Fanning the Flames of Music Alongside Your Children

Fanning the Flames of Music Alongside Your Children Featured Image

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Fanning the Flames of Music Alongside Your Children

Music has countless benefits for people of all ages, with one 2018 study published in Frontiers showing that structured music lessons significantly enhance children’s cognitive abilities – including short-term memory, planning, and language-based reasoning. Music has been found to promote optimal brain development, improve reading skills, enhance social communication, and more. How can parents promote a love of music in their children – one that lasts a lifetime and continues to bring a host of benefits to their mental health when they are in adulthood?

A Musical Household

Taking an excessively didactic approach or simply enrolling a child in music class can have a boomerang effect if children don’t already have a natural love of music and a desire to learn. Children learn by example and that means they are likely to learn songs, dance to upbeat tunes, and turn to slower songs or even classical pieces) during study and relaxation time if their parents do the same. Introduce your children to the bands you love, taking them through the different musical decades and highlighting a few iconic LPs and singles from days gone by.

Letting Your Child Choose a Musical Instrument

Some of the most popular musical instruments in the U.S. include the piano, guitar, violin, drums, and saxophone. If your child has her heart set on learning the guitar, for instance, it can be a magnificent introduction to learning even if it may be harder for little hands to learn than, for instance, a child-sized electrical keyboard. Children are likely to stick to activities they have a passion for. Therefore, if your child asks you to organize guitar lessons for them, you can either choose a musical school with small group classes or have a teacher tutor your child at home. One way to save time and money is to learn guitar basics via apps with features such as a wide array of musical genres to choose from, lessons for beginners and more advanced learners alike, and regular content updates.

Enjoying Live Music

If your child loves a particular band, singer, or band member, taking them to a concert is a fine way to inspire children to hone their musical abilities. Prior to the concert, you can do a little research into the band you are going to see in order to discover more about the musical training of each band member. Personal stories of inspirational musicians can show your child that music is more than a hobby. For many, it is a way to overcome challenges, improve their conditions, or enjoy a life led by passion.

Performing Live Shows at Home

If other family members sing or play a musical instrument, you can make weekends (or one day a month) special by having a show in which everyone can display the latest piece they have mastered or song they have learned. Not everyone is musical, of course, so those into puppets, theatre, poetry, or indeed any other art form should be free to express themselves. Make sure to record these shows, since you never know if your little one will become a professional musician and will enjoy sharing this footage with their fans!

Music has countless benefits for children and it is never too early to get them excited about it. Parents can start by playing different types of music to their children and enlightening young minds about interesting music facts and historical anecdotes. Parents should also encourage children who wish to learn a musical instrument, to do so under the guiding hand of top professionals or online teachers or apps. Music should also be about fun so make sure to include shows and concerts in your music schedule.

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Fanning the Flames of Music Alongside Your Children

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