How to Organize your Child’s Playroom

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Kids will always be kids. No matter how hard you try to maintain law and order in their room, they will always find a way of messing it. However, to maintain law and order in the house, it’s probably a good idea to dedicate a particular room for them to play in. At the end of the day, all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Child’s playroom can be left a little bit messy but no to the extent of constraining the much-needed place. The following are a few tips to keep your kid’s playroom organized.

Have an Organization Method

The key to having an organized playroom is the organization itself. Spontaneous storage of toys can lead to even messier than had it been left untouched.
This means adopting a systematic and coordinated storage system of drawers, containers, and baskets to hold the kids’ items and toys. This way, if they need to play with a particular toy, they will know exactly where it is. Additionally, sorting the toys in size and color also helps in staying organized.
As an added bonus, you can involve the kids themselves in organizing the playroom by requesting them to create tags for different toy categories so they can easily locate them.

Hire a Professional

If you are a person who loathes cleaning, kid’s playroom can be a big turnoff. Nevertheless, there’s a reason why there are professional cleaners. When you feel like the room is too dirty, you can call a professional cleaner to do it for you.
Yeah, people may find this awkward but a professional cleaner isn’t there to judge you but to help you. In fact, you are creating a source of income for someone who would otherwise be jobless.

Dispose of Derelict Toys

Is your child’s playroom constantly flooded with a mixture of old and new toys? If yes, it’s high time you get rid of the spoilt ones. What is the need of keeping them around if your kid can’t play with them? Instead, you can donate them to charities as there are kids who wouldn’t mind a toy even though a little dysfunctional.
Additionally, if the shelves you installed were meant to store the toys and now they seem useless, remove them and replace them with the latest organized system such as benches. The benches work great as the kid can simply finish playing and place the toys on them where they can be clearly seen.

Keep it Simple

If the playroom seems too complicated for you to handle the clutter, then it’s about time that to make changes. The way a playroom is organized also plays an important role in the kid’s development.
A simple playroom saves you time and space without losing its functionality. Additionally, you can paint it with bright colors as they create an illusion of cleanliness. Regular cleaning also helps in reducing the mess build up.

Use Tags

As earlier indicated, the easier it is to access toys, the less the mess in the playroom. Instead of using writings which the kid may find hard to decode, you can use pictures instead. In front of every shelf, by the show of a picture, the kid will know what toys go there.

Last but definitely not least, you can leverage on the fact that kids love colors. Using colors to separate the toys is another worthy consideration.

Kid’s playrooms can be a messy affair. The crayons, board games, Lego, puzzle pieces and many others can be a pain in the ass to clean up. This compounded with the festering affinity to mess things that kids have, makes it almost impossible to clean these rooms. The key is to come up with a well organized and coordinated schedule to organize the room before the mess starts to pile up. The above tips will help you master the alleys of the playroom and keep it more interactive and tidy environment.

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