A.A.S.C (Adult Afterschool Clubs)

A.A.S.C (Adult Afterschool Club)

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Afterschool clubs aren’t just for kids – they’re also a lot of fun for adults, too! As we get older, we spend so much time working and taking care of our responsibilities that we forget to enjoy our hobbies and pursue our other interests.

Don’t let adulthood keep you from investing in your hobbies and enjoying everything life has to offer. You deserve the opportunity to have fun and embrace activities just for you! So if you’re someone looking to find friends and find joy in your hobbies again, here are some adult afterschool club ideas to help you find that little spark of happiness!

Take Dance Lessons

A great way to get your cardio in and have fun with adult afterschool clubs is by taking dance lessons or joining a dance team. Many gyms and community centers offer fun dance classes that you can join for a low price. These classes are a great way to get your daily exercise while also making friends and rekindling your love for dancing.

Do you want to take a Zumba class to enjoy a little booty shaking and high-intensity dancing? Do it! Have you always wanted to learn how to samba or salsa? Find a class and learn a new dance! Looking for fun date night ideas for you and your partner? Take couple’s classes!

Dancing is a fun way to sweat, laugh, and give yourself an hour that’s just for you.

Participate in Community Activities

A.A.S.C (Adult Afterschool Club)Adult afterschool clubs don’t have to be expensive – they can be free events that you find around your community! Many libraries and community centers offer fun activities and classes that you can attend and enjoy for free, and they can be a great way to interact more with your neighbors and the people near you.

There are also many events aimed at teens and children that you can enroll the kids in to help them interact more with their community and get more socializing time. At my local library, I took fun classes about rock music, creative writing, and even how to draw “graffiti” style art. The opportunities are endless and inexpensive.

Finding a club or a hobby doesn’t have to be something that is a struggle to budget – even free events are a great way to give back to yourself.

Start a Wine and Paint Night

Need a little girl time but you’re not sure what adult afterschool clubs fit your gal pals the best? Try out a wine and paint night! This homey event is fun and easy to prepare for – invite the girls to come together once every few weeks and spend the night painting, laughing, and having a good time.

You can either make it a “bring your own personal painting project” or one where you all paint the same piece – either way it’s a lot of fun to see everyone’s finished projects! And since you’re with friends, there’s no need to feel like your art has to be “good” – paint nights with the girls are all about having fun and relaxing together after a stressful week!

Join a Book Club

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again – joining a book club is one of my favorite adult afterschool clubs! You can either make one with your closest friends or look for a community book club to join – either way, you’re sure to read some amazing books and have great conversations.

If you’re creating your own book club, have all the members pick two books that the group will read throughout the year. Then, create a schedule where each month is a different member’s book. When it’s time for that book’s meeting, the member who chose it can host the meeting, making the snacks and creating the ambiance that best fits the book.

If you don’t know what books to pick, look at top-selling book lists and choose books at random! Whether you pick the books yourself or let the universe decide, you’re sure to read stories you might never have started on your own.

Get the Band Back Together

One great thing about finding afterschool clubs as an adult is that you can rekindle passions you had when you were younger. If music or being in a band was something that brought you joy in your youth, try making a new band!

Music doesn’t have to have a purpose – you don’t have to plan gigs or record albums if you don’t want to. Creating a band can just be about the joy of making music with your friends, or joining a group where you can meet new people.

If you play a more classical instrument, many cities also have local orchestras that are constantly holding auditions. Don’t let your adult responsibilities keep you from finding joy in your hobbies and the things you love.

Have a Weekly Board Game Group

Another amazing adult afterschool club is a board game group! Having a weekly or biweekly board game group would be a great way to get all your friends together for fun games, great laughs, and yummy snacks!

Whether you play a long-running game like a Dungeons and Dragons campaign or simply mix it up every time, there’s nothing better than getting all your friends together to play board games.

When I have game nights, I like to provide a variety of game types to choose from. Make sure that you have some silly, fun games alongside strategy or quiz types. That way there’s a game for everyone and no one gets left out!

Audition for the Local Theater

Theater and acting were one of my favorite afterschool activities growing up, so the perfect “adult afterschool club” for all the grown-up theater kids would be auditioning for your local theater! Not only can you get back into acting, but you can also meet loads of new people and interact with your community.

Not to mention, auditioning for the local theater as an adult means there are plenty of new roles you can play! The stage is yours for the taking, so give yourself the chance to fall in love with theater again!

Do you have more ideas for adult afterschool activities? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. Live so many of these ideas! We recently had a place open offering bingo for adults and that’s something I would be interested in!

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