Weekly Roundup: Award-Winning Travel Items for the Entire Family!

Weekly Roundup: Award-Winning Travel Items for the Entire Family!

This time of year we’re all just about ready for a vacation! This week’s Roundup of Mom’s Choice Award winners features everything you and your family needs for traveling! We’ve got award-winning toddler suitcases, card games, children’s books, nursing pads and even a newborn 101 book for our new moms! Be sure to scroll through the entire list so you don’t miss any of our new award-winners! All the items you see below won a Mom’s Choice Award during December 29, 2019 to January 04, 2020.

Every week companies, inventors, and publishers from around the world send us their products for evaluation. Only the best earn our designation.

Award-Winning Children's book — The Way To Be from A to Z

The Way To Be from A to Z
Written by R.B. Schimmel; Illustrated by Quincy Jackson & Joseph Wier; Edited by Mascot Books

Whooo do you want to be when you grow up? This is a far more important questions than what do you want to be when you grow up. The kind of person you want to be as an adult takes root now, while you are growing. As you read The Way To Be from A to Z, you will see how easy it is to truly be the who you aspire to be. (Oh and by the way, it is never too late to grow and become the who you know you can be!).
This is a wonderful family book to spark discussions about positive character trait development. This book is a terrific classroom resource as well.

Juvenile Books (Level 1 – Ages 5 to 8):
Inspirational / Motivational

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The Last Surviving Dinosaur: The TyrantoCrankaTsuris: N/a
Written by Steven Joseph; Illustrated by Andy Case; Edited by N/a

Many people grew up believing that dinosaurs became extinct when the Dark Ages arrived, but that’s only partly true. Yes, the Dark Ages did come, but one cranky dinosaur survived and became mankind’s oldest ancestor: the TyrantoCrankaTsuris.

Children’s Picture Books:
Animal Kingdom

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Award-Winning Children's book — The Last Surviving Dinosaur: The TyrantoCrankaTsuris
Award-Winning Children's book — The Can Do Duck: A Story About Believing In Yourself

The Can Do Duck: A Story About Believing In Yourself
Written by Ducktor Morty Sosland, M.D.,; Illustrated by Sarah Sosland

In this timeless, inspirational tale, readers – human and duck – learn that they can do what they put their minds to! The author, “Ducktor” Morty Sosland, M.D., is a child psychiatrist who strives to use the Can Do philosophy in whatever he does.

Readers have compared The Can Do Duck to The Little Engine That Could and to books written by Dr. Seuss! But the truth is that The Can Do Duck stands on its own just as its main character, Can Do, learns to walk, swim and fly on its own! It is a story of a duck that learns to overcome its fears and learns a process by which to achieve new goals. The story is meant to entertain and teach at the same time. The story stresses the importance of positive self-talk. And Mama Duck teaches by example and also conveys the importance of unconditional love, expressing perhaps the most important message children need to hear and feel, “I love you for being you. Not because of what you do.”

Children’s Picture Books:
Values & Life Lessons

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Super Powered Smash Masters

Super Powered Smash Masters™ The fast-paced, tongue-in-cheek, superhero-themed, customizable card game you can play with your whole family! It’s crammed full of humor, amazing heroes, bizarro story twists, and dangerous puns.

Toys, Games & Puzzles:
Ages 9 to 12

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Award-Winning Children's book — Super Powered Smash Masters
Award-Winning Children's book — Sigma, Pi and the planets

Sigma, Pi and the planets
Written by Anna Kristensson, Pernilla Molander; Illustrated by Marie-Louise Sundstrom, Otema Servicebyra

Sigma, Pi and the planets is a marvellous space adventure. You get to join Sigma and Pi on their mission to save our galaxy; Crosmos the space croc has made a mess in our solar system and all the planets are scattered around. The two friends take on the very important task to get the planets back in their own orbits. On their adventure, they visit each planet and you get to learn from each page.
It’s a fun and exciting book where facts are implemented in the adventure. Space creatures, wormholes, the curly heat of Venus, a space restaurant and a very,very gassy Saturn are just a few treats for our heroes.

Children’s Picture Books:
Adventure, Adventurers & Heroes

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Reusable Nursing Pads

Just’nCase Nursing Pads – We’ve Got You Covered! It’s one of those new-mom disasters nobody warns you about – that uh-oh moment when your milk leaks right through your bra and the front of your shirt… Now you can stay dry and comfortable with the most absorbent nursing pads on the market – Just’nCase. They won’t let you down when you let down.

  • Super-absorbent, super-soft
  • Easy-care and affordable
  • Good for the planet

Personal Use Products (Skin Care, Health Care, etc.):

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Award-Winning Children's book — Reusable Nursing Pads
Award-Winning Children's book — Ollie and the Egg-splosion

Ollie and the Egg-splosion
Written by Kim Wilson; Illustrated by Ashley Belote

Ollie and the Egg-splosion is the second book in The Owllama Series. Written by Kim Wilson and illustrated by Ashley Belote, the story features Ollie and all of his worries and aversions as he tries to understand why his full name is so long and hard-to-say. In true Ollie fashion, his llama spit and owl hoot come out all at once when he’s upset, causing him to “pa-hoo” his way through discovering his family history and the origin of his name, as well as that of his soon-to-hatch baby sister’s. Ollie quickly realizes the significance in the names carefully chosen for them, as well as the importance of having a nickname that is true to each of their unique personalities.

Juvenile Books (Level 2 – Ages 9 to 12):
New Age & Indigo Topics

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Newborn 101: Secrets from Expert Nurses on Preparing and Caring for Your Baby at Home
Written by Carole Kramer Arsenault; Illustrated by The Experiment Publishing Co; Edited by The Experiment Publishing Co.

Carole Kramer Arsenault has spent the last two decades helping parents through pregnancy, labor, and all of their new responsibilities once baby comes home—both as a longtime pediatric nurse, and as the founder of the most highly regarded baby-care service in New England. From the first trimester to the “fourth” (baby’s crucial first three months), Arsenault and her team of professional nurses have seen it all. Now, they share their expert advice on:

  • Preparing your home, including safety tips and must-have supplies
  • Easing through labor, whether at home or in a hospital
  • Breastfeeding how-tos, flexible feeding schedules, and common concerns
  • Baby’s essential first days and weeks, and the milestones in between
  • Welcoming multiples and caring for preterm babies
  • Techniques for soothing baby to sleep
  • Postpartum self-care and getting back to your routineAdult Books:
    Pregnancy & Childbirth

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Award-Winning Children's book — Newborn 101
Award-Winning Children's book — My Time to Shine: The Story of the Fabulous LCB

My Time to Shine: The Story of the Fabulous LCB
Written by J. Michael Willard with Glenn Leonard, Joe Coleman and Joe Blunt, former lead singers of The Temptations, The Platters and The Drifters

My Time to Shine is, in essence, not merely a biography of Glenn Leonard, Joe Coleman and Joe Blunt—read that the fabulous LCB— former lead singers of The Temptations, The Platters and The Drifters as a group, but as individuals with separate and interesting personalities. It is also about a musical genre that has stood the test of time, but has never, perhaps, been properly defined like rock ‘n roll, blues, or rhythm and blues. This book harkens back to their earlier careers as lead singers in three Hall of Fame groups that ring memory bells for eons. It is for baby boomers, a treasure chest of memories of years past.

Adult Books:
Biographies & Memoirs

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Modaff and Miff and Their Two Sided What Ifs
Written by Deepali Punwani; Illustrated by Yip Jar

Have you ever had worries that turned into WHAT IFS? If your answer is yes, then you’ll love to read about Miff! Miff is a sweet lilttle giraffe who just cant seem to shake off his worries and what ifs. But with the help of his best friend Modaff, along with his own courageous attitude, Miff learns that there is always another side to a what if. Join us as we take a journey into Miffs what ifs, as big or small and as silly or serious as they may be!

Children’s Picture Books:
Values & Life Lessons

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Award-Winning Children's book — Modaff and Miff and Their Two Sided What Ifs
Award-Winning Children's book — Luggage Eazy

Luggage Eazy

The All-New Luggage Eazy is Swiss-designed Micro’s ride-on luggage for toddlers featuring increased storage capacity, an easy-access large front pocket, and a plush velcro front textile for added play.

This ride-on suitcase for families allows for a sturdy and fun ride for kids as parents pull them through the airport and beyond. Children beginning at 18 months can sit comfortably on the luggage at the base of the handle. This means you can confidently leave the stroller behind, and simplify your travel routine.

Easy to maneuver, simple to steer, and with ample space to pack every last thing, Micro’s Luggage Eazy is a fantastic alternative to keep your child moving along.

Whether you’re traveling solo or with your child, the Luggage Eazy is the Swiss-Designed solution to make the journey fuss-free and fun!

Gear & Accessories:

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I Would Love You Even If You Were A Tomato
Written by Bucleigh Newton Kernodle; Illustrated by Ashley Teets

Sequel to the award-winning book, I Would Love You Even If You Were A Pickle, a little girl is concerned her daddy is upset with her because she misbehaved. Daddy assures her that he loves her no matter what she does and the humor kicks in to make this a fun read for the family. Beautiful illustrations by Ashley Teets bring the book to life, providing many hours of reading, laughing, and discussion for everyone!

Children’s Picture Books:

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Award-Winning Children's book — I Would Love You Even If You Were A Tomato
Award-Winning Children's book — Four Bears in a Box

Four Bears in a Box
Written by Dreama Denver; Illustrated by Ashley Belote

Dreama Denver, wife of late TV icon and Gilligan’s Island star Bob Denver shares for the first time an original story inspired by Bob and their son Colin, who suffers from autism. With their shared theatre backgrounds, Bob and Dreama would read stories to him every evening, using their acting backgrounds to reach through to Colin and bring the book’s characters to life. Now, Dreama’s “Four Bears In A Box” gives you the chance to touch the lives of the little ones in your life and take them on a magical journey of imagination and pure joy!

Juvenile Books (Level 1 – Ages 5 to 8):

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Charlie & the Vine Street Gang: Highlawn Days
Written by Julia Black; Illustrated by Ashley Teets

Highlawn Days is the second book in the Charlie & the Vine Street Gang series by award-winning author, Julia Black. This is a wonderful memoir about Charlie, a stray dog who quickly became a fun-loving member of the Vine Street Gang and a member of the Kennedy family.

It’s the first day of school and Charlie follows the gang, sneaking inside the school and wreaking havoc on the playground and inside the school room. He joins one of the classes on a daily basis and even gets a diploma at graduation the end of the year!

Juvenile Books (Level 2 – Ages 9 to 12):
Non-Fiction – General

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Award-Winning Children's book — Charlie & the Vine Street Gang: Highlawn Days
Award-Winning Children's book — Beasley & the Big Guy in Red

Beasley & the Big Guy in Red
Written by Ellen Shubert; Illustrated by Ashley Belote

A dog, a tree, and Santa…a wonderful tale about Beasley and her special secret about Santa.

First time author, Ellen Shubert, weaves a tale about her Bassett hound, adds some Christmas magic, and with the beautiful illustrations by award-winning illustrator, Ashley Belote, this book will quickly become not only a childhood favorite, but a family favorite!

Juvenile Books (Level 1 – Ages 5 to 8):
Non-Fiction – General

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