New Year’s Fitness for the Family

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With the end of one year arrives the beginning of a new one – and with it comes New Year’s resolutions. While we try our hardest to stay true to our word and keep our resolutions throughout the year, it can become difficult when you feel as though you are trying to make changes to your life on your own. If you’re anything like me, fitness goals can be the most difficult to maintain as the year goes on. To change this, I’ve been working alongside my family to keep my eyes on the fitness prize – so in 2021, it may be time to change the plan and think up new year’s fitness goals for the family!

But how can you concentrate on fitness and make it fun for the whole family? Here are some ways my family works together to make working out and eating right a part of our daily routine. Hopefully, you find them helpful for getting your own family in the new year’s spirit.

New Year’s Fitness for the Family

Go for walks around your neighborhood.

One way my family and I have embraced group exercise and incorporated it into our daily schedule is through taking long walks around our neighborhood. Not only is it a great way to get out of the house during the CoVID19 pandemic, but it’s also proven to be a great bonding experience.

During our walks – which usually include about a mile of our neighborhood – we talk about our day and tell each other the things that we read and saw while going about our individual schedules. Much like eating dinner together nightly, this is a great way to incorporate your family members into your daily routine – away from the distractions of phones, computers, and televisions.

Use dance and workout videos.

If walking around your neighborhood isn’t something you’re able to do, you can use video games and online videos for fun family workouts. With so many affordable or free options to choose from, working out together can become an exciting competition or a relaxing way to distress.

And no matter what each member of your family may enjoy, there’s something for everyone! While my mom likes to take a moment to relax using yoga videos she finds online, I love learning the choreography to dance video games and competing against my friends and family while listening to my favorite songs. With so many types of exercise games and videos available to us, we can work out together while getting to know each other’s preferences and skills.

Create an at-home gym.

For those workout fans looking to challenge themselves even more in 2021, putting together an at-home gym can be a great way to stay safe in the new year while still expanding your fitness repertoire.

When the pandemic hit, one of the first things my dad, a fitness fanatic, did was put together a makeshift gym in our garage. When I moved home, I decided to join him in his daily workout schedule to reach my own weight loss goals. This allowed me to not only have an accountability partner during my workouts, but also to exercise parts of my body I would not have known how to otherwise, such as biceps, triceps, and back.

While it may not seem like lifting would be a great family bonding moment, it can actually be a very fulfilling group activity. It’s a great way for us to jam out to music together while encouraging each other to push harder and go farther than we may believe we can.

Eat healthy to support the whole family.

Exercise isn’t the only way to get your whole family interested in building a healthier lifestyle – developing healthy eating habits can be a great way to come together as a family to fulfill new year’s resolutions. This can be especially beneficial for families that include members with special dietary needs.

For example, my family includes a type 1 Diabetic and multiple food allergies (including white flour and rice). To help support everyone in the family, we eat almost entirely whole wheat and limit the unnecessary sweets (so no Little Debbie’s in our pantry). Because we base our group meals around the needs of specific members, we show our support for each other while maintaining healthy eating habits in our individual diets.

Plan fun outdoor activities that keep the family active.

Sometimes, your exercise routine is going to need a little something extra to keep it interesting. Doing the same workouts all the time can be boring for your mind and redundant for your body as both need variety and versatility to stay invested.

One way to change up your workout routine is to incorporate fun outdoor activities into your family’s fitness schedule. Maybe your family enjoys going for long hikes in the mountain, or it could be time to bust out the bikes and take a ride around your neighborhood for a while. If the weather is willing and your schedule is open, throwing breaks in your routine for new activities can be great for your mental motivation and your physical health! Plus, hikes and bike rides can be a great way to get out of the house without having to maneuver through large groups of people.

While creating healthy habits can be difficult – and maintaining them can prove to be even harder – finding ways to incorporate your whole family into your daily fitness routine can be a great way to stay motivated and keep true to your new year’s resolutions throughout the year. With the help of your loved ones, you can avoid the post-new year’s funk and stay healthy throughout 2021!


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