Weekly Roundup: Books for All Ages, a Playset, a Maternity Pillow, Vitamins + More! 3/14 – 3/20

Award-winning tooth fairy kit

This week’s roundup of Mom’s Choice Award winners features books for all ages, a playset, a maternity pillow, gummy vitamins + more! Be sure to scroll through the entire list so you don’t miss any of our new award-winners! All the items you see below won a Mom’s Choice Award during March 14, 2021 to March 20, 2021.

Every week companies, inventors, and publishers from around the world send us their products for evaluation. Only the best earn our designation.

Award-Winning Children's book — The Zee Files

The Zee Files
Written by Tina Wells

Fans of the bestselling Mackenzie Blue books will love this spin-off series that follows Zee’s new adventures across the pond—in London!

Thirteen-year-old Mackenzie Blue Carmichael, aka “Zee,” has never eaten fish ‘n’ chips, never slept away from home longer than a few nights, and knows nothing about London. But when her family relocates for her dad’s new job, Zee has to leave her old life in California behind for a new one in England.

Now at her new boarding school, The Hollows Creative Arts Academy, Zee hopes to find new friends and jumpstart her music career. But things aren’t so easy. Some classes are more difficult than expected, and between a chilly roommate, a BFF who’s gone MIA, and distractions from the hottest—and poshest—student in her grade, Zee has to wonder: will she ever find her place in London?

Juvenile Books (Level 2 – Ages 9 to 12):
Fiction – General

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The Policeman and the Dog and the Case of the Missing Zebra
Written by Miles M. Pines; Illustrated by Taillefer Long

Meet Zoe, the newborn zebra foal at the Pumpkinville Zoo. After weeks of anticipation and learning about zebras, Tommy Tupey and his classmates go on a field trip to the zoo to finally meet Zoe. But Zoe is nowhere to be found!

It’s time to call on Pumpkinville’s own Officer Cherries and his trusted partner, Hunter—the world’s greatest police dog. If anyone can solve the Case of the Missing Zebra, it’s them!

Juvenile Books (Level 1 – Ages 5 to 8):
Fiction – General

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Award-Winning Children's book — The Policeman and the Dog and the Case of the Missing Zebra
Award-Winning Children's book — Megge of Bury Down

Megge of Bury Down: The Bury Down Chronicles, Book One
Written by Rebecca Kightlinger; Illustrated by Cover Artist and Book Designer: Tamian Wood, Beyond Design International; Edited by Vinnie Kinsella

In thirteenth century Cornwall, young Megge has just come of age to be apprenticed to her mother, the healer of Bury Down. But first, she must accept and vow to protect The Book of Seasons, an ancient tome that holds life-sustaining power harnessed centuries earlier by Murga, the first seer of Bury Down.

At her vowtaking ceremony, yearning to accept her inheritance and take her place among her family’s long line of healers and seers, Megge reaches for the book. When she touches it, she feels something writhe within it and becomes convinced that the book is cursed and that she too will be cursed if she accepts it.

Despite her mother’s pleas to protect the book from the one who would usurp its power, Megge refuses to even look at it. But when a Blackfriar abbot arrives in the village claiming to be under orders to root out heretics, and imprisons the healer for refusing to turn over her “demon’s book,” will Megge finally summon the courage to take that vow?

Adult Books:
Historical Fiction

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Magnesium Gummies

GREAT TASTING RASPBERRY FLAVOR GUMMY: These magnesium citrate gummys have a fruity raspberry flavor everyone loves; they are pleasant and easy to chew; your kids will beg you for their daily dose of vitamin candy.

Food & Supplements:

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Award-Winning Children's book — Magnesium Gummies
Award-Winning Children's book — Life is Your Imaginations' Reality

Life is Your Imaginations’ Reality
Written by Tricia Renee

A supportive self-help novel and guided journal for moms trying their best!

There is a leap of faith that we are all on as we desire the best for our children and ourselves. This interactive novel journal series will uplift your well-being as you indulge in a personalized answer adventure journey.

Life is Your Imaginations’ Reality is the perfect self-reflection experience that will pull you forward on your own journey. At times you may be surviving through any means necessary while still going to God simultaneously, hoping something will work? This easy-to-read, uplifting, and enjoyable story entertains while including explained step-by-step self-help encouragement toward a victorious life. It is full of understanding, life lessons, simple applications, and empathy. Engage in a journey that provides choice and superior love when the oppressive narrowness of hardships teaches the very opposite. Reading about Teri will remind you that you are not alone in your struggles, depression, flaws, confusions, anxiety, hurts and pains.

Doubt suggests that you pull back but hope and faith pushes you forward. I am proud of YOU for supporting your well-being. Continue having deep desires despite all odds! Your best future awaits you, as you experience this personalized novel.

FREE audio preview at TriciaRenee.com

Adult Books:
Inspirational / Motivational

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Grocery Store Stand Playset

Combining everyday life with imagination, Playtime By Eimmie’s newest product release is the perfect addition to any doll collection.! This pretend play grocery store set includes: Eimmie Mart shopping bag, play money & cash register for kids. Grocery items: canned goods, fruit, cake mix, milk, flour, pancake mix, orange juice, sugar, cereal, pasta, dog food, laundry soap, fabric softening, open/closed sign for lane.

Toys, Games & Puzzles:
Ages 5 to 8

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Award-Winning Children's book — Grocery Store Stand Playset
Award-Winning Children's book — Fiber Gummies

Fiber Gummies

GREAT TASTING BERRY FLAVORED GUMMY: These Sugar Free Prebiotic Fiber gummies have a fruity berry flavor everyone loves; your kids will beg you for their daily dose of fiber candy

Food & Supplements:

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Contours Soulmate Cooling Maternity Pillow

With all around support and cooling comfort expectant moms may have just found their Soulmate! The Contours Soulmate helps keep mom to be cool, dry and comfortable at night.

  • Helps keep expectant mothers cool and comfortable
  • Adaptive technology responds to mother’s body temperature absorbing and evaporating excess moisture
  • Moisture wicking fibers help provide optimal comfort
  • U shape for all around support of stomach, head and back
  • Hypoallergenic fill for comfort
  • Machine washable and dryer friendly pillowcase easily zippers on and off
  • Proudly made in the USA of US and imported parts

Gear & Accessories:
Bedding & Room Decor

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Award-Winning Children's book — Contours Soulmate Cooling Maternity Pillow
Award-Winning Children's book — Brushalot® Tooth Fairy Kit

Brushalot® Tooth Fairy Kit

Good Dental Habits Start With A Great Story

Our Tooth Fairy Kit gets your children to brush their teeth and have fun doing it, creating strong oral health habits in your children.

Brushalot also upgrades visits from the Tooth Fairy to create magic for your family.

Kit includes:

  • Storybook: Adventures of Brushalot: Tale of the Tooth Fairy
  • Nightlight: For daily use, includes a special signal for Tooth Fairy visits.
  • Stuffed Toy: Incisor

Educational Products:

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B Complex Gummies

GREAT TASTING STRAEBERRY FLAVOR GUMMY: These B complex gummies have a fruity strawberry flavor everyone loves; they are pleasant and easy to chew; you’ll find yourself reaching for more.

Food & Supplements:

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Award-Winning Children's book — B Complex Gummies
Award-Winning Children's book — A New Alphabet For Humanity

A New Alphabet For Humanity: A Children’s Book of Alphabet Words to Inspire Compassion, Kindness and Positivity
Written by Leesa McGregor; Illustrated by Daniela Sosa


A New Alphabet for Humanity is a book of heart based values that inspires children to be compassionate, kind and loving to people and the planet.

This book contains 26 empowering alphabet lessons that are designed to nurture social and emotional intelligence, activate the potential of our children and create a bright future for humanity. This beautifully illustrated book teaches children how to embody the values and qualities we all desire to live by.

It’s the most inspiring alphabet on the planet!

A New Alphabet for Humanity is an important book for a new generation of children (and adults alike) which exemplifies the concepts of compassion, empathy, kindness, diversity, gratitude, mindfulness and respect for the earth.

Recommended by parents and teachers, this book sparks meaningful conversations with children and expands their emotional vocabulary.

★ A perfect gift to share with children and adults ages 2 to 102.





Children’s Picture Books:
Values & Life Lessons

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An Unusual Friend
Written by Michael Pellico; Illustrated by Christina Berry

This is an unusual and touching story about compassion, friendship, and a special bond that forms between two siblings and an unlikely predator, a great white shark. Brother and sister, Stephen and Sabrina, are on a tropical island in the South Pacific with no friends and months before school starts as their parents, marine biologists, conduct research.

An Unusual Friend is a welcome change of pace that portrays one shark as a sensitive and intelligent creature. This book encourages a love and respect for ocean life and compassion for beings other than humans. The story shows that helping others can bring both happiness and unexpected rewards for good deeds. An Unusual Friend nurtures in young readers a compassion for creatures and a love for science and marine biology. This book earns a spot on the shelves of any sensitive and science-minded children, shark fans or budding marine biologists.

Written by Michael Pellico and Illustrated by Christina Berry. These beautiful illustrations of island life together with this positive heart-felt story inspire respect for the ocean and the caring of creatures.

Juvenile Books (Level 1 – Ages 5 to 8):
Fantasy, Myths & Legends

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Award-Winning Children's book — An Unusual Friend

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