The Role of Respect in Relationships

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Respect can be defined as an attribute or a feeling of deep admiration over the qualities or abilities of people or entities or organizations exhibited. It plays a colossal role in all kinds of relationships. Read More

Cooking with Mom’s Choice: Cardamom Fruit & Nut Muffins Recipe

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These are some of the yummiest muffins ever! Trying to get rid of the spotty bananas? Make Cardamom (flavored) Fruit & Nut Muffins with no eggs! These are easy to make & flavorful to whip up using just a bowl and simple kitchen utensils to bake and are perfect for breakfast. Adding toasted Pecan bumps the flavor. Read More

Icelandic Memory Lane

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When we hear about Iceland, we can picture lush green nature, its mesmerizing landscapes, dominating mountain tops, valleys, ubiquitous waterfalls, glaciers, lovely campgrounds, abundant hot geysers, whale watching, and northern lights. Yeah! It was all this + a perennial experience traveling Iceland in a camper van for 8 days. This was going to be our very first adventure for our family to breathe and dwell in the van. We were so spellbound with Icelandic beauty. We were often embraced by the Read More

Special Education in U.S.A

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The core of Special Education is the students accessing education/ quality life and Parent/ Al Advocacies along with all supports & services. Embracing the reality about the current rising trend of disabilities versus the availability of services and resources would be crucial. They need to understand and become familiar with their rights and Law- implementations. Read More

SGDs: Helper or Impeder?

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SGDs (Speech Generating Devices) are Helpers. When SGDs are handled systematically it helps in language acquisition and helps to express/communicate – wants, needs ,thoughts and ideas. With a therapist having an expertise in both SLP/ AT specialization would be crucial. Read More