Viral Video of Dad Having Lively Discussion with His Baby Is the Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

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It’s a well-known fact that having conversations in plain, non-baby-talk English is a great way to help your young ones develop an understanding of language and the way it works. They don’t tell you, though, how cute the whole process can be.

Shanieke Pryor posted an absolutely adorable video of her husband DJ having a normal, everyday chat with their baby, Kingston, presumably about the television show that they were watching. It’s impossible not to smile watching the two!

Only this child!! Having a full-fledged conversation with Daddy and Daddy is just as bad🤣🤣#TheseTwoAreAMess #OurHouseisAlwaysFullofLaughter #MrPersonality #HeNeedsHisOwnShow #KingstonJierre #KJP

Posted by Shanieke Pryor on Tuesday, June 4, 2019

See what we mean?

It’s safe to say we have never seen so much personality in such a tiny little body! It’s evident that little Kingston truly believes he’s saying what he needs to say in this video, and the fact that DJ plays along makes it that much cuter. The two sit next to each other on the couch, and each time Kingston gestures towards the TV and shares his thoughts, his dad shakes his head and agrees, saying things like, “Really? I thought the same thing!”

The internet loved the duo so much- the video has almost 60 million views, after all- that Denny’s came calling, and features them in a commercial for the restaurant! How cute is that?

We at Mom’s Choice love and support Dads everywhere, so seeing a father loving and playing with his child so well brings us a lot of joy. I’m sure these two are going to have many more fruitful conversations over the years!


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3 Comments on “Viral Video of Dad Having Lively Discussion with His Baby Is the Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day”

  1. Thought this was so adorable. and i see they got a commercial deal. my great nephew is starting to do this when you talk to him lol.

  2. This was the sweetest video! I love how he dad carried on like it was just a normal conversation. His actions, even at this early age, tell his child “I hear you, and what you have to say is important to me.” I love that Denny’s featured them in a commercial as well!

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