The Best Winter Date Ideas

The Best Winter Date Ideas

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As the days grow colder and the seasons change, there’s nothing that makes winter as magical as Christmas, apple cider, and cute winter date plans. All around the world, couples use this joyful time to come up with new ways to spend time together and show their love for their partners!

Living in Tokyo, I learned quickly that Christmastime was all about couples and going on cute dates, and one of the most fun activities during this time of year is coming up with interesting, original winter date ideas that will keep you and your partner happy and excited throughout the month of December. If you’re looking to participate in this holiday dating season but aren’t quite sure what to do, here are some fun winter date plans that will help keep you warm and full of that holiday magic this year!

Go See the Illuminations Together

One of the most popular winter date ideas, at least where I live, is going to see Christmas lights and illuminations with your sweetheart. Whether they’re in a popular shopping district or a local park, there are Christmas lights on display all around your area during the month of December.

Illuminations aren’t only the perfect holiday weeknight activity for families – they’re also a romantic date to enjoy with your significant other! Christmas lights bring a bright, neon joy to the hearts of everyone, and there’s nothing more exciting than seeing all the fun shapes and designs that people come up with using these staple holiday decorations.

Even walking around shopping with friends, it’s hard not to stop and stare in wonder when you come across beautiful Christmas illuminations. Not to mention, they make for the perfect photo spot!

Have a Baking Day

The Best Winter Date IdeasOne of my family’s holiday traditions that I think would go over incredibly well as a winter date activity is a full-on baking day! So it’s time to buy all the best cookie, cake, and pie ingredients and make some sweets with your sweetheart!

There’s something very joyful to me about the warmth and smells that come from baking, and when you add Christmas music as the background noise for your little date night, then it makes for the perfect holiday memory! When it comes to choosing the desserts to make, you can either choose to stick with staple classics and family recipes, or you can go online and search for new, interesting recipes you’ve never tried before.

And bonus points if you and your sweetie go out and get cute holiday aprons to really bring the Christmas spirit into your baking date!

Cuddle Up for Some Christmas Classics

Nothing says the holidays like classic Christmas movies, so of course, a Christmas movie night had to be included in our winter date ideas. This is also a great follow-up plan for any couples that decided to combine multiple activities from this list to make your winter date a full-day affair: you can use the baked goods from the baking day to provide the snacks for your movie night, or you can come relax after your decorating extravaganza with some classic holiday movies!

Make sure to get together beforehand and pick one or two films that you each love to watch during the holidays. A cute way to make deciding on the movie easier is to write these films down on slips of paper before the date – then, as you settle in to watch one, choose a paper at random and that will decide which movie you’ll be seeing!

No more arguing over whose turn it is to pick the movie – let the Christmas elves decide what your holiday movie night choice is going to be.

Christmas Shopping is A Two-Person Job

I don’t know about you, but I find shopping to be way more fun (and way less stressful) when I have another person there to help me decide. So if you’re also someone who doesn’t like to shop alone, turning your otherwise stressful Christmas shopping into a fun winter date activity is the perfect way to not only get all the gifts you need in one go but also spend some quality time with your partner!

Obviously, you won’t be able to shop for them while they’re around, but your date can help you find the perfect gifts for everyone else on your list. And, if you’re not sure what to get your significant other this holiday, this is a great way to scope out the things they might be interested in (that you can make sure to come back for later).

Get Tickets to a Christmas Dance Performance

One of my most fond Christmas memories is seeing “Hip Hop Nutcracker” with my family during one of the holidays when I was visiting home from college. I think this is a really fun, unique winter date night that will give you and your partner a lot to talk about after the performance is done!

If neither you nor your sweetheart are very into dance, then consider a local holiday theater or music performance! Just make sure to choose something where you have a reason to get a little more dressed up than you normally would – and also something you wouldn’t really be able to do the rest of the year.

There are so many special, once-a-year performances that occur all around the world during the holidays, so choose the one you’ll both love and treat yourselves to a fun, classy night out. Another way to add a little unique twist to this date is to dress up for the night – but let your partner choose your outfit! Take turns dressing each other and picking out looks that will make your partner look ready for a fancy night out!

Decorate the Tree and Listen to Christmas Songs Together

Christmas and the holidays just aren’t complete without a Christmas tree and all the cute little knickknacks and decorations, so try turning your decorating day into a fun winter date activity! Use all the decorations you have stored in a closet, or maybe even go out and buy new decorations together. Then, come home and put on your favorite holiday playlist as you get to work decorating your house to welcome in the Christmas spirit.

This is a great activity that can be easily combined with some of the others on this list, such as the holiday movie night or even the Christmas illuminations date (depending on when you finish decorating). Putting up the Christmas decorations never fails to bring a smile to my face, and I know you and your sweetheart will love this special time together.

Do you know of other winter date ideas that are perfect for couples searching for new ways to enjoy the holidays together? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. The Baking Day is such a great idea. I would have never thought of it as way to have a date but I love the idea of cooking together!

  2. My Husband and I had a date night and went to several neighborhoods to see the lights. It was wonderful.

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