Weekly Roundup: Award-Winning Adult Books, Children’s Books, Gear, Vitamins + More! 2/28 – 3/13

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This week’s roundup of Mom’s Choice Award winners features adult books, children’s books, gear, vitamins + more! Be sure to scroll through the entire list so you don’t miss any of our new award-winners! All the items you see below won a Mom’s Choice Award during February 28, 2021 to March 13, 2021.

Every week companies, inventors, and publishers from around the world send us their products for evaluation. Only the best earn our designation.

Award-Winning Gear: Buggie Huggie

Buggie Huggie™ Shopping Cart Tray

After my son Jonah fell out of a shopping cart and hit his head, I became a stressed out mom while shopping. Tired of that battle, my husband and I created the Buggie Huggie™ to help keep our kids safe and entertained while shopping together.

The Buggie Huggie™ is like a high chair tray for your shopping cart! It has a “hugging” safety layer to help keep toddlers from standing up or falling out of the shopping cart. The Buggie Huggie™ tray is the perfect place for snacks, books, toys, and activity sheets. It even has an additional phone holder accessory for kids’ favorite shows and apps (or flipped around to display mom’s digital grocery list!)

The Buggie Huggie™ passed all required safety tests with the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) and is made with BPA-free and food-grade material, free from lead, heavy metals, and phthalates. The Buggie Huggie™ is collapsible, dish washable, and fits into most standard-sized diaper bags.

Over 24,000 kids each year end up in the emergency room from shopping cart falls in the US alone, but the Buggie Huggie™ exists to reduce that statistic for good! It’s time to upgrade your shopping experience with more safety & less stress – let’s do this, Mom!

Gear & Accessories

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Award-Winning Children's book — Zinc Gummies

Zinc Gummies

GREAT TASTING BERRY FLAVOR GUMMY: These Zinc gummies have a fruity berry flavor everyone loves; they are pleasant and easy to chew; your kids will beg you for their daily dose of vitamin candy.

Food & Supplements:

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When the Sun Met the Moon
Written by Simran Mohinani; Illustrated by Leo Hartas

After eons of lightening up the heavens by himself, the miserable Sun is completely spent, alone, and in need of aid. So, he finds that he must roam the skies for someone who radiates strength and power as much as he does for the humans on Earth. When the Sun chooses to make this journey, Earth is left to fend for itself with its first-ever nighttime where the sky goes dark and frigid, making people terrified of leaving their houses. Will the Sun find someone whose radiance measures up to his?

Children’s Picture Books:
Body, Mind & Spirit

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Award-Winning Children's book — When the Sun Met the Moon
Award-Winning Children's book — Under the Willows

Under the Willows
Written by Pamela McCord; Edited by Shelly Stinchcomb

After her husband is killed by a drunk driver, Kelly Harris and her son TJ move into a sprawling Victorian house in Ohio that her husband inherited from his grandmother. Dealing with her overwhelming grief is a struggle as she adjusts to life in a small town. And, just as she’s beginning to feel more comfortable, life takes another unexpected turn.

The Alexa unit in her son’s bedroom starts to cry, and a little girl’s voice comes out of it asking for help.

At first Kelly is unnerved by the presence of the voice. After ruling out all the other likely possibilities, she begins to put the pieces together, and suspects the child is a ghost. Unwilling to be uprooted from another home, she decides to find out what the child wants. Maybe she can help.

Kelly isn’t the only one interested in the voice. Detective Rob Porter is investigating the disappearance of a child named Marilee. As the two cross paths, Porter is taken aback when Kelly’s ghost mentions Marilee’s name. In fact, the ghost says “Marilee’s with me.”

Whether that means the child is a ghost as well is a question Rob and Kelly hope to answer.

A young widow, a new town, a handsome detective, and an Alexa unit that cries and launches a frantic search for a missing child. This gentle ghost story introduces you to Emma, a child ghost who can break your heart.

Adult Books:
Fiction & Literature

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The Problem At Wisteria Gardens: A Pekin Dewlap Mystery #3
Written by Pamela McCord; Edited by Shelly Stinchcomb

The ghost haunting Wisteria Gardens Antiques appears to be a charming and loving mother who can’t stand the thought of being separated from her son. But appearances can be deceiving. The Ghosties are moved by her expression of devotion, until they discover the truth. Her attachment to the real world has nothing to do with love. As the teen ghost hunters struggle with the case, Althea’s determination to stay threatens their very lives. Will Pekin, Scout, and Amber convince the ghost to move on before it’s too late?

Juvenile Books (Level 2 – Ages 9 to 12):

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Award-Winning Children's book — The Problem At Wisteria Gardens
Award-Winning Children's book — The Go Bag

The Go Bag

Designed with active families in mind, this bag is lightweight and luxurious featuring sleek lines, 100% Vegan leather wipeable germ resistant fabrics and lots of storage. With multiple compartments and fashion-forward color options, there’s no sacrificing style here!

13.5” wide x 18” high x 4” deep
Unzips to lay completely flat at 36” long, with a 2” cushioned changing pad.
26” adjustable padded backpack straps
4” top handle drop
Lightweight, weighs less than 2 lbs
Magnetic metal clasp to hold top pocket down
Stroller straps to connect to stroller
Good for ages newborn to age 36 months
Meets all US child care safety standards.

US Patent No.10,702,048

Gear & Accessories:
Totes, Diaper Bags & Slings

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The Ghost on Firefly Lane: A Pekin Dewlap Mystery #2
Written by Pamela McCord; Edited by Shelly Stinchcomb

A heartbroken ghost searches in vain for her baby. Pekin Dewlap and her best friends Scout and Amber are hired to help her spirit go into the light by the kindhearted homeowners who’ve grown fond of the crying ghost.

The teens move into the house while their clients are on a cruise, and their first order of business is to find out the ghost’s identity. A neighbor is able to provide the name of the house’s last owner, and the story of how his wife died in childbirth.

Now, armed with the ghost’s name, along with those of her husband and baby daughter, it’s time to set the ghost free. However, it isn’t as easy as the kids expect. First, Lily the ghost doesn’t seem to be aware of their presence, and when she finally “sees” them, she becomes angry and destructive.

The Ghosties track down Lily’s husband and daughter to ask for their help, but much to their surprise, their invitation is met with hostility. The father has secrets of his own that he must protect.

If Pekin and her friends can’t convince the father to help them, they may never be able to set Lily free, and send her into the light.

Juvenile Books (Level 1 – Ages 5 to 8):
Fiction – General

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Award-Winning Children's book — The Ghost on Firefly Lane
Award-Winning Children's book — The Essential Guidebook for Parents of Gifted Children

The Essential Guidebook for Parents of Gifted Children
Written by Jennifer Ault

Gifted children often exhibit characteristics and behaviors that are different from those of other children. Giftedness, after all, is not just about being smart. Being gifted affects everything a person says, does, thinks, and feels.

The Essential Guidebook for Parents of Gifted Children is designed to introduce parents to the topic of giftedness in a way that is both preliminary and sophisticated. The book is not just for those new to the subject of giftedness, however; it breaks new ground in its discussions of gifted children’s intensity, sensitivity, and asynchrony, shedding new light on these topics for those who are already familiar with them.

It also examines the concepts of identification, multiple intelligences, twice-exceptionality, underachievement, perfectionism, idealism, and more, including educational practices that both help and harm gifted children, all at a level that is both advanced and yet accessible to everyone.

It offers parents the opportunity to learn the fundamental truths about giftedness in the same way that we want to provide information to our gifted children—a way that is intelligent and innovative and never dumbed down. It speaks to parents directly to help them become the best possible stewards of the complex, precocious, amazing children in their care so that those children will grow up with an appreciation both of their gifts and of the efforts of the adults who nurtured them along the way.

Adult Books:
Parenting – Special & Exceptional Needs

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Tempur-Pedic Cool Tot Cooling Crib Mattress Pad

The Tempur-Pedic Cool Tot Crib Mattress Pad offers a cool to the touch top layer for instant cooling comfort with a lux, premium feel. Plus, a waterproof barrier makes clean ups a breeze!

• Cooling top layer instantly feels cool to the touch to quickly cool down infants and toddlers
• Luxurious knit material is soft and cozy on baby’s skin
• All around gray cording and pattern on cover provides Tempur ‘look’ for baby
• 100% waterproof barrier, quiet TPU
• Machine washable and dryer friendly
• Premium fitted skirt with elastic edge for a snug fit
• Safety and quality tested
• 52” x 28” to fit full crib mattress

Gear & Accessories:
Bedding & Room Decor

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Award-Winning Children's book — Tempur-Pedic Cool Tot Cooling Crib Mattress Pad
Award-Winning Children's book — Taiwanese B-complex Multivitamin

Taiwanese B-complex Multivitamin

If you are pregnant or planning a pregnancy, you need a variety of nutrients for good health.
Vitamins are organic compounds needed in small amounts that your body can’t make for itself, such as folate (also known as folic acid) which is a needed nutrient for you and your unborn baby during the first trimester.

Taiwanese B-complex Multivitamin is almost completely based on nutrients from the third trimester of pregnancy from the Dietary Recommendation Intakes(DRIs) in Taiwan. It contains twenty-two nutrients and can be easier to fill the nutritional requirements on the three stages of pregnancy. This makes the difference with other multivitamin products.

What is the advance of Taiwanese B-complex multivitamins?
1. Unique formulas
2. Containing twenty-two nutrients
3. Whole food patterns (natural)
4. High absorption and retention and bioavailability of nutrients in the body

Food & Supplements:

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Snuggle Me Organic lounger

THE NEXT BEST THING TO BEING HELD IN YOUR ARMS The Snuggle Me® Lounger is a unique lounging pad designed to hug your baby’s full body. This snuggling sensation is highly effective at calming and comforting your baby when you need extra support.

ORGANIC, SUSTAINABLE & ETHICALLY MADE We are in love with the idea and quality of organic, USA-made baby items. We entrust local, Minnesota seamstresses and fillers with the crafting of each Snuggle Me® Lounger. Made with GOTS certified organic, non-toxic, breathable, and hypoallergenic fabrics. Filled with polyester fiber fill for a fully machine washable lounger.

SAFETY IS #1 As inventors of the original baby lounger, we are the leader in their category for safety. As recommended by the AAP, NEVER use any baby lounger as a sleep device. NEVER use any baby lounger unsupervised. Designed for babies 0-9 months, use the Snuggle Me® Lounger to actively engage with your baby during supervised lounging, tummy time or sitting support.

BEST BABY GIFT FOR NEW MOTHERS Modern parents need additional support aids because family members aren’t always close at hand. The Snuggle Me® Lounger is designed to imitate an extra set of arms, giving new parents the added help needed as they juggle all the things solo or with limited physical support.

MODERN AND MINIMAL TO FIT YOUR LIFESTYLE The Snuggle Me® Lounger is crafted by modern mothers who understand the desire to create a minimal and timeless childhood. Our baby lounger blends seamlessly into any home as a non-intrusive support aid, ready and waiting to give an extra hand.

Gear & Accessories:
Infant Positioners

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Award-Winning Children's book — Snuggle Me Organic lounger
Award-Winning Children's book — Screen Shine & Screen Shine Wipes

Screen Shine & Screen Shine Wipes

WHOOSH! Screen Shine is leading the tech hygiene movement and revolutionizing how the world keeps digital screens, devices, gadgets, and gear clean and shiny. Screen Shine is a powerful cleaner specifically designed to clean, polish, and protect your smartphone screens and electronic devices.

The instant Screen Shine hits a surface, such as your phone screen, it works to break down oils and biofilms into small pieces that allow the microfiber cloth to lift at the microscopic level. The lightweight solution then will enable you to wipe and buff the screen to shine. The cloth’s antimicrobial properties ensure that it will not smell or support bacterial growth, allowing you to use it repeatedly.

Specifically designed to clean, polish, and protect the screen of any cell phone and an electronic device. There’s nothing in this bottle that will damage, etch or scratch your screens.

No harmful residue is left behind. Plus, it’s an alcohol-free, ammonia-free, haze-free, anti-static, and streak-free formulation.

Using Screen Shine® with our ultra-soft premium microfiber cloth makes your devices clean and shining like new.

WHOOSH Screen Shine is available in multiple sprayer sizes (8mL, 30mL, 100mL, 500mL) and Screen Shine Wipes (20 Pack and 70 Pack)

Gear & Accessories:
Media, Electronics & Accessories

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Princess Sabrina and the Pot of Gold
Written by Michael Pellico; Illustrated by Malane Newman

A classic adventure, a king, a beautiful princess, leprechauns, magic, mermaids, dragons, creatures, castles, good vs evil, a battle, and a race against time…it has all of the ingredients needed for an epic story.

About some American kids that go on a trip to Ireland. When they arrive a storm rolls in shortly after, and they notice an amazing rainbow and decide to go into the woods and try and find its end. To their amazement they find it and a massive pot of gold. They take the treasure and get the attention of the leprechauns who whisk them away into a parallel realm where they are the guests of a leprechaun king. They quickly find out things are not as they appear in this realm. They discover that Princess Sabrina, the rightful queen-to-be was being held captive in the dungeon of the King’s castle.

After rescuing her they find out they’re in a unique position to help restore this world back to the way it’s supposed to be. An amazing adventure ensues where they will ride magical creatures on a quest to find special weapons that only human children can wield, and to fight alongside Princess Sabrina, a strong female warrior who will lead a battle against the evil Leprechaun King and his army.

Juvenile Books (Level 1 – Ages 5 to 8):
Fantasy, Myths & Legends

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Award-Winning Children's book — Princess Sabrina and the Pot of Gold
Award-Winning Children's book — Poodle and the Blue Mountain Monster

Poodle and the Blue Mountain Monster: Student Book
Written by Michael Clay Thompson; Illustrated by Christopher Tice; Edited by Jennifer Ault

When last we saw Poodle the chicken and his best friends What? and Sidney (a beagle and a snail, respectively), they had just mastered the eight parts of speech (Level One of MCT’s four-level grammar instruction), and they were heading across a vast blue plain toward the world of words. Now the horizon shows a mountain range with a bright star above it, holding the promise of new knowledge: the five parts of the sentence (Level Two). But getting to the top of the mountain is a treacherous endeavor because a frightening monster keeps buffeting them with wind and hurling snow at them and doing what he can to stop their progress.

This fun adventure tale, told in unmetered rhyme, is pure creative genius, celebrating both the power of words and the power of friendship and camaraderie and a willingness to extend those qualities to others. Michael is brilliant at word play, and artist Christopher Tice has brought the story to life with dazzling creativity. just wait until you hear the audio of Michael reading the story himself—a feat made possible by the QR code on each spread of two pages. Children will treasure Poodle and the Blue Mountain Monster as a luminous sequel to Poodle Knows What?, all the while learning grammar in the most delightful way.

Children’s Picture Books:
Basic Concepts

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Point Salad

Point Salad is a multi-award winning game by designers Molly Johnson, Robert Melvin, and Shawn Stankewich. It is a fast and fun card-game for the whole family! Players work on building the highest scoring salad then can with a mix of salad components and point scoring formulas. With over 100 ways to score points, each game is different and will have players wanting to play “one more time” over and over again! This product makes a great game for families that game together or for kids age 14+.

Toys, Games & Puzzles:
Ages 9 to 12

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Award-Winning Children's book — Point Salad
Award-Winning Children's book — FoxPrint Pop Up Kid’s Play Tunnel for Toddlers Indoor and Outdoor,

FoxPrint Pop Up Kid’s Play Tunnel for Toddlers Indoor and Outdoor,

Quick Play Pop Up Tunnel – Designed for both indoor and outdoor adventure this play tunnel for kids lets you create a place for them to hide, crawl, and play alone or with friends almost anywhere for hours of active, healthy fun.

Multipurpose Play Options – [Brand] play tunnels for toddlers can be used as a single standalone play tent tunnel or attached to an existing pop-up structure (not included) to create an even bigger adventure they’ll love to explore and create.

Heavy-Duty, Lightweight Fabric – We use a strong, tear-resistant fabric in our play tunnel for kids to ensure it can stand up to rugged indoor and outdoor play by little boys and girls of all sizes. It always wipes down quickly when they’re finished.

Packable Play and Go Design – Our play tunnels for toddlers indoor and outdoor collapses, secures, and lays nearly completely flat so you can keep it in a closet, toy bin, or even in the trunk of your car for quick set up almost anywhere.

Exciting, Kid-Friendly Gift Idea – These pop-up tunnels for kids make a great gift choice for your own children or for giving nieces, nephews, or even your child’s fitness class at school more opportunities to stay physically active.

Toys, Games & Puzzles:
Ages 5 to 8

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Crab Island – Personalized Storybook: A Seaside Summer Adventure with Claws
Written by Anna Baidachnaya

Embark on a summer mission with your child to help out newfound island friends. Your kids will jump into this story to enjoy some fun in the sun, skip waves, and build sand structures, while a whole gang of seaside inhabitants wriggle and crawl around the beach. Their mission will be to help everyone stay safe and have fun along with new summer beach friends. Together with some salty creatures who help save the day, your child will learn how to reach out to friends and keep the beach a safe, fun, summer spot to hang out and play at!

Children’s Picture Books:
Adventure, Adventurers & Heroes

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Award-Winning Children's book — Crab Island - Personalized Storybook
Award-Winning Children's book — Blinks Game System

Blinks Game System

The Blinks Game System with 9 Blinks, 9 Games, and 2 Sushi Roll carrying cases to bring your Blinks on the go. Try your hand at reaction games like Darkball and WHAM, challenge friends with Heist, or relax and focus with Zen Flow and Puzzle 101. Be the first to get your hands on a board game with a mind of its own.

What’s in the box?
9 Games:
Group Therapy
Zen Flow

2x Sushi Roll carrying cases
1x Instruction Booklet
1 x Blinks game box

Batteries included. CR-2032

Dimensions: 9″ x 7″ x 1.5″
Weight: 1.25 lbs

Blinks is an open platform and open source so your Blinks will continually expand to play new games as you introduce new Blinks.

Toys, Games & Puzzles:
Ages 9 to 12

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Be Ready Explorers

Helping children be ready for life’s adventure moments — the Be Ready Explorers is an engaging publication that builds children’s strong emotional skills while they discover worldwide perspectives and adventures.

Be Ready Explorers bring to life outside adventures from around the world that help children grow on the inside. The information and stories shared will capture the imagination of young readers and allow them to experience the world within and beyond themselves—developing self-awareness, understanding, compassion, and empathy.

Through each adventure, children will learn about the lives, work, and contributions of different explorers from around the world. These role models show children the skills and resilience traits needed to work hard, feel creative and courageous, and nurture a ready mind. Both adult and child explorers point to the principle that emotional well-being can be cultivated through practice (connection + intention).

Online Resources (Websites, eMagazines and Blogs):

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Award-Winning Children's book — Be Ready Explorers
Award-Winning Children's book — The Astronaut's Whale

The Astronaut’s Whale
Written by Joey Barro; Illustrated by Vian Nguyen

Join Vincent, the whale, and Augie, the astronaut, on a deep sea, deep space adventure of a lifetime exploring the values of home, family, individuality, and friendship. “The Astronaut’s Whale” is a children’s poem about Vincent’s unlikely encounter with Augie in his home under the sea. After the two of them spark a friendship, Augie tows Vincent to space with his rocketship. The two of them explore the far reaches of the planets and stars with excitement and adventure. However, as time slowly passes having fun, Vincent becomes uncertain about his exploration and adventure. With the help and guidance of Augie, Vincent soon realizes that he misses his family and must return to his life as a sea dweller, even though he will have future friendship adventures ahead of him. Vincent and Augie return to their respective homes and remain friends until the end.

Children’s Picture Books:
Adventure, Adventurers & Heroes

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My Friend Robot – Personalized Storybook: Can a Robot Really Be a Friend?
Written by Anna Baidachnaya

Your child’s robotic new adventure is about to launch as you power up their story through learning, making friends, and doing some homework, too. But unlike other kids, your child’s top interests are technology, robotics, and science, especially robots. A robot left over from a Mars mission joins your child in an exciting after-school robotics hobby club! Help your child discover what makes some robots truly different from others, and discover the curious ability the Mars android robot has for learning new things and relating to people. And that’s only the beginning of their electronically-powered robotic adventures!

Children’s Picture Books:
Adventure, Adventurers & Heroes

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Award-Winning Children's book — My Friend Robot - Personalized Storybook
Award-Winning Children's book — Journey To A New Earth: Penelope Panda and Kobi Koala Discover A New Earth

Journey To A New Earth: Penelope Panda and Kobi Koala Discover A New Earth
Written by Zeiny Sher; Illustrated by Zuzana Svobodova

Penelope Panda and Kobi Koala Discover a New Earth is an exploration in preservation through connection. Penelope and Kobi are connected through life changing events, which helps them learn how to love and preserve the earth, and how to deeply connect with each other and others along the way.

Children’s Picture Books:
Body, Mind & Spirit

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Jane the Astronaut: The Mystery of the Alien Dragons
Written by Dianne Bateman; Illustrated by Remesh Ram; Edited by Bobbie Hinman

After winning a science contest where first prize is a trip to the International Space Station, Jane the Astronaut discovers alien dragons hiding aboard.

Summoning all her courage, Jane investigates and befriends 7 little dragons. Can she keep them safe and make sure no one finds them?

She always knew she was brave but here she was in outer space with aliens and it took all of her courage to get to know and love the little dragons.

Jane decides she needs to learn everything she can about the dragons to decide how to best keep their secrets.

Mysteriously, the little dragons disappear before she leaves the station.
Will she be able to find them and keep them safe?

Juvenile Books (Level 2 – Ages 9 to 12):
Fantasy, Myths & Legends

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Award-Winning Children's book — Jane the Astronaut

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