Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Diana Sabacinski

MCA Interview Series Featured image Diana Sabacinski

For this interview, we got to sit down with Diana Sabacinski, President & CEO at SanMelix Laboratories Inc. and co-creator of the award-winning product, BeeCure Anti-Itch Lotion! Due to the antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties of raw honey, BEECure Anti-Itch Cream soothes the skin and reduces itching, inflammation, redness, dryness and rashes. Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Melinda Gibbons

Melinda Gibbons Interview Series Featured Image

For this interview, we had the pleasure of sitting down with Melinda Gibbons, author of the charming and MCA award-winning children’s book, You are the Perfect You! You are the Perfect You is a story about a lovable little T-rex with a big heart named Tex. Read More

5 Simple Steps for Setting Intentions for Yourself and Your Family

5 Simple Steps for Setting Intentions for Yourself and Your Family Featured Image

Goals and resolutions are things like losing 10 pounds or running a marathon. They usually have an end to them or something you check off and finish. An intention relates to a purpose and relationship to yourself and others. Intentions are based on the present moment which can help determine how we want to show up for ourselves and for others. Read More

You’re Never Too Old to Find a New Hobby

When daily life becomes too stressful to handle, it’s important that we find new hobbies to help us relax and encourage self-care. Taking time for ourselves is extremely important for mental, physical, and emotional health, so here are our tips and tricks for finding new hobbies and building them into your busy schedule! Read More