I’m Grateful, But I’m Not Sorry

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I used to be one. A chronic apologizer. I hadn’t noticed how often I uttered the words I’m sorry until a friend called me on it: “Why do you always say you’re sorry?! Haven’t the women who came before us apologized enough?”


So I stopped. And you know what I realized? My “I’m sorry’s” were more filler words than they were sincere expressions of regret.

Looking back on situations that previously emitted apologies from my lips have me shaking my head today:

I am sorry you had to wait so long on that uncomfortable furniture! I pushed and pushed for three whole hours, but that darn emergency c-section took longer than expected.

I apologize, but I don’t have a babysitter, so I can’t drink myself stupid with you on Friday night. 

I’m really sorry I fell short on that project.

Realizing that I had been apologizing for things beyond my control, or worse yet, for simply being me, hit like a right hook from Laila Ali.

Never again.

Cold is the day in hell when I again acknowledge anyone else’s feelings before mine or my kids’ well-being, despite any inconvenience or the discomfort of waiting room couches.

When guilt trips from friends tempt an apology from me, I remind them that I do not have a bevvy of babysitters at my disposal. And sometimes, I choose my family.

The next time my boss disguises a project as a compliment, covertly trying to motivate me to pick up a coworker’s slack, I won’t apologize for declining: My plate is too full right now. 

“I’m sorry” hasn’t become obsolete; I don’t “yada yada yada” the apology. Now when I show remorse for something I’ve done (or more likely something my big mouth has said), I am genuine. My sorry’s have substance. But there are absolutely situations that do not warrant concessions of regret; the women who came before us have unquestionably apologized enough.

This post was originally posted at WhenCrazyMeetsExhaustion.com on 11/5/2015.

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