Amazing Products to Help You Celebrate Black History Month

Amazing Products to Help You Celebrate Black History Month

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As Yvette Clark once said, "We must never forget that Black History is American History. The achievements of African Americans have contributed to our nation’s greatness." In America, February is celebrated as "Black History Month." And while Black History and the fantastic achievements of African Americans should be heralded and celebrated year-round, it's essential to use this time to educate children on Black History. 

If you're looking for amazing books and products to help celebrate Black History month - whether it's to teach your kids about amazing African Americans in history or to encourage them to celebrate their own identity and culture - we have some fantastic options for you to choose from! We hope you'll find them as inspiring and wonderful as we do.

Award-Winning Children's book — Does my voice matter

Does My Voice Matter?
Written by Cynthia James

“Does My Voice Matter? : A Journey of Self-Discovery, Authenticity, and Empowerment" is a true story of discovering your own power and embracing what makes you different. Following the personal journey of Cynthia James through seven decades of living, traveling, and growing, "Does My Voice Matter?" teaches readers about the importance of recognizing your own voice and learning how to use it. James uses her life experience to discuss how our voices can be used as a tool of engagement, and how personal expression can develop new ideas, change political views, create laws, and improve lives. While you are reading, consider your own uniqueness and the ways you're different from those around you, and how those unique qualities are what help you leave a beautiful mark on the world. 

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Sassy Sisters vsThe Sock Monster
Written by Jacquese Groves

"Sassy Sisters vs The Sock Monster" is a fun and exciting story about sisterhood, bravery, and learning to overcome any problem. This story follows sisters and best friends Sydney and Kennedy as they try to catch the mysterious sock monster before it can steal more of their socks! It's a cute adventure story about a mischievous little monster with a penchant for socks and two brave sisters who work together to solve the mystery of their disappearing clothes.

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Award-Winning Children's book — Sassy Sisters VS The Sock Monster
Award-Winning Children's book — Kenya Styling Head

Kenya Styling Head
Created by Smart Zone Toys

The Kenya Styling Head is an amazing toy that little girls everywhere are sure to love! Launched in 1992, the Kenya Doll has become America’s most loved and cherished brand for African American girls. The Kenya Styling Head has classic magic hair that captures the realistic lifestyle of girls. Her natural curls relax when the magic lotion is applied, making it easier for your little ones to braid, style, and bead her hair. Once you wash her hair in warm water with baby shampoo, her beautiful curls return! She also comes with over 30 fun hair play accessories, including a comb, brush, beading needle, metallic beads, rubber bands, storage bag, magic lotion, tiara, earrings, and a style guide. Your little ones are sure to love styling this beautiful doll's hair again and again!

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I Affirm Me
Written by Nyasha Williams

“I Affirm Me: The ABCs of Inspiration for Black Kids" is an inspiring and empowering alphabet book full of wonderful affirmations to remind black children of their inner strength, power, and worth. A is for Afro, J is for Justice, and all the other letters in the alphabet teach young children to recognize their own beautiful strengths. This inspiring book also features Black children and incredible role models to help children embrace their authentic selves and enjoy the magic of childhood.

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Award-Winning Children's book — I Affirm Me
Award-Winning Children's book — lulu the one and only

Lulu the One and Only
Written by Lynnette Mawhinney

Another inspiring children's story, "Lulu the One and Only" is all about finding who you are and embracing the power of self-discovery.  Lulu loves her family, but she hates the question "What are you?" When her brother challenges her to come up with a "power phrase," it sets Lulu up for an adventure of discovering who she is instead of what she is. Based on the author's personal experiences as the only biracial person in her family, this story is about navigating the complexities of multiracial families and finding your own personal identity.

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Momma May I Be Me?
Written by Dr. Tamecca S. Rogers and Keith Ross

"Momma May I Be Me?" is a wonderful book for both children and parents that teaches us the importance of children creating a sense of mental independence and finding their own identity as individuals. When a young boy decides that he doesn't want to look like the other boys and men around him and tells his mother that he wants to have his hair in dreadlocks, his mother's words and actions will shape him into the man he'll grow up to be. This story creates an awareness of young minds and a child's need to create a sense of self, and reminds us all to be more openminded and embrace our individual uniqueness!

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Award-Winning Children's book — Momma, may i be me
Award-Winning Children's book — Baby Bees Doll

Baby Bees Doll Collection by Orijin Bees

Baby Bees Dolls are amazing dolls that were created by Orijin Bees with inclusion and diversity in mind. These dolls come in various skin tones and with different curly hair textures, and each doll is dressed in a branded tulle tutu dress with a matching headband for the doll and her new best friend! Baby Bees Dolls are also eco-friendly and made with nontoxic vinyl. These inspiring dolls are sure to be well-loved by your little one and show them just how amazing they are just the way they are!

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The Beat in My Head
Written by Ariel and Brandon Blackwell

"The Beat in My Head" tells the true story of a young boy named Brandon, who hears the beat everywhere he goes. From the scratching of chalk to the chirping of birds, Brandon's mind is always making music. You and your little one can follow along on Brandon's journey to becoming an audio engineer, and hear his message to all readers that they should find the thing that makes them excited to wake up in the morning. Brandon hopes that his story will inspire young rhythmic kids everywhere to follow a similar path and consider using the beat in their heads to find a job in the future that makes them happy!

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Award-Winning Children's book — The beat in my head
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