Interview with Miranda Mittleman, Author of PAWS and THINK!® Be Thankful For What You Have

Continuing with our interview series, we had the good fortune of speaking with author Miranda Mittleman, who is a three-time Mom’s Choice Award-Winning writer for her PAWS and THINK!® series. Not only that, but Miranda still finds time to write poetry, run, do karate (she’s a black belt!) and spend time with her awesome husband, Michael, and their adorable dog Weaver.  Read More

Teaching Our Kids The Importance Of Consciousness

Consciousness is an important aspect of life. Teachers teach their students about conscious behavior, ministers preach about conscious behavior, counselors guide clients on how to be more conscientious and society itself praises those of us who are upstanding, conscious citizens. Read More

It Gets Tiring Being Told I’m Too Young to Be a Mom

too young

It’s something I’ve grown accustomed to over the past six years. I can usually see it coming as the person I’m talking to scans my face, looking for visible evidence or pondering our conversation for context clues. Sometimes it’s never spoken out loud, but often, it is.

“You are way too young to have kids!” Read More

Julia, Sesame Street’s First Muppet With Autism, to Make Her Debut

julia sesame street

Families have turned to Sesame Street for generations in order to start conversations and teach important life lessons. With an estimated 1 in 68 American children having autism, there is no better time than now to show the public what it’s like to interact with these special people among us. Read More

How to Raise Polite Kids

How to Raise Polite Kids

Raising polite kids is my passion. I have raised a lot of kids and I know that there are more than five things you need to do ensure they grow into kind… Read More