The Importance Of Teaching Your Children To Love

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It may seem like a “no brainer” to teach your children to love. Any caring parent loves their children unconditionally. But in a society that values performance and gain more than anything, it’s great to have a reminder every now and then that children need to understand and live according to what’s most important in life. And that is love.

Children need to understand that love heals pain. When a child is hurt or traumatized, they need love more than anything. Love is the only thing that heals on a heart level. When your child is bullied or sick or even depressed, showing them love and explaining love’s benefits will dramatically increase their self esteem and understanding. The beauty of love is that it’s a universal language without barriers. Anyone or anything understands love on a heart, or inner, level. Even something as simple as giving a hug to someone who’s hurting can change a life. Help your child to evolve spiritually by being an example!

Children also need to know that love is unconditional. No matter what they do, say or feel, children need to have the reassurance that they are loved above and beyond any label, performance or talent. It’s great to foster kids’ personal talents but what they really need to understand is that they are valuable and precious beyond those talents. Only love can gift kids with that point of view. If you teach your child that you love them no matter what they do, they will understand the difference between their essential value and their talents. This will put them on the road to a successful life because they will know the most important thing of all is to possess an attitude of gratitude and caring. That’s something nobody can buy!

Children also need to learn how to foster love within their own lives. Parents give the most wonderful gifts to their children when they teach self appreciation on a heart level. When kids are shown self care and the joy of giving not only to others but to themselves as well, they realize that they need to take time to value the depth of their own humanity. Which naturally brings about appreciation of others. Kids see people as vessels of love and light rather than containers of assumptions, talents and competition. What a gift when a child learns that growing within is much more important that growing without! That their heart, mind and spirit are the most essential pieces of their being!

Fourthly, children need to embrace the belief that they are unique, one of a kind and important. Why? Because when kids understand that no two people are the same, it automatically teaches them to not only respect themselves but also others. If everyone has a unique and special reason for being, the world becomes a happier, healthier and more loving place! Even if two kids are gifted in the same way, their approach will be uniquely different. Just as fingerprints are never identical, no two people are identical. Not even twins! There will always be something to celebrate about a child’s unique purpose and destiny! What a wonderful concept for your child to become aware of and live according to!

In closing, I would like to think of this world as growing stronger and more loving in a purposeful way-person to person, child to child. Can you imagine the beauty of growing up in a place of that type of personal prosperity? It would be like living heaven on earth! And who doesn’t want that for their children?

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  1. Teaching Your Children To Love himself/herself is one of the most important thigs you can teach your child!

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