Featured on Shark Tank”

  1. I actually won a contest awhile back and the prize was a funbite. I gave it to my daughter for my grandson and they both love it. I can understand why it was named one of the best new products by BuzzFeed. It is a wonderful , fun , product.

    1. Hi Sherry! We’re so glad to hear that your daughter and grandson both love it! We’re big fans of FunBites! It’s such a simple, yet brilliant idea.

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