Interview with Mom’s Choice Award-Winner Pazit Ben-Ezri

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Mom’s Choice Awards is excited to announce another post in our interview series where we chat with the inventors, designers, publishers, and others behind some of our favorite family-friendly products.

Hello, Mom’s Choice readers! Thank you so much for joining us today for another interview in our continuing series! For this interview, we are so pleased to have the opportunity to sit down with Pazit Ben-Ezri, owner and founder of the Mom’s Choice Award-winning company, Lulyboo! Lulyboo is the company behind the Lulyboo Toddler Travel Activity Tray and The Bubble Lounger. The Lulyboo Toddler Travel Activity Tray and Backpack is a travel bag, activity center, device holder, and lunch box rolled into one! The backpack features a travel tray with a firm surface that’s perfect for writing, drawing, or coloring — plus extra storage for markers, pencils, pens, snacks, toys, and more! The Lulyboo Indoor & Outdoor Cuddle & Play Lounge is an innovative, chic, and functional infant lounger that is safe and portable for snuggling, playing, and other daily necessities. It can be used as a playpen or changing station, and conveniently folds into a backpack for use on the go. Keep reading to find out more about Pazit and her award-winning products, the Lulyboo Toddler Travel Activity Tray and The Bubble Lounger!

MCA: Hi Pazit! Thank you so much for joining us today and congratulations on not one, but two Mom’s Choice Awards! Lulyboo is an amazing company that creates both functional and stylish products for parents of infants and toddlers. Can we first start the interview by finding out a little background on the woman behind such an amazing company? 

Mom's Choice Award-winning Creator, Pazit Ben-Ezri!

Mom’s Choice Award-winning Creator, Pazit Ben-Ezri!

Pazit: My name is Pazit Ben-Ezri, and I am the owner and founder of Lulyboo, a company that started out creating travel baby gear but has since expanded into a wide variety of stylish and functional products. I’ve always had a free spirit and a passion for creation, which I think is reflected in Lulyboo. Because I’ve had a lifelong interest in art, traveling, as well as parenthood, Lulyboo is like a perfect marriage of those three things. I feel honored every day that I get to spend my life creating beautiful products that help parents everywhere, whether they’re at home or traveling around the world. I live in Orange County, California, with my amazing husband and four beautiful children.

MCA: One of the things we love most about your products is they are so easy to pack up and go, a feature especially amazing for the travel-loving parents out there! What made you decide to create Lulyboo?

Pazit: I started this company around the time of having my second child when I was struggling to find a comfortable space that he enjoyed resting in, that was also portable and lightweight. I worked hard shortly thereafter to create what would become our first portable baby lounger. Since then, Lulyboo has expanded to offer a wide variety of products, and we’ve grown exponentially in that time! It’s been our mission since day one to make parents happy, by making their kids even happier!

MCA: Can you share with us your ideas for all of your Lulyboo products, specifically the Lulyboo Toddler Travel Activity Tray and The Bubble Lounger?

Pazit: Everything we create at Lulyboo, starts as the seed of an idea. These precious seeds are all born out of necessity. I look at my own kids and look for ways we could make our own lives easier, the same goes for a lot of our team. For example, when we created the Toddler Travel Activity Tray, I was packing the car with everything my kids needed for the trip. I packed toys, games, crayons, colored pencils, plus lunches, drinks and snacks for the journey. I noticed that when I brought a firm drawing surface for my kids to create on, they were entertained completely. I thought of the idea of turning this all into one easy-to-carry backpack, and voila!

MCA: Tell us about the research that went behind the Lulyboo Toddler Travel Activity Tray and The Bubble Lounger‘s unique features, and describe these features!

Pazit: When I began working on the baby lounger I was basically all on my own — asking friends with kids, and family members, as well as doing a lot of digging on the internet. I found nothing that was exactly right, and so it took three years of intensive development to produce a lounger that fit everything I was looking for: cozy materials, lightweight construction, washable, and able to be folded up into a portable backpack. For the Toddler Travel Activity Tray, it worked the same way, a lot of comparing other products in the market, not finding an exact match of what we were looking for, and then building it ourselves, slowly over time. For all of our products nowadays, we turn to our loyal community of moms around the world, called LulyCrew. This is a group of our customers from all over, who help us come up with new product ideas, share their experiences, and suggest features they are looking for. It’s always such a surprise to see the different needs of families from around the globe!

MCA: What has it been like being a mom of four while also traveling the world and working?

Two toddlers using the Toddler Travel Activity Tray

Two toddlers using the Toddler Travel Activity Tray

Pazit: I’m a big fan of the ‘5 AM Club’! I’m all about waking up before everyone else to manage my mind, body, and soul in the early hours of the morning. I listen to motivational and educational podcasts while I’m getting ready for the day, and getting all my kids ready for their days. I go to great lengths to balance work, travel, friends, and family time plus quality time with my husband. At this stage, I feel so blessed to be able to combine everything I love into one busy life. It is possible!!

MCA: What kind of feedback have you received about the Lulyboo Toddler Travel Activity Tray and The Bubble Lounger?

Pazit: We hear over and over again that they are lifesavers! This is such a compliment and makes me feel truly rewarded for being able to do the work that I do. This is our mission after all, and this positive feedback gives me the fuel I need to keep going, and working harder than ever.

MCA: It is so rewarding to receive such positive feedback on products you pour your heart and soul into! With all the success you’ve been having, I have to ask, what is next for Lulyboo?

Pazit: I’m proud to say that Lulyboo is expanding our travel section and adding even more ‘must-have’ necessities that every family needs. We will be launching a variety of products in a large number of categories, that we’re sure will have a massive impact for mamas (and papas, and kids) around the world!

MCA: That is amazing, we have no doubt that you will! Please keep us posted on all your new releases.

You can learn more about Pazit Ben-Ezri and her award-winning products, the Lulyboo Toddler Travel Activity Tray and The Bubble Lounger, by visiting her MCA Shop pages.

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  1. I love the idea of the travel activity tray! Kids always need something to do besides ask if we are almost there lol.

  2. As a great grandmother I must say I sure missed out on a lot of great products for my children and grandchildren. I will have to look into your products further for my great grandchild. From what I’ve read so far they appear fabulous!!

  3. I have a toddler (13 months) and she could really use this, I will look into getting one. Thanks for sharing!

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