Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Christine Brendle

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We had the honor of talking with the CEO of Jooki, Christine Brendle. Jooki is the amazing company behind the Mom’s Choice Award-Winning kids’ music/story player, Jooki 2! The Jooki 2 is a Bluetooth screen-free speaker that lets kids listen to audio content they want, whenever they want, from music and stories to audiobooks and lullabies. Read More

Fanning the Flames of Music Alongside Your Children

Fanning the Flames of Music Alongside Your Children Featured Image

Music has countless benefits for people of all ages, with one 2018 study published in Frontiers showing that structured music lessons significantly enhance children’s cognitive abilities – including short-term memory, planning, and language-based reasoning. How can parents promote a love of music in their children – one that lasts a lifetime and continues to bring a host of benefits to their mental health when they are in adulthood? Read More

The Importance of Introducing Your Child to Your Music

The Importance of Introducing Your Child to Your Music

Introducing your child to your music can be a great way to bond with them, as well as to help them discover their own musical tastes. By showing them your favorite songs and bands, you can help them get to know you on a personal level to create a deeper connection between parent and child. Read More

Ways to Keep Online Students Interested in School

For students still attending school virtually as 2021 continues, it can be easy to lose motivation and become disinterested in classes. Here are our tips and tricks for reinvigorating your student’s interests in school and keeping them invested in classes as the school year continues. Read More

Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Chris Parsons

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Hello, Mom’s Choice readers. Thank you all for joining us for another interview in our series! For this interview, we got to speak with Chris Parsons, the author of the MCA award-winning book, A Little Spark. A Little Spark is an innovative, inspiring, and entertaining tale about unlikely comrades who join forces on a quest to defeat a threatening enemy. A Little Spark reminds us that we all need something in life every day to ignite our passion and spirit – to help the world be a “warmer” place and to look for ways to “Be That Spark.” Keep reading to find out more about the creative mind behind such an imaginative book! Read More