Teaching Our Kids The Importance Of Consciousness

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Consciousness is an important aspect of life. Teachers teach their students about conscious behavior, ministers preach about conscious behavior, counselors guide clients on how to be more conscientious and society itself praises those of us who are upstanding, conscious citizens. So it is no surprise that children should be taught that what they do and say is important-not only to themselves but to everyone around them as well.

First, children need to know that their thoughts and behaviors directly impact how they feel and how others feel about them. Teaching children that speaking positively and acting positively yields greater happiness and acceptance is critical in their success as responsible parts of the population. When kids are taught that they feel better and attract better responses from others because they are being positive, it is a huge learning curve in the direction of their ultimate self approval and the approval of other members of society. They will be much happier people.

Secondly, children need to learn that acting in a conscientious manner will bring them more peace in life. Kids who bully others are unhappy. So are the kids being bullied. Teaching children about doing things for the right reasons in the most positive way possible will create a sense of peace for everyone involved.

Third, children need to know that love and positivity heal. They need to glean wisdom from the fact that not only will they feel better and have better lives when they act out of love, but they will also make more friends and achieve more success. Kids learn quickly for better or for worse. When they see negativity and tension dissolve as love is given and reciprocated, they will rapidly understand the value that love and positivity offer.

Another reason that it is important to teach positive, conscious behavior to children is to show them that behaving well brings a wider range of fun possibilities into their lives. When your child learns that he/she can go to the zoo with a friend because he/she decided to help another child that was being teased on the playground, it reinforces the fact that it is good to be good. While adults conceptualize this as a “no brainer”, kids need to be taught the right way to do things. Everything is new to them. Their lives are a canvas of possibilities. Show them the right techniques and they will thrive!

Kids all have dreams. They also have huge imaginations. Show them that being positive helps their dreams to come true. When kids understand that behaving consciously for the good of themselves and others makes their dreams come true, it will give them hearts of gold. How do you teach them that they will achieve their dreams? By showing them that others respond well to love and compassion. By guiding them to understand that good things come to those who believe and strive to achieve in a way that benefits all. Goodness is a magnet for more goodness. Living consciously opens people up for new possibilities. Teach your kids that when they are more open to good things it will attract good to them. This will also give them a great self esteem!

Show your kids that behaving consciously will free them of false beliefs and judgements. When they aren’t stuck in “should’ve, would’ve, could’ve” and negativity, they are free to pursue exciting new adventures with the clarity of a sound mind! Explain to them that conscious living means living in peace and acceptance. Can you imagine the beautiful things your child will come to know and do? If they are taught from early on to embrace goodness and positivity it will make their lives much richer and more meaningful! They will find freedom in their belief systems of fun, imagination and discovery! What a gift to pass down to your children!

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