Big Sister Posts Hilarious Smiling Selfie While Little Sister is in Labor

sister labor selfie

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There is no more grueling situation in life than giving birth. The intensity, the pain, and the expectation all make for an exceptionally overwhelming event. I don’t know about you, but I personally did not want too many people looking at me, touching me, or trying to talk to me.

That’s what makes this hilarious sister selfie so amazing.

Kat Armendariz and little sister Kimberley Ramirez have always been close. In fact, when Armendariz delivered five of her own children, Ramirez was present (and most likely swearing she’d never have children after that). When Kimberley arrived at the hospital to receive pitocin to begin the labor process with her first baby, Kat was ready.

Typically one would assume it would be difficult to watch a loved one in pain, but Kat seemed to be enjoying it just a little bit too much. Take a look at the selfie that she snapped below!

SELFIE! While my sister is about to shove a baby out her vag! 


The smirk. the near-perfect eyeliner. The look of agony on her sister’s face. It’s almost too perfect.

The post has, of course, evoked strong emotions in the social media-sphere. “She’s gonna hate you for this later,” one commenter wrote. Another took the opposing side, laughing and saying, “Frame this and give it to her next Mother’s Day!”

Kat insists that her little sis was totally cool with the photo, though. “She wasn’t in too much pain at first, so she thought it was pretty funny,” she told Mashable. She also said that Kimberley knew she was going to post the photo.

Regardless, it is just another instance of sibling love and slight rivalry in our books. If these two women can bring any comic relief to childbirth, more power to them!

sister labor selfie



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  1. Hey,I got a Sister who probably would have done the same thing! It was in good Fun! Cute!!

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