Award-Winning Products and Books that Celebrate Spring

Award-Winning Products and Books that Celebrate Spring

Draven Jackson
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The weather is growing warmer, the flowers are in bloom, and spring is in the air! Spring is one of my favorite times of year - seeing all of the beautiful changes in nature and finally being able to shed my winter coat always fills me with such warmth and happiness.

In order to better celebrate spring this year, I wanted to find some fun, colorful, and wonderful books and products that best encapsulate the happiness and hope of the season. For those who want to celebrate the beauty of spring just like me, here are some of my favorite spring products and books to help you say hello to this fantastic, flowery season!

Award-Winning Children's book — The big adventures of a little tree

The Big Adventures of a Little Tree: Tree Finds Hope
Written by Nadja Springer

“The Big Adventures of a Little Tree: Tree Finds Hope" is a wonderful, inspiring story about what can happen when you leave your beaten path - overcoming obstacles to do the impossible. It also teaches us about the importance of helping each other, and why you should take care of the people around you.

After experiencing a sad loss, Tree turns to his friends for help and guidance. Together, they learn about the power of friendship, the healing qualities of time, and the beauty of hope.

Spring is all about change, and in this story, adventure awaits as a little Tree discovers the importance of changing your mindset and how hope, kindness, and an open-heart can make a huge difference.

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Pammee and the Looking Pond
Written by Sylvia M. Medina

Spring is an important time to be more aware of the beautiful nature around us, and there's no better way to teach your children about how they can do their part to protect the environment than through the "The Green Kids Club" series. These books teach lessons that capture environmental issues and show young children the importance of preserving our environment

In "The Green Kids Club" series, three children gain the ability to talk with animals, and they use this power to help improve the lives and homes of the animals they meet. In "Pammee and the Looking Pond," Maya meets a fennec fox named Pammee who's a little vain! Together, they work to clean up the looking pond so Pammee can see her reflection again.

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Award-Winning Children's book — Pammee and the Looking Pond
Award-Winning Children's book — Achoo! Why Pollen Counts

Achoo! Why Pollen Counts
Written by Shennen Bersani

While spring is a beautiful season when flowers bloom and spread their colors worldwide, it can also be a terrible time for anyone with allergies. With the beginning of spring comes the onslaught of pollen, and Baby Bear hates pollen - it sticks to his fur and makes him sneezy.

Though Baby Bear wishes that pollen would go away, his friends teach him why pollen is so important for the environment! Not only is it good for the forest, but it also provides food for many of the animals living there - including Baby Bear.

This story also includes a four-page "For Creative Minds" section in the back of the book, as well as a 45-page Teaching Activity Guide online. Not only is "Achoo! Why Pollen Counts" a fun story to share with your children, but it also provides helpful learning materials that teachers and parents can use to extend the lesson!

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CaDA Elements Flower Garden Set

Nature creates some of the most beautiful flowers during spring, and now so can you! The CaDA Elements Flower Garden set is an easy way to craft colorful, amazing flowers by combining paper and bricks to create your own little garden.

The kit comes with over 20 different petals and leaves to choose from, so you and your child can customize your garden to be as wonderful and unique as you are!

CaDa'S philosophy is all about "building beyond the brick," so with endless combinations and free creative expression, you're sure to be able to create a garden that rivals even Mother Nature's beauty.

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Award-Winning Children's book — Flower Garden Set
Award-Winning Children's book — Early Birdy gets the worm

Early Birdy Gets the Worm
Written by Bruce Lansky

"Early Birdy Get the Worm" is a springtime forest adventure about one little birdy who tries his hardest to "get the worm." After waking up early one morning, Early Birdy sees Mother Bird catch a worm and decides he wants to try, too! However, catching a worm isn't as easy as it looks...

This book is told through pictures, so you and your little one will be able to narrate this silly, fun story together! Your child will love the opportunity to get creative and tell you the bedtime story for once, and you'll enjoy seeing the happy excitement on their face as they read "Early Birdy Gets the Worm" all by themselves!

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April Showers Bring Dead Flowers
Created by Krista Lockheart

A springtime mystery novel that's sure to challenge your mind and warm your heart, "April Showers Bring Dead Flowers" is an exciting, fast-paced story that your adult readers are sure to love!

The book centers around greenhouse expert and horticulture professor Heather Moore who gains a new perspective on life when she inherits her grandparents’ estate in New England. She then makes it her mission to return the estate and the gardens to the beauty she experienced when she was young. 

However, she finds that the problems in the garden may go even deeper than she realized when she discovers human remains in an old potting shed! Can Heather solve the puzzle of the mysterious murder, restore her family's legacy, and bring justice to the criminal threatening her life? Read the story and find out!

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Award-Winning Children's book — April Showers Bring Dead Flowers
Award-Winning Children's book — Doug's Dung

Doug's Dung
Written by Jo Rooks

Flowers aren't the only thing spring brings to the world - it also offers a chance for bugs of all kinds to come back outside and enjoy the warmth! Doug the dung beetle is one such bug, but he has a problem - he has trouble lifting heavy balls of dung!

Doug feels sad because he doesn't think he is as strong as the other beetles, but a passing butterfly helps him change his perspective and see things in a new light. This wise butterfly teaches Doug that strength can come in many forms, so it's important for him to find his own strength.

"Doug's Dung" is an uplifting story about finding your unique strength and gaining inspiration from nature, flowers, friends, and the world around you.

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