Happy in the Midst of Insanity: Raising My Standards…Maybe

Happy in the Midst of Insanity

I was talking to some friends the other day about how the past few months have been crazy, and even stressful in some ways as we try to deal with the logistics of three kids, work, elderly dogs and us all sharing a bathroom with a doorknob that regularly falls off. But that at the same time I’ve been feeling deliriously happy about my life. My family. The future. Read More

Giveaway! K’NEX 70 Model Building Set

K'NEX Giveaway

We’re happy to announce our first blog-hosted giveaway! This Mom’s Choice Award-winning K’NEX 70 Model Building Set will make a wonderful holiday gift! Follow the instructions on the widget below to enter! Read More

What Your Parents Really Think About You

My Mother-in-Law said something to me shortly after the birth of our daughter that has stuck with me and irrevocably altered the way I viewed my burgeoning motherhood. Mainly, it affected the way I view my own parents. Read More

The Puppy Trap

One moment of weakness and now I have a dog for twelve to fifteen years. I forgot how much work puppies are. We already have one dog, a Tibetan spaniel named Buster Brown… Read More

To the Little Boy at Chic-fil-A

We were out of our normal routine and in a location we’d never visited before. This Chic-fil-A was bustling and the play area was full of kids – most of them bigger than mine. We ordered food, chose a table right up against the glass of the play area so we could watch the kids, and settled in. Mareto seemed to be enjoying the loud play of the other children while the rest of us ate and talked and made sure to check on him every few moments. Read More