Blogger Shares Hilarious DIY “Sexy” Halloween Costumes for Moms

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With all of the talk, advice, and ideas for the upcoming Halloween holiday, you didn’t think we’d leave out the moms, did you?

Let’s be honest: as a woman, you have two options on Halloween. You can either go the DIY route (which takes a lot of creativity, time, and money that not all of us have), or you can go to the store and purchase one. But, spoiler alert, chances are, all you’ll be able to find are “sexy” costumes. “sexy nurse”, “sexy police officer”, even “sexy pizza slice” (seriously).

How realistic is that, though? If you want to dress up as a hot character or food item, more power to you; but for those of us who need to go the DIY route, Stephanie Horman, mom and blogger at Modern Day Wonderland, has us covered. Bonus: all of her costume ideas are using items that you most definitely have lying around your house!

In her ‘Sexy Halloween Costumes Moms Already Have’ series, she provides us with some totally do-able inspiration, and lots of laughs!

There’s the Green Thumbed Goddess…

The Pouty Plumber…

Fifty Shades of Mysterious Stains…

And the Damsel of Dishes.

We are smiling, mostly because we can totally relate to all of these.

Horman, who is from Canada, says she originally started her blog as a way to take some much needed “me-time” after her kids were in bed. “Over the past few years, my style has evolved from crafts and recipes into more of a humorous take on parenting,” she says. “My favorite content to create is anything that parents can look at and immediately relate to.”

We definitely relate, Stephanie! Thank you for bringing a good dose of humor to this spooky holiday season!


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