Weekly Roundup: Books for All Ages, Tutoring App, Nursing Bra + More! 11/8 – 11/14

award-winning tutoring app

This week’s roundup of Mom’s Choice Award winners features books for our young adult readers and parents, a tutoring app, nursing bra + more! Be sure to scroll through the entire list so you don’t miss any of our new award-winners! All the items you see below won a Mom’s Choice Award during November 8, 2020 to November 14, 2020.

Every week companies, inventors, and publishers from around the world send us their products for evaluation. Only the best earn our designation.

Award-Winning Children's book — TutorMe Online Tutoring platform

TutorMe Online Tutoring platform

TutorMe is an online tutoring platform for individual learners and schools that provides 24/7 live, on-demand support in more than 300 subjects with highly qualified, experienced tutors to help students when they need it—at 2 a.m. studying for a test or 7 a.m. before they head to work. Whether one question or a three-hour lesson, we are always there.

Students can launch a tutoring session from any device via TutorMe’s user-friendly Lesson Space, which offers screen sharing, audio and video chat, a virtual whiteboard, text and code editors, and robust math tools such as graphing calculators. Each session is archived for students to access whenever they need to brush up on a topic. With our advanced lesson space and analytics, students and schools have everything they need for successful online learning experiences and the data to show it works.

Using our proven, personalized approach, TutorMe helps moms ensure their kids have the guidance needed to succeed in school and helps all students regardless of ability, resources, or skill level, from kindergarten to graduate school, not only improve academically but also have the support to feel like they are never lost.

Apps & Software:
Young Adults

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Papa’s Gift
Written by Denise D’Angelo Roland; Illustrated by Joe Chouinard

Kurt loves to visit Papa’s farm! There’s just something different about being there, but he can’t
quite put his finger on it. Spend a weekend unplugged with Kurt, his family, and Papa on the farm to
discover the secret of Papa’s Gift.

Children’s Picture Books:

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Award-Winning Children's book — Papa's Gift
Award-Winning Children's book — Mastering Logic & Math Problem Solving

Mastering Logic & Math Problem Solving: Classic Puzzles, Brainteasers, & Logic Activities to Improve Confidence in Solving Problems
Written by Terri Husted

How can parents and teachers feel more confident teaching problem solving? How can we help students enjoy and master problem solving? After teaching problem solving for more than 35 years, the author walks students through easy-to-understand instruction and fun, engaging problems. This book uses entertaining problems to build real confidence in problem solving and improve critical thinking.

Problem solving is engaging in any problem or activity that requires a series of thinking skills. For example, a good word problem in mathematics requires some thought process beyond a quick arithmetic solution. A “problem solving” problem can be a puzzle, game, brainteaser, logic problem, or any word problem that engages the reader in using a strategy. Becoming a good problem solver takes time, but it’s a skill that can be developed with practice.

Juvenile Books (Level 2 – Ages 9 to 12):
Reference & Study Aids

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I Deserve More!
Written by Anna Svetchnikov; Illustrated by Oliver Kolarevski; Edited by Michael Svetchnikov, Susan Patton

I DESERVE MORE! is a story about the adventures of Claire and her cat Archie. One day, they found a magic wand which gave them a chance to change their lives. Claire and Archie went on the amazing journey of self-exploration and self-reflection.
This book is based on the concept of Narrative Therapy and includes therapeutic exercises for children and parents to practice at home.
Therapy And Storytelling: Children are able to comprehend and learn better, when therapeutic information is presented in a storytelling format.It allows children to learn the important concepts of taking responsibility and to become competent controlling their anger,anxiety, insecurities, and other emotions.It teaches the importance and value of emotional regulation and intelligence with coping and adapting skills for children and parents.

Children’s Picture Books:
Fantasy, Myths & Legends

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Award-Winning Children's book — I Deserve More!
Award-Winning Children's book — Hands Free Pumping and Nursing Bra Band

Hands Free Pumping and Nursing Bra Band

CONQUER BREASTFEEDING COMPLETELY HANDS-FREE: Engineered with love by moms for moms, our pumping bra band is perfect for multi-tasking and fits effortlessly over any nursing bra. Feed while you work, read, or play. Nourish your baby in sheer convenience!
COMPATIBLE WITH ALL MAJOR BREAST PUMP BRANDS: Works with all major brands breast pumping brands, and allows for easy breast shield insertion and removal. It also securely holds the shields and collection bottles in a snug, upright position for ultimate support.
EXPERTLY DESIGNED FOR EVERYDAY WEAR & USE: Just feed and succeed! Our pumping bra brand provides firm support with a non-moving band to keep your pump in place. No more worrying about your bra shifting or your breast shields losing suction while you pump.
INCLUDES DISCREET, INNOVATIVE CLIPS WITH POCKETS: Wear it how you choose. Attach the clips right onto your nursing bra. To wear it as a strapless, independent band without the nursing bra, simply tuck the clips into the convenient pockets for a seamless look.
GENTLY HUGS YOUR SHAPE IN ALL THE RIGHT PLACES: Made of super-soft 100% prima cotton, our pumping bra band comfortably morphs according to your shape. Plus, the adjustable hook-eye closure will enable the band to fit through every stage of your changing body.

Personal Use Products (Skin Care, Health Care, etc.):

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Everything All At Once (Book 1 in the CHORDUROYS AND TOO MANY BOYS™ series)
Written by Ivy Cayden

Teenage life (with a playlist).

Nearly sixteen, Kila Lorens showers herself in music, lives in plush corduroys, and always applies a double layer of lip gloss. She longs for the answers to this irritating trio of questions: When will she have her first kiss? Will Angus Lyr ever stop obsessi-texting Reese Seratine? And why did her former best friend, Brixton Kading, silently bow out of her life six months ago? The particulars of these unknowns—along with her mission to convince Maya Malta to share some sizeable news with a certain seventeen-year-old before he finds out from someone else—keep Kila’s eyes open at night.

But one late hour delivers something worth hiding: a private Nektir message from Timothy Cardiff, the tall, inky-haired enigma who rarely speaks in school, yet somehow morphs into Salt for Swordsmen’s frontman on the weekends. Amidst tandem listening and dizzying revelations, the two form an unlikely attachment. When their covert communication spills into the halls of Cypress High, they both wonder if this will be a short-lived or long-lasting entanglement.

Ethan Lorens—Kila’s cautious but optimistic older brother—mostly focuses on his new drums and his indie band’s potential. An after-school visit to Casper’s Music Underground presents some unexpected industry intel. Following years of hiatus, Emerald Rock plans to host another EmOpen. Casper encourages the boys to prepare for the contest, but Ethan, Brixton, and Angus wrestle with the group’s shortcomings. Could the young French chef they meet at The Hidden Meridian be the band’s missing link?

Sometimes dreams come out to play. Mixing Kila and Ethan’s friends together on a parentless weekend induces irreversible crushes, late-night courtship, and stinging heartache. With an elaborate, 67-song playlist to embed you in every magnetic moment and missed connection, you’ll experience the rush of Everything All At Once, the first book in the CHORDUROYS AND TOO MANY BOYS™ series.

Young Adult Books:
Fiction – General

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Award-Winning Children's book — Everything All At Once (Book 1 in the CHORDUROYS AND TOO MANY BOYS™ series)
Award-Winning Children's book — Defying the Ghosts

Defying the Ghosts: A Haunted House Story
Written by Joan Marie Verba

A teen without a home. A dangerous residence. Can she survive one terrifying night to secure her future?

Charlene Griffin never thought she’d be without a home. But when she’s kicked out on her eighteenth birthday, she has no choice but to sleep inside an ominous Victorian mansion. And with the owner offering the estate to anyone who can spend a full night in the haunted property, Charlene decides to risk life and limb to get off the streets.

Refusing to heed the warnings of those sent running in fear for their lives, Charlene is confident she can last from sunset to sunrise. But she’ll need all her wits about her to withstand the hours of terror, because these ghosts are determined to get rid of her.

Will Charlene outsmart her supernatural foes and make it to dawn?

Defying the Ghosts is an eerie YA haunted house story. If you like heart-racing action, fearless heroes, and survival adventures, then you’ll love Joan Marie Verba’s thrilling tale.

Young Adult Books:
Fantasy, Myths & Legends

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Common Questions Children Ask About Puberty: Insights from a nationally recognized health education expert
Written by Lori A. Reichel; Edited by Lori A. Reichel

Imagine you are a nine-year-old child. You are growing hair in new places, feel weird, and notice your friends are beginning to smell. You have lots of questions about these occurrences and wish to have a trusted resource that can provide simple and honest answers.

Now, imagine being an adult and a child starts asking you questions about these experiences. Do you know what to say? Do you know how to provide age-appropriate answers? Do you know how to start a conversation on the topic?

Common Questions Children Ask About Puberty provides simple answers to over 500 questions people of all ages wonder about, as well as recommendations for how to have conversations. In addition, the “Puberty Chit Chat Cards” are enclosed to help children and adults begin conversations in a fun and interactive manner. Many of these questions are also found on the TALK Puberty app (currently available on iOS products).

Adult Books:
Parenting – Health, Nutrition, Fitness & Safety

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Award-Winning Children's book — Common Questions Children Ask About Puberty

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