Making It Work As A Work-From-Home Mom

Making It Work As A Work-From-Home Mom

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Did you know that if you’re a mom who works from home, you’re likely to be more productive than working people without children? A lot of this comes down to the fact that working moms have to manage time effectively on a daily basis. Working from home is a popular choice for some moms with young kids, as it can help them manage their work commitments alongside their children’s schedule. However, being a work-from-home mom comes with many challenges as well as rewards. Just as it’s important to have realistic expectations of yourself as a mom, you need to be willing to reassess your vision of what being ‘successful’ as a working mom means.

Set your own timetable

For work-from-home moms, managing your workload and kids’ needs can be tricky to say the least. On the one hand, you have the advantage of being able to work on the go, which could be helpful if you need to work away from the house due to your kids’ school activities, for instance. On the other hand, your day can easily be swallowed up with distractions, resulting in you getting little work done. It is therefore very important to make a daily schedule for yourself. Write down exactly what work you want to complete that day, along with your children’s schedule, and mark out in your planner what time you will be doing what. This will help optimize your productivity and boost morale. These two aspects – higher productivity and less stress – are what over 80% of telecommuters attribute to working remotely.

Keep work and home life separate

While the thought of being able to work anywhere in your home in your pajamas might be appealing, you can quickly fall into the trap of doing household chores. With this in mind, make sure you get dressed: studies show that dressing for work can affect your career. It is also important to have a room that is dedicated to work – even if it’s not very big. By having a space that you associate with work, and nothing else, you are more likely to be able to switch off from domestic and parenting duties and work effectively.

Stay connected with colleagues

While working separately from others has the advantage of not being distracted by colleagues around you, there’s a chance that this very same thing could make you feel disconnected. Try to combat this by setting up regular video or telephone meetings; this will help you feel part of the team, while also making sure project aims and developments are clear. If possible, make time in your planner to visit the office (if applicable) to meet up in person.

Give yourself a break

It’s far too easy as a parent to be hard on yourself – particularly, perhaps, when you’re working from home. You need to make sure you give yourself a break – both literally and emotionally. Ensure you take regular breaks from your work, even if it’s just five minutes, to take stock and recharge your mind. Meanwhile, be kind to yourself: remind yourself that this gig is tough. You are juggling two jobs at the same time, probably on little sleep, and you need to recognize your achievements. Keep going: you’re doing great.

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