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Mom’s Choice Awards is excited to announce another post in our interview series where we chat with the inventors, designers, publishers, and others behind some of our favorite family-friendly products.

Hello, Mom’s Choice readers! Thank you all so much for joining us for another interview with one of our amazing honorees! For this interview, we were able to speak with Jason Tiger, founder of the MCA award-winning product, BubbleLick Natural Flavored Bubbles! BubbleLick is determined to introduce the world’s most over-the-top safe, sensory-driven, fun bubble brands made in the USA, while prioritizing eco-friendly sourcing of materials and an emphasis on giving back. Instead of the typical soapy taste, BubbleLick bubbles boast yummy flavors, creating excitement every time. Some of BubbleLick flavors include Milk Chocolate Chip, Juicy Watermelon Splash, Carnival Cotton Candy, and Glazed Cinnamon Roll.

MCA: Hi Jason, thank you so much for joining us today, and congratulations on your Mom’s Choice Award! BubbleLick offers such a creative and safe solution to a problem children have been dealing with since the creation of bubbles! Can we first start this interview by finding out a little bit about the person behind such an imaginative product

BubbleLick Natural Flavored Bubbles

BubbleLick Natural Flavored Bubbles

Jason: I am a 29-year-old entrepreneur. I graduated from Chapman University with a degree in Economics. I love playing tennis and soccer. I started my career in Hong Kong for 5 years as Managing Director, running the world’s largest bubble manufacturing company. There I gained the knowledge to launch Bubble Universe and permanently change how kids, adults, and even pets experience bubbles forever.

MCA: You have certainly accomplished a lot in your 29 years of life! Tell us more about the launch of Bubble Universe and the creation of BubbleLick!

Jason: I launched Bubble Universe in May 2021 with two main product lines: BubbleLick Natural Flavored Bubbles, and Bubble X, a thicker bubble solution that can be filled with aroma smoke to make impossibly cool-looking cocktails (you may have seen this at bars and restaurants). Our company was founded on bringing together world-leading scientists, pediatricians, and product development experts. BubbleLick was developed with a top US pediatrician, allergist, and immunologist Dr. Dat Tran. Our chief product officer leading our future roadmap is Dr. Li Wei, an R&D veteran with experience leading Merck’s organic electronic group where she used nanotechnology, material science, and analytical chemistry to change the consumer experience. Her popular TED talk, ‘The fascinating science of bubbles, from soap to champagne’, is a must-watch!

Our growth over the past year has been impressive. We’ve sold hundreds of thousands of dollars of inventory and, in addition to our direct-to-consumer store, we’ve expanded distribution to more than one thousand stores in the US and Canada.

MCA: We’ll be sure to check out her TED talk, thank you for the suggestion! What needs were you trying to fill when you created BubbleLick Natural Flavored Bubbles?

Jason: Who hasn’t tried to lick a bubble? It’s so tempting (especially for young kids and even pets) – but usually not a good idea. Most commercial bubble solutions are shipped from China or Mexico and include risks of allergens and bacteria that can be harmful if ingested. With BubbleLick, we were trying to solve two things: 1) making bubble play more gratifying than ever, and 2) removing the risks associated with skin contact and ingestion.

MCA: Playing with bubbles was definitely a favorite childhood pastime, and licking one or two was inevitable. I wish we had BubbleLick back then! Tell us about the research that went behind BubbleLick‘s unique features, and describe these features!

Jason: We spoke with hundreds of parents, pediatricians, and scientists in the development process of BubbleLick. Ultimately, we came up with a bubble solution that was not only safe to lick, but actually fun and delightful to TASTE! Our bubbles for kids come in four flavor varieties: watermelon, milk chocolate, glazed cinnamon roll, and cotton candy. We also just released a new bacon flavor for pets!

MCA: What makes BubbleLick Natural Flavored Bubbles so different from other products like it on the market?

BubbleLick bubbles boast yummy flavors, creating excitement every time!

BubbleLick bubbles boast yummy flavors, creating excitement every time!

Jason: In addition to being the only safe lickable bubble solution on the market today that comes in different flavors, BubbleLick is a product that can be trusted by parents and pediatricians. Our bubbles are made in an FDA-registered, CGMP-certified, and allergen-free facility in the USA. We take our safety mission seriously and enjoy giving back to the community. We’ve even partnered with the Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) to bring bubble fun to more kids.

MCA: What kind of feedback have you received about BubbleLick Natural Flavored Bubbles?

Jason: Parents, kids, and everyone in between love to tell us about their experiences with BubbleLick! They say it’s the most fun and entertaining experience they’ve ever had with bubbles, and talk about how insane it is to taste out of thin air. Parents also enjoy the peace of mind they get that their kids and pets who were already eating bubbles can now do so safely.

Follow our Instagram (@bubbles) and TikTok (@bubblesyoucanlick) to see how much fun people are having, and get tons of bubble inspiration!

MCA: What is next for Bubble Universe?

Jason: BubbleLick is just the very beginning. Bubble Universe is on a trajectory to truly reinvent how people of all ages interact with bubbles- and in fact, to change the very nature of CPG. Imagine a world where the flavor of food and drinks is teased and consumed in bubble form. It is the first time in history that you can mass-deliver flavor to a small or large crowd of people at once. We are about to disrupt consumer packaged goods in an unprecedented way – defying gravity!

MCA: We cannot wait, please be sure to keep us posted!

You can learn more about Jason Tiger and her award-winning book, BubbleLick Natural Flavored Bubbles, by visiting their MCA Shop pages.

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