8-Year-Old Girl Writes Letter Asking Santa What He Wants For Christmas


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It’s the holiday season, which, among other things, means holiday gift catalogs are mailed, hot toy lists are shared, and kids are penning letters to the big guy, Saint Nick, requesting their deepest desires. Parents scramble to get the latest “it” toys for their children, hoping to see their eyes sparkling when they see all the presents under their tree on Christmas morning.

Eight-year-old Nadia Prado, however, is flipping the script completely. Instead of sending her written requests to Santa, she went a completely different route with a letter she drafted for her Elf on the Shelf, Twinkle, to hand to his boss.

"My 8-year-old daughter left this note for our Elf, Twinkle, to take to Santa. When I found it, my heart melted, and I…

Posted by Love What Matters on Saturday, December 9, 2017

Diana Vasquez Prado is Nadia’s mother, and shared the sweet note on the page Love What Matters. “When I found it, my heart melted and I cried.” She said.

The note begins, “Dear Santa Claus, Since you’ve been giving us presents every year, this year I ask for nothing. I have toys, a home, family, and love. So this year I want to make you something. Tell me what you want this year and I’ll make it. Love, Nadia” 

Wow. What a beautiful soul. It’s uncommon for such a young child to have the awareness that their needs and wants are all met, and to turn their attention to others: much less Santa, who most kids only think about once a year, when they have their own requests. This says so much about who Nadia is!


Diana Vasquez Prado

Nadia’s mother tells Scary Mommy,“When she was five, she cut off her waist length hair and donated it to Locks of Love. There was a year when we had to rebuy her school supplies a couple of times. When I chastised her about being careless, she told me she had given them away to some classmates who didn’t have many supplies. This year, she gave all of her money to a charity fundraiser at school. She doesn’t get an allowance, so it was money she had saved here and there.”

First of all, can her parents write a book so that we can take notes on how to raise a selfless and kind child? Because we are blown away. What an extraordinary young woman Nadia is. We are sure she is going to go on to do great things and make a positive impact on the world.

To add a little back story, it seems as though the Prado family had a challenging year in 2017, adopting two older children, and changing the family dynamics quickly. “We learned how to be a family this year” Nadia’s mother said. We are sure it was difficult in many ways, especially for the Prado children, but it sounds like Nadia persevered and learned a lot about selflessness in the midst of shifting relationships.

If not this, what is the holiday season all about? May we take a note out of Nadia’s book and seek to improve the lives of others rather than just our own. And if you’re curious, Santa’s request back to this sweet girl? A plate of cookies, some Almond Milk, and a hand-drawn picture from Nadia of the perfect Christmas Tree. Something tells me she’ll oblige.



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8 Comments on “8-Year-Old Girl Writes Letter Asking Santa What He Wants For Christmas”

  1. What an amazing young girl. I know her parents are extremely proud of her. They are doing a great job raising her to be thoughtful and caring but that child is really special. I think some people are just born with that giving soul but environment does play a part. God BLESS this sweet girl!

  2. That was a sweet article. Eight seems to be the age where kids start to understand the concept of other peoples needs and feelings beyond their own. I did notice the Elf on the Shelf reference though, and I’m thinking the kiddo got a message about helping out from that, especially during the holidays. Not an Elf fan but I can see how it might nudge kids towards acts like this.

    1. That’s a tough time, but the thought is still there. She will just realize that it all came from you rather than an imaginary figure!

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