7 Types of ADHD | Does your child have the correct ADHD diagnosis?

ADHD Diagnosis

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The past few week I’ve been blogging about the 7 Types of ADHD (Classic, Inattentive, Over-Focused, Temporal Lobe, Limbic, Ring of Fire, and ADHD with Anxiety), Dr. Daniel Amen’s identifications.

As scientists and behaviorists learn more and more about ADHD, it really is imperative that we keep up with the times and, for moms and dads, our parenting decisions.

Those of us with ADHD used to be thought of as troublemakers, now people are finding we may be extra-sensitive and, even, extra aware.

For years, doctors assumed that, as a female, I had ADD. In fact, I have ADHD, Classic type. What happened is that I was never as popular as I wanted to be because people saw me as loud, boisterous, brash, and too fidgety. I can’t tell you how many times my legs have been slapped (by teachers, friends, and acquaintances) because my fidgeting bothered them. I even had a college professor slap my leg to stop me from fidgeting!

So I trained myself to sit still. I trained myself not to call attention to myself (As much as possible for someone with hyperactivity and a loud voice). I trained myself so well that I could sit still for hours at a time, and I gained weight.

Now I have to train myself to move again, in order to live a healthier life.

Why am I telling you this? Because I want you to understand that being diagnosed with the wrong kind of ADHD does make a difference. It can make a difference in your child’s health, in their relationships, in their own ADHD Diagnosisparenting, and even in their moral or legal standing in the community.

I often say, “The brain wants what the brain wants.” It compels us to seek out what’s missing – what is the substance or activity that will produce the jolt/jump start/buzz/excitement/peace we crave?

If your child is lucky enough to be on the right combination of meds and supplements, that’s awesome. But if your child’s behavior has only marginally changed, or if your child’s behavior has changed in one area but not another, it’s worth dipping into the college or retirement fund to get a more thorough diagnosis.

A correct diagnosis will change your child’s life and that of generations to come.


Take this assessment to get some idea of your or your child’s type of ADD/ADHD. This is not a substitute for medication, seeing an Medical Doctor or Naturopathic Doctor, or getting the therapeutic or coaching help that you or your family might need.

(My information comes from ADDitude Magazine, Smart Kids with LD, Amen Clinics, and from my own experience as a former teacher and school counselor, and current ADHD Coach and Strategist.

xo, Yafa

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Yafa Crane LuriaAbout Yafa Crane Luria

Yafa Crane Luria is a 30-year veteran teacher and school counselor, a Positive Discipline Trainer, and the author of the Mom’s Choice Award®-Winning book: How To Train Your Parents in 6 ½ Days and the Amazon Kindle Best Seller: Getting Schooled: 102 Practical Tips for Parents, Teachers, Counselors, and Students about Living and Learning with ADHD. She was diagnosed with ADHD (then called “Minimal Brain Dysfunction”) in 1980, one of the first to be diagnosed as an adult. Yafa specializes in helping ADHD families who have tried everything and are still frustrated by their child’s or teen’s Blocked but Brilliant brain. Fun fact: Yafa’s nickname as a child was “Mountain Goat” because she climbed on EVERYTHING! She can be reached at her website: BlockedToBrilliant.com

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ADHD Diagnosis

5 Comments on “7 Types of ADHD | Does your child have the correct ADHD diagnosis?”

  1. I’m so happy that people are learning about ADHD I myself am 54 and I have struggled my whole life with being loud being labeled a bad child. Being laughed at for being awkward laughed at for being clumsy by family and always feeling like I didn’t belong or fit in. Put that with Early childhood abuse and nobody understanding what was happening to me because of fearfulness on my part and lack of understanding of what was going on with me. I even paddling in school because I couldn’t sit still and be quiet. I often wonder how different my life could have been if just one person would have taken the time to figure it out and help me. I’ve been in and out of jail and prison since the age of 13 to 38. Went to adult prison when I was 18 and once you have a record and your addicted there is no way to have a life unless you have help I wasn’t even diagnosed until I was 30 but by then I had already been to prison 3 times. Can’t get a job can’t rent or pretty much broken by then. Lived in abusive relationships which pretty much almost killed me and living in chronic pain because of past injury and being labeled an addict being treated like an animal all my life. I’m so grateful to be alive but still can’t understand why no one has been able to help me. I am so thankful that I have given birth to 3 awesome wonderful children who I have not lost I have been able to be in their lives with help from my parents and a better understanding of what these disorders are. It’s so unfortunate that I had to suffer the life I have although I can’t seem to get over the facts and the misunderstanding and the judgment that was put on me my whole life for things I hardly had a choice of or anything. No care or understanding from the system or society. Or even some of my family. I’m grateful that my children who are 28, 26 and 14. Who each have minor symptoms of ADHD and scoliosis and have been able to get treatment early and understanding from society and the system and have not had to be ridiculed. And have had people who care about them and treat them much better. I often wonder if I had been diagnosed and understood that it was hereditary would I have chosen to get pregnant. But all three of my children are functioning adults who are contributing members of society and all three are the kindest, caring, understanding people and the whole world is better because they are in it. I whole heartably believe this to my core. But again wonder what my life could have been with just one person would have understood me and had been able to help me feel human and helped me to go on the right path. Because trust me prison in no way shape or form helped me. Just made my life more difficult and impossible to get anywhere. I finally went to college but after getting my associates degree in science I tried to volunteer at a women’s shelter for practicum for my bachelor’s but got removed from the class because I have a pretty extensive record and three strikes your out doesn’t help. I’m lucky I got to purchase a house because no one would rent to me I had to live in an RV for 5 years when I had got out of prison for the 3rd time so my daughters had to live with my parents for most of their youth. All nonviolent crimes except for one which my ex husband the man who beat me for 7 years committed a crime without my knowledge and signed a statement saying I knew but court is not about finding the truth when your poor and have a public pretender or ie defender who just wants you to plead guilty and scares you into pleading guilty. I am grateful for surviving everything I have but only to be 54 with no help with little possibility of getting a better life so that I can be there for my children like my mom has always been there for me. However I’ve always known she loved me but often wonder if she doesn’t like me. So I have tried to make sure my children know I love them for who they are no matter what. And I will always be there for them as much as I can. I have been told that I need to write a book. I have had an extraordinary scary life being a victim of childhood molestation and 7 years of physical abuse by my ex husband also over 6 years in prison on the entailment plan for non Violent cases I’ve done way more time in prison than a child molester but have never hurt anyone but myself. I also survived cereal killer. And the Austin Texas police assaulting me and being prostituted by my boyfriend and my husband. Sold my my ex to strangers at the age of 15. The DEA and the Austin police were arrested for selling drugs and being involved in prostitution yet I’ve done more time in prison. It somehow doesn’t make sense that a child molester did probation and I got 5 years in prison at the age of 18 for selling a 20 bag of meth to an undercover cop. I was selling for an adult my ex boyfriend who was also pimping me from 15 to 18. I also was on the business card of a topless club at 16 years old. I have photos and documents to prove these things. And now at my age I have chronic pain so bad but because my history I’ve been labeled and cannot get any relief for my pain i believe this is cruel and unusual punishment for a long life of excruciating pain from the damage done by pedophiles and abusers and still making me feel like I don’t belong. The only reason I have not put myself out of my misery is because of my beautiful incredible children that I’ve been blessed with. So I suffer the pain and humiliation that this system has put on me because I didn’t get a chance. I even have had to stop my education because they don’t expunge records for people like me who don’t have money or anyone who can help me it’s doesn’t seem fair. Just another slap in the face. I pray that every child suffering from this disease gets more help and care and understanding so that they don’t have to suffer the same humiliation and shame that I have and injustice of it all. My book would be called the pain and humiliation of the injustice system because I know for a fact if my family would have been wealthy I probably wouldn’t have had to go through what I went through OJ Simpson is proof you can get away with anything even murder if you have the money for a good attorney. Thank you for listening and for your book for people can come to understand we are not bad kids even people with addiction issues we suffer from a disease of the brain and unless we get some help and understanding it’s almost impossible to get clean and stay clean when everyone is putting us down and shutting us out.

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