Giveaway: Children’s Book Bundle by M.C Abushar!

Giveaway: Children's Book Bundle by M.C Abushar!

We are giving away THREE award-winning books by M.C. Abushar to 10 lucky winners!

What you get:

About the books:

The Tyler’s book series are wonderful children’s books each with a valuable lesson: bullying, sharing and jealousy.

  • Tyler’s Cosmic Vision – Tyler’s Cosmic Vision is the fourth book in the Tyler, the Rabbit series, where all four family members are present. The setting is in a park on a Sunday afternoon. The rabbit family is enjoying a quiet stroll, and Tia, the toddler sister of Tyler is held by the hands on both sides: on her left by the father, and on her right by the mother, who are guiding her walking. When Tia suddenly pulls free from the grips of her parents and runs ahead to pick a pretty flower she spotted, she disappears from their view. Tyler then sits down on a nearby rock and gazes at the stars beginning to appear in the sky. He seeks help from the world beyond to find his missing sister. After a little suspense and adventure, the child who is following the story arrives at a satisfactory conclusion, and gains a few helpful tips that will prove to be helpful in the future.
  • Tyler’s Promised Gift – In this first story in the Tyler, the Rabbit series, Tyler notices a beautiful red car in a store window while shopping with his mother. He asked his mother to buy it for him, but she promised it as a gift for his birthday if he behaved like a very good rabbit until his birthday. On the day of his birthday he was delighted to receive and play with his promised gift at last. However, when he spotted a younger guest at his birthday party who was very sad and crying because he had received no toy of his own with which to play, Tyler offered him his new red car to make him happy. This gesture of friendship and generosity led Tyler to discover that giving away his beautiful red car to the guest who needed it more than he did, made him feel more proud and much happier than if he had kept it for himself. His birthday celebration not only marked the addition of one more year to his age, but promoted his growth in caring for others and sharing his possessions with them. Parents have described it as ‘a must read’.
  • Cadeau Promis A Tyler – This delightful story about Tyler, the beloved rabbit, was rewritten in French by the same author/illustrator, M. C. Abushar, of the English Mom’s Choice Award-Winning edition entitled “Tyler’s Promised Gift”. Children adore and admire Tyler, the rabbit hero and seek to imitate him. Parents and educators appreciate Tyler’s character because he models exemplary values and behavior.. It has 15 attractive and expressive original illustrations. The English and French editions can be viewed side-by-side as they have identical illustrations on every page, with the same but translated text on the same page number.

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Giveaway: Children’s Book Bundle by M.C Abushar!

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  1. We would really enjoy the books ! Reading time with the grands is one of my favorite things to do !

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