Moving Past a Miscarriage

Moving Past Miscarriage (image)

Immediately your mind runs to “What did I do wrong?” or “What is wrong with me?” Though the cause is almost always something that was completely out of your control. Read More

4 Important Lessons I Learned Through Childbirth

lessons childbirth

I never expected childbirth– not actually meeting my child, but the physical act of bringing them into the world– to be one of my favorite, most defining life moments. I understand that many women don’t see it this way, and view it as solely a means to a beautiful end. That is okay! But as someone who is practicing finding teachers in the everyday, I realize that I learned a number of lessons in labor that apply to both childbirth and day-to-day life. Read More

New Mothers are Turning to Crowdfunding to Supplement Maternity Leave

crowdfunding maternity leave

So, while women are guaranteed to have a job upon their return, they are left to figure out how to do without almost three months of income during these precious first weeks. For families who live paycheck-to-paycheck, this is daunting to say the least. These are some of the most vulnerable and life-altering moments in a woman’s life; the parent-child bond is born and set on a foundation. To have it shaken by stress and worry about basic needs being met is a scary reality for many mothers-to-be. Read More

I’m Not Sorry for Having a Nanny

I Am Not Sorry for Having a Nanny

Being a mother is not easy, I think we can all agree to that. From lack of sleep to constantly feeling like you are not doing enough, even with help it can be one of the hardest challenges women face. Read More

To My Second Child: I’m Sorry You Were Kicked in the Face

Second Child

Your life has brought us such delight and joy in many of the same ways your sister’s did, but with one exception: we realize, now, how fast it all goes, and that is powerful. I have no desire to speed your growing up, or to launch you headlong into your next milestone. I know that all too soon you’ll be calling me Mama and tearing through our house on your own two feet. That you won’t lay heavy and soft in my arms, reliant on my comfort, in the wee hours of the morning. Read More

The Truth About Having a Miscarriage

The other day I posted the photo and caption above on instagram and I read a handful of really beautiful responses that caused me to go back and re-read my caption. One phrase struck me, and I wished I had written it differently or explained it better. Read More