The Importance Of Teaching Your Children To Love

It may seem like a “no brainer” to teach your children to love. Any caring parent loves their children unconditionally. But in a society that values performance and gain more than anything, it’s great to have a reminder every now and then that children need to understand and live according to what’s most important in life. And that is love. Read More

Teaching Our Kids The Importance Of Consciousness

Consciousness is an important aspect of life. Teachers teach their students about conscious behavior, ministers preach about conscious behavior, counselors guide clients on how to be more conscientious and society itself praises those of us who are upstanding, conscious citizens. Read More

How To Help A Child Grow Above And Beyond A Label

In today’s world there are labels everywhere. From race to religion we label everything to give it substance. Healthcare carries so many labels that are needed to care for health concerns, but these labels also carry a stigma for the bearers. Particularly when those bearers are children. Read More

Hardships Are Stepping Stones To Better Things

Using Hardships as Stepping Stones (image)

Nobody likes hardship. Not only does it put a “kink” in our plans, but it hurts. As human beings, we want to shy away from pain. But hardships are a part of life that we must accept because they’ll never go away. Read More