Christmas Crafts to Enjoy With Your Family

Christmas Crafts to Enjoy With Your Family

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The holidays are a great opportunity to make room for some family fun time, and what better way to spend an afternoon than doing some festive Christmas crafts with the people you love! Whether you like to work together to create new decorations while watching your favorite Christmas movie or are just looking for new ways to spend your weekend with your little ones, doing creative crafts together is a great way to bond and keep your children active and thinking during their winter breaks.

If you’re not sure which crafts and activities to start with – or are just looking for new ideas that you haven’t tried yet – here are some of our favorite seasonal crafts that are perfect for the whole family!

Popsicle Stick Wreath

For those moms looking for easy Christmas crafts that are low maintenance and their kids will love, Popsicle stick wreaths are the fun, festive craft for you! All you need is Popsicle sticks of different sizes, green paint or markers, glue, ribbon, and any other cute decorations you may want to incorporate on your wreath (such as colorful cotton balls or glitter).

Have your kids color the Popsicle sticks to be various shades of green. If you want to have more structure to your wreath, you can use 10-12” foam wreaths as the base, but simply gluing the Popsicle sticks in overlapping layers in a circular formation works just fine!

You can use the extra decorations as tiny ornaments or baubles to add to your wreath, and finish it off with a pretty bow at the top! This is the perfect holiday activity that the whole family will enjoy.

Reindeer PomPom Ornament

Christmas Crafts to Enjoy With Your FamilyThis is one of my favorite cute Christmas crafts to do with little ones because it’s not only a fun activity, but it’s also a precious decoration that can be added to your tree! For this craft, you’ll need pompoms of various sizes (both large enough to be the body of the reindeer and small enough to glue on as different features), glue, scissors, cardstock, and string.

First, choose which pompom you want to be the body of your reindeer. Then, use your scissors and cardstock to cut out the decorations of your reindeer, such as his antlers, or a scarf or bow to help dress him up for the holiday festivities. Then, choose a small pompom to serve as your reindeer’s nose.

Glue the nose and decorations onto your reindeer and make sure they’re stuck. Make sure to glue both ends of a long piece of string to your pompom so you have a loop to hang it on the tree. Now you have an adorable reindeer ornament!

Construction Paper Snowflakes

One of the easiest Christmas crafts is construction paper snowflakes. All you really need is white construction paper and scissors, but if you want to try for more complicated patterns, tape or a stapler can be very helpful.

There’s no one way to make construction paper snowflakes. On the one hand, you can go with the traditional fold-and-cut method for a simple 2D snowflake (like the ones you made in school). Or, you can choose to look for videos or printable patterns online for more challenging and complex 3D snowflake options.

My students and I had fun making cool, magical snowflakes last year, so I highly recommend researching a little and finding a design that’s interesting and fun for your whole family!

Homemade Washi Tape Christmas Cards

If you’re a mom looking for Christmas crafts to help your kids make fun Christmas gifts for grandma, grandpa, and all their aunts and uncles, then washi tape Christmas cards are a great choice!

Start with blank cards and envelopes and make sure to stock up on washi tape, stickers, and other fun holiday scrapbooking materials. Then, let your little ones use their imaginations to make whimsical, colorful cards that their family members will love. Christmas cards are less bulky and will take up less space than other crafts, so they make for the perfect gifts from a child to their family!

Wine Cork Christmas Tree

One thing we adults tell ourselves every year is that the wine corks we’ve been collecting for months are going to be repurposed into an amazing and innovative craft, but it never seems like we have the time or motivation to follow through. Well, don’t worry anymore about what to do with all those stored-away wine corks, because we have the perfect Christmas crafts for you.

You can use those extra wine corks to make a fun, aesthetic Christmas tree to add to your home decorations this year! All you need is your wine corks, a small Styrofoam cone, brown paper bags, glue, pompoms, and a tiny star or ribbon to go on top!

The first thing you need to do is cut the brown paper bag so that it covers just the foam of the cone, then wrap and glue to stick the paper to the cone. This will serve as the base of your tree, so make sure all the white foam is covered. Then, begin to apply glue to one side of your cork and glue them around the Christmas tree base.

Continue adding corks all the way up the cone, changing the shape or direction of the corks to fill in as much space as possible. There will be some gaps here and there, but that’s okay! You can fill those in by gluing the colorful pompoms to the tree to serve as the “ornaments.” At the top of your tree, glue your star or ribbon as the topper and it’s all finished!

Now you have a cute new decoration that you can reuse and you no longer have to worry about all those extra corks!

Tissue Paper Christmas Tree Suncatchers

For these fun, colorful Christmas crafts, all you need is a plain white sheet of paper (or a pre-printed Christmas tree template), tissue paper, markers, ribbon, glue, scissors, and tape.

If you downloaded a premade Christmas tree template (something with the basic Christmas tree shape), then you can skip this step because the first thing you want to do is draw your Christmas tree on a plain sheet of paper! Keep the shape simple – either the traditional three-layer triangle shape or the one big triangle. You’re going to cut out the center portion, so you don’t want to make it too complicated.

Next, cut out the middle of your tree (make sure to keep the outline). Then, take the tissue paper and tear it into long strips that can reach from one side of the Christmas tree to the other (vertically). On the back of your paper, glue each end of the tissue paper to the page so that the center of your Christmas tree is now filled with amazing colors.

Once you’ve finished filling in the center, use markers to color the trunk and star of your tree! Then, cut a strip of ribbon long enough to make a loop at the top of your paper and tape it to the back. You want to be able to hang up your suncatcher in front of a window, so don’t make it too long!

Cotton Ball Santa

Fun and easy Christmas crafts are a great way to spend an afternoon with your family during the month of December, and we know how important it is to have as many options as possible when choosing different crafts. Cotton Ball Santas are great for children of any age, and you’re sure to love making them, too!

What you’ll need is white cardstock, googly eyes, red pompoms, cotton balls, markers or paint, a piece of colorful or glittery paper, glue, and a large white pompom.

On the white sheet of cardstock, draw a large circle to serve as Santa’s head. Then, using the colorful or glittery paper, draw a triangle that will be his hat (you can go with the traditional red cap or try a fun color and pattern to add a little creativity to your Santa!). Cut these pieces out.

Next, paint or color the face to be his skin and glue the hat to the top of the head. Now’s when the cotton balls will come in. Glue cotton balls around the brim of the hat and then all the way around the face as his beard, leaving room for eyes and a nose.

Once you finish with his hat and beard, add the two googly eyes and a small red pompom for the nose, then add the large white pompom to the top of the hat. You can also add two cotton balls around the nose as a mustache. Once you’re finished, show off your different Santas and see who went traditional and who got a little crazy with the colors and patterns!

Do you know of more fun Christmas crafts that the whole family will enjoy? Tell us in the comments!

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  1. I love these ideas my grandkids love to do crafts. I can’t wait to start on the snowflakes, they’re my granddaughters favorite to make!

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