Weekly Roundup: Activities for Seniors, Baby Monitors, Books + More! 7/5 – 7/11

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This week’s roundup of Mom’s Choice Award winners features award-winning products for all ages: Activities for Seniors, Children’s Books, Adult Books, Baby Monitors + more! Be sure to scroll through the entire list so you don’t miss any of our new award-winners! All the items you see below won a Mom’s Choice Award during July 5, 2020 to July 11, 2020.

Every week companies, inventors, and publishers from around the world send us their products for evaluation. Only the best earn our designation.

Award-Winning Children's book — Wikki Stix Armchair Fun for Seniors

Wikki Stix Armchair Fun for Seniors

A New Twist on Wikki Stix!

Activities designed for seniors….that can be enjoyed in a comfortable easy chair!

Soft & pliable … easy for arthritic fingers to use
Bright & colorful … easy for older eyes to see
Helps with focus and concentration
Ideal for solitary fun or family interaction
No right or wrong way to enjoy!
Endlessly reusable and totally forgiving!!

Includes 96 Wikki Stix, idea sheets and activities, PLUS sturdy lapboard for armchair fun! The perfect mess-free, engaging pastime.

If you have an elderly family member or neighbor, with time on their hands….here’s an engaging pastime specifically designed for seniors!

Toys, Games & Puzzles:

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Where Is Blue Bear?
Written by Katie Specht

Oliver and Blue Bear share a special bond. Oliver doesn’t go anywhere without him. One day, Blue Bear is nowhere to be found. With his first day of school quickly approaching, what will Oliver do without his best friend by his side? A picture book for children, Where is Blue Bear? shares a heartwarming story of a young boy whose beloved lovey goes missing. Author Katie Specht brings her unique parenting experiences to life in this tale of Oliver and Blue Bear. Any parent understands the importance of a child attaching feelings of security to a lovey. This uplifting story of a boy’s attachment to his favorite lovey is explored through a child’s eyes.

Juvenile Books (Level 1 – Ages 5 to 8):
Fiction – General

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Award-Winning Children's book — Where Is Blue Bear?
Award-Winning Children's book — VitaWorks Children's Multivitamin chocolate

VitaWorks Children’s Multivitamin chocolate

VitaWorks Multivitamins for Kids Chocolate Vitamin Chew are GMO-Free and offer children a great tasting milk chocolate flavored Treat. The multivitamin has Vitamins A, B, C & D. They are GREAT TASTE FOR PICKY EATERS as they offer a Melt-In-Your-Mouth Milk experience for Finicky Eaters of All Ages. The vitamins in these chocolates have shown to support Immune Function, Energy, Bones, Teeth, and Eyes. VitaWorks chocolates are GLUTEN FREE and only use NATURALLY SOURCED COLORS and FLAVORS and they are free of Soy, Tree Nuts & Peanut. They are also Kosher and Halal certified.

Personal Use Products (Skin Care, Health Care, etc.):

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UV Sterilizer

Our UV baby bottle sterilizer and dryer keeps your BABY SAFE and HEALTHY. It’s a hospital strength UV Sterilizer for your own home. Unlike traditional sterilizers, ours requires no cleaning or descaling, and doesn’t harbour mold or rust.

It sterilizes virtually anything in just 11 minutes – Baby bottles, teethers, soft toys, or toothbrushes are fully sterilized in no time. The unique Storage cycle keeps items sterilized for up to 3 days and our drying cycle ensuring your bottles are ready to use whenever you need them.


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Award-Winning Children's book — UV Sterilizer
Award-Winning Children's book — Ultra Soft Crib Mattress Protector by Margaux & May - Waterproof - Noiseless - Dryer Friendly - Deluxe Bamboo Rayon - Fitted

Ultra Soft Crib Mattress Protector by Margaux & May – Waterproof – Noiseless – Dryer Friendly – Deluxe Bamboo Rayon – Fitted

If your little one has any accidents during the night, you will no doubt want to protect the crib mattress so it is not completely destroyed!

Introducing Margaux & May’s ultra soft crib mattress protector pad from bamboo rayon fiber. Featuring superior comfort, high absorbency and stain protection for your crib.

There are multiple benefits of our crib mattress protector: -They’re highly absorbent, durable, breathable and waterproof and have saved thousands of crib mattresses globally! -They are 52” long x 28” wide x 9” deep to well and truly cover the size of most crib mattresses. -They make minimal noise when babies move so your baby sleeps soundly. -Our mattress protector is white so it is discreet underneath crib sheets. It is quilted and super soft for superior comfort -They can be cold machine washed separately and put in the dryer on a low heat. CAUTION: When dried on a higher temperature, the waterproof layer can be damaged.

We are so confident you will love the Margaux & May Bamboo Rayon Fiber Crib Mattress Protector, we back our product with a LIFETIME no-hassle FREE replacement.

Gear & Accessories:
Bedding & Room Decor

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They Say, Not Your Average Parenting Book
Written by Lauren Jumrukovski

“They” have a lot to say about parenting, but is what “they say” truly the best way? Who is the ever-present “they” anyway, and how do they know what’s best for your child?

With insightful information from a real mom who’s learned how to navigate the hearsay when it comes to parenting, They Say: Not Your Average Parenting Book encourages new parents to trust their instincts, listen to their gut, and keep in mind that what may work for one family may not work for another. With a firmly guilt-free approach and helpful insights on parenting from the newborn stage through the toddler years, Lauren shares the good, the bad, and the ugly truths that helped shape the practical ideas she offers within these pages.

Tackling subjects such as potty training, discipline, breastfeeding, infant and toddler sleep, traveling, and managing relationships within the whirlwind of new parenthood, Lauren shares what worked for her, and reminds parents from all walks of life that it’s normal to question oneself as a parent, especially in the age of social media…but that we don’t have to let our anxieties get in the way of enjoying the large and small moments along the way. Candid, insightful, and ultimately revelatory, They Say is a judgment-free, uplifting guide for parents and parents-to-be, from one mom who’s been there.

Adult Books:
Parenting – General

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Award-Winning Children's book — They Say, Not Your Average Parenting Book
Award-Winning Children's book — THE OFFBITS. The OFFBITS is an exciting new toy company with a unique approach to the toy industry.

THE OFFBITS. The OFFBITS is an exciting new toy company with a unique approach to the toy industry.

THE OFFBITS is an award-winning toy company. We created a new kind of playing by designing products that spark the imagination of all ages, encourage creativity, and turn the familiar bits and pieces we all have around us into a new generation of toys⁠. Our “open-source” construction kits are perfect for ages 6-101, They include brightly-colored robot characters, custom-designed vehicles, extension packs, tools, and accessories. The kits can be combined to allow infinite building possibilities, and additional parts can be added from any home toolbox!

Arts, Crafts & Hobbies:
Ages 5 to 8

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The Monster Protection Kit: Kira the little girl who was afraid of monsters
Written by Caroline Lawless; Illustrated by Ekaterina Solenova

The Monster Protection Kit comes with everything your child will need to put their monsters to rest before bedtime each night.

The hardback storybook of Kira, The Little Girl Who Was Afraid of Monsters…. will help your child identify with her fear of monsters under the bed and develop their own sense of confidence as they use their own Monster Protection Spray (included in the kit) to keep their monsters away all night long!

The kit also includes a glow-in-the-dark base that is used to house their spray throughout the night. The coaster will help your child find their spray if a little monster pops up throughout the night.

The Monster Protection travel bag makes overnight trips easier with enough space for their kit, pajamas and toothbrush so no matter where they go, they are confident!

Children’s Picture Books:
Adventure, Adventurers & Heroes

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Award-Winning Children's book — The Monster Protection Kit
Award-Winning Children's book — teetherpop - Fillable, Freezable Baby Teethers

teetherpop – Fillable, Freezable Baby Teethers

Teetherpop’s patented design makes teething soothing & fun! From quick and easy baby’s first purees, water or breastmilk, to homemade smoothies & freshly juiced fruits and veggies, you decide what goes into your baby’s teether!

teetherpop is a safe, less-mess alternative to traditional teething pops, a creative option for storing breast milk & a super simple snacking solution for on-the-go! teetherpop is thoughtfully made in Ashland, Ohio from medical grade materials and is free from BPA, PVC, phthalate, and latex.

Our teethers help forget teething woes, entertain little ones, and provide a cheery treat whenever the mood strikes!

How It Works:

Step 1: Fill to the indicator line with baby’s favorite drink
Step 2: Fold handle into the reservoir and snap to secure
Step 3: Place the cover over your teetherpop and freeze
Step 4: Once chilled, remove from freezer and run under warm water to remove the cover
Step 5: Flexible slits allow babies to enjoy their thawing drink as they teethe!

Gear & Accessories:
Teething & Pacifiers

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STEM Qboidz

Little builders ages 3-6 work in small groups to build over 90 of their favorite animals, vehicles, and ships! Our colorful, easy-to-handle blocks, rods, and connectors develop hand-eye coordination and spatial thinking while giving little learners hours of creative play.

TEACH | Qboidz classroom STEM sets are more than hours of building fun. They’re a complete learning system that helps you teach little learners core STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) principles creatively and intuitively.

EXPERIMENT | Children will learn how to build and think in 3D space, learn what fails and what succeeds, and create their own ideas. Includes stories and activities to practice coloring, shapes, alphabet, and math.

FLEXIBLE CLASSROOM | Integrates the 4 major disciplines into a unified learning system based on real-world applications. Educators can add an extra dimension of creativity to existing lesson plans, or build an entire curriculum. We give you all the teaching resources you need to bring your STEM classroom adventure to life with hardly any prep time.

Educational Products:

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Award-Winning Children's book — STEM Qboidz
Award-Winning Children's book — Roybi Robot

Roybi Robot

Named by TIME Magazine as one of The Best Inventions of 2019, Roybi Robot provides children 3+ with a personalized education based on their individual learning pace and interests, setting the foundation for a successful future. With over 500 lessons, including language learning, basic STEM, stories, games, and songs, Roybi Robot uses the power of AI to create a fun and interactive learning experience for children.

Our education system needs a fundamental change, and that change starts with early childhood education. ROYBI guides a child’s linguistic development beyond traditional pedagogies, facilitating collaboration between home and school contexts. ROYBI’s cloud platform creates a shareable learner profile, enabling parents and teachers to come together through shared communication about each child’s developing skills and needs.

Educational Products:

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Miku Smart Baby Monitor

The Miku Smart Baby Monitor is the only contactless monitor to track breathing, sound, and sleeping patterns in real time, resulting in the safest and most accurate monitoring system.

Miku’s award-winning technology combines multiple sensor modalities and AI to see breathing in total darkness, under a thick swaddle, and in any body position or location in the crib.

Designed to fit seamlessly into a new parent lifestyle and ease anxieties, Miku is packed with upgraded, unique, and easy-to-use features. Using their Miku app, parents can customize alerts for movement, breathing, sound, room temperature, and humidity as well as awake/asleep notifications. With Miku’s internal processor, alerts are delivered in real time. Parents can also securely view, save, and share 1080p video and audio, play MikuMusic sleep sounds and lullabies, or whisper “I love you” via two-way talk.

With truly innovative technology and accuracy, no added subscription fees, and all-in-one features, Miku offers so much more.

Gear & Accessories:

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Award-Winning Children's book — Miku Smart Baby Monitor
Award-Winning Children's book — Little Polyglot Adventures (Vol. 1): Dylan's Birthday Present / El Regalo de Cumpleaños de Dylan

Little Polyglot Adventures (Vol. 1): Dylan’s Birthday Present / El Regalo de Cumpleaños de Dylan
Written by Victor Dias de Oliveira Santos; Illustrated by Eszter Miklós

Dylan is an American boy like many others. One thing makes him special, though: his parents come from other countries and speak to him in different languages. It’s his birthday today and he receives a very unusual present, only to lose it shortly after. Together with his best friend Emma, a sweet bilingual girl born to South African parents, Dylan sets out to find his lost birthday present. During their search, the two friends learn about the value of friendship, of speaking different languages, and of appreciating one’s own as well as others’ cultural and linguistic background.

This book is a great way to introduce the topics of different languages and cultures to children though a sweet and fun story. While reading the book, kids will learn six new words in other languages and feel like polyglot themselves! A link with audio pronunciation of each word is included in the book.

Children’s Picture Books:
Bilingual (Must include an English translation)

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Little Jewel’s Remarkable Journey
Written and illustrated by Susanne Strauss

Have you ever watched a baby hummingbird grow up? Now you can! This delightful children’s picture book features more than 50 stunning closeup photographs of an adorable baby hummingbird named Little Jewel and her loving mom. The heartwarming story follows Little Jewel from the day she hatches out of a tiny egg with no feathers (Day 1) to the day she flies out of the nest as a beautiful fledgling (Day 24). Her mom is always close by to protect and take care of Little Jewel. This inspiring true story encourages children’s appreciation of nature as they learn about hummingbirds in a fun and entertaining way. This informative book also includes a day-by-day growth chart of Little Jewel, facts about hummingbirds, and tips to attract hummingbirds to gardens. Young children and anyone who loves hummingbirds will be amazed as they watch a baby hummingbird grow up right before their eyes.

Children’s Picture Books:
Animal Kingdom

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Award-Winning Children's book — Little Jewel's Remarkable Journey
Award-Winning Children's book — Hope: An Anchor For The Soul

Hope: An Anchor For The Soul: My True Story Of Discovering That We Are Never Alone
Written by Ani Tims; Edited by Ashley Emma

In this shocking and ultimately inspirational true story of faith and survival, Ani Tims gives a personal testimony that God has always been there, and how His plans for us, though perhaps difficult to see at the moment, are always miraculous.

In a country where violent crime and AIDS are rampant, parenting became a nightmare as Ani was afraid to even walk out her front door, constantly worried that her daughters—one of whom was born prematurely and barely survived—would be raped.

Ani looked down the barrel of a gun pointed at her, relocated halfway around the world to start over in a strange country, she survived a house fire and a saddle pulmonary embolism to name a few.

Whether we’re ready for them or not, life has no qualms about throwing curveballs our way. Sometimes they come in such quick succession it’s like being pummeled by waves: you’re tossed around, hit again and again before you can find your footing before you can get up off your knees.

The question is whether you are going to stay down—weighed down by fear, anxiety, uncertainty, hurt, abandonment, and rejection? Or be motivated enough to find the courage to grow through suffering, to get up, start healing, and overcome personal challenges?

Adult Books:
Life Challenges

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Grinza’s Orchard: An Enchanted Tale
Written by Leonard I. Eckhaus

Grinza’s Orchard is the story of a Gypsy girl growing up in the early 1900’s in Romania.

At five years old she is gifted her own cherry tree and it becomes the centerpiece of the story as she grows up dreaming of one day having her own full-blown cherry orchard. To deal with some of the problems that she faces such as an unwanted boy who is attracted to her, a terribly hard decision she has to make to save her parents from illness during the coldest winter on record in their village, achieving her life’s dream of having her own cherry orchard and then suddenly losing it, she seeks help with visits to the witch Auntie Angelina and the Guru Sylvanus, who lives in a cave atop a nearby mountain. The story follows Grinza, her husband Clopin, and their children’s lives in the small gypsy village of Cojasca.

You will fall in love with Grinza…Laugh with her as she is willing to try anything to get rid of her freckles… cry with her as she gives up her greatest possession to save her parents… cheer for her as she reaches her lifelong dream… and follow her as she grows up, gets married and has children of her own.

Young Adult Books:
Fiction – General

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Award-Winning Children's book — Grinza's Orchard
Award-Winning Children's book — Frankie and the Gift of Fantasy

Frankie and the Gift of Fantasy
Written by Ruthy Ballard

Frankie Russo doesn’t brood about the past or worry about the future. He lives in the present moment, frolicking in a world of make-believe that drives his high-achieving parents crazy. They have lofty ambitions for him, but Frankie has no interest. He prefers to flip helium burgers on Jupiter or rule a kingdom of mermen in the Caspian Sea, up inside his head, where all the fun is.

Frankie’s parents nag him endlessly, worried he’ll come to nothing. But all that changes when he disappears through a mysterious crack in his bedroom ceiling and finds himself on a distant, two-mooned planet called Urth.

Why was he drawn there? He doesn’t know, but as he embarks on a delightful, mind-blowing adventure, Frankie’s desperate parents think he’s been abducted, and an innocent man is arrested on DNA evidence and charged with the crime!

Juvenile Books (Level 2 – Ages 9 to 12):
Fantasy, Myths & Legends

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