Giveaway: ABC Worry Free Book

Giveaway: ABC Worry Free Book

We’re giving away this award-winning children’s book, ABC Worry Free to 10 lucky winners!

About the Book:

Is anxiety getting in the way of a child or adult you know? Anxiety interferes with learning, relationships, behavior, performance, overall life enjoyment and being one’s best. With 30% of children qualifying for an anxiety disorder, anxiety’s contagious effect can increase stress levels for parents, teachers and others, but it doesn’t have to be that way. With the increase in anxiety, kids and adults need tools they can use in “real” time at school, home and beyond to stop worry’s relentless cycle. ABC Worry Free does just that by providing a relatable story and actionable approach to worry that can help individuals of all ages process and manage everyday, anxiety-provoking situations, so they can experience more success and enjoyment in life.

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Giveaway: ABC Worry Free Book

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Entry for this giveaway will close on Dec. 17th, 2021 at noon EST.

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