Helpful Books to Aid Stressed Moms

Helpful Books to Aid Stressed Moms

Draven Jackson
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Even moms get stressed - it's a natural truth of life. Between working full-time jobs, taking care of the home, and being a full-time mom, it's completely understandable to feel overwhelmed and anxious at times. But how do you relieve that stress? There's finding hobbies or taking a vacation, but sometimes those aren't enough and you just need a little extra guidance. Here are our favorite helpful books to help guide you out of a stressful mindset and anxious situations and into a sense of peace and relief.

Award-Winning Children's book — Stress Less For Women

Stress Less for Women
Written by MaryAnn Burchell

In this self-help book, MaryAnn Burchell takes a deep dive into the four areas of life that most affect women's stress levels and discusses the simple ways to reduce stress and create a dynamic level. Based on her own experiences, she's created a seven-step plan for helping improve stress levels and promoting a happy life. Hopefully her story and plan will help you the way it has helped so many other women!

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Written by Susan M. Omilian

This story, based on true events, looks at how living a good life is the best revenge. Told from the victim's point of view, "Awaken" looks at how manipulation, intimidation, and the cruelty of violence against women can be traumatic and long-lasting. During the story, a young girl is killed by her ex-boyfriend and awakens in the body of a woman named Lisette. Througout their journey, these women discover that anyone can triumph if they have forgiveness, courage, and strength.

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Award-Winning Children's book — Awaken
Award-Winning Children's book — Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace

Your Present: A Half-Hour of Peace
Written by Award-Winning Stress Relief Expert Susie Mantell

This bestselling stress relief audiobook instantly soothes away worry and stress through soothing meditation. Mantell's calm and comforting narration leads listeners into a soft and effortless relaxation. Whether its to relieve stress or lull you into a deep and restful sleep, this audiobook is a great way of reaching a state of mental peace.

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Finding Hope In The Darkness Of Grief
Written by Diamante Lavendar

"Finding Hope" is full of spiritual insights by artist Diamante Lavendar, who spends the book discussing the difficult lessons she's learned throughout life. Her collection of poetry is an exploration of the human soul, and her writings are an encouragement to find hope and move forward even when life is hard. Diamante believes that everyone should leave a positive mark on the world, and this collection of writings is her way of helping others find peace and spiritual mindfulness.

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Award-Winning Children's book — Finding Hope In The Darkness Of Grief
Award-Winning Children's book — Laughter Includes the Word

Laughter Includes the Word
Written by Doug Snelson

During this collection of poetry, Doug Snelson shares a selection of verses reflecting his unique poetic perspective on the special and everyday events of his life. Included in the collection are copies of original handwritten drafts as well as typewritten drafts, followed by comments about the circumstances that led to the composition of each poem and the experiences of his life during the time it was written. These poems will help add perspective to your life and help you realize the beauty and art that can come from difficult moments.

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Listen Up! The Other Side IS Talking
Written by Kelle Sutliff

"Listen Up" is a great book about the importance of listening to your own intuition. Kelle discusses her own personal adventures as a psychic medium and how important it is to listen to your intuition. She discusses teaching your children to stay grounded and use their intuitive gifts so they can listen and be guided by their highest source.

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Award-Winning Children's book — Listen Up! The Other Side IS Talking
Award-Winning Children's book — Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts

Good Moms Have Scary Thoughts
Written by Karen Kleiman

Over 90% of new mothers will have scary, intrusive thoughts about their babies or themselves. Mothering is hard and scary, and Karen Kleiman offers anxious mothers a sense of hope, compassion, and expert help. Karen's book is full of helpful guidance, simple exercises, and 50 stigma-busting cartoons to help new moms validate their feelings and share their fears.

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Survival Mom
Written by Lisa Bedfordr

Lisa Bedford started her blog as a way of helping moms through some of the most difficult problems. One of the biggest stressors for moms is how to protect their family through uncontrollable situations like power outages, job loss, or tornadoes and natural disasters - Bedford offers helpful solutions through some extremely difficult situations, giving guidance for problems we aren't sure how to ask about.

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Award-Winning Children's book — Survival Mom
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3 Comments on “Helpful Books to Aid Stressed Moms”

  1. I like that these books cover a wide variety of issues Moms face and that none seem super religious-based (I am religious, but don’t like when it’s the solution to everything). I’ve been dealing with a lot of different emotions and struggles over the last year and a couple of these books seem like they’d really help me!

  2. I am so excited to start reading all of the books on this list. I am especially interested in Listen Up! Hopefully these will help me with my parenting journey!

  3. I am adding a couple of these to my reading list. I can use ideas on how to destress and stress less

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